Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 19

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Volume 12: Chapter 19 – The Last Battle

At the gates of Ström Fortress, the mage army from Aixia and the warriors of both Xiuda and Dalu were arranged in strict formation, as they looked with hatred upon the demonic aura that was creeping from far away. There was also the strongest troops available, the God Protectors from the God Protector’s Domain, by their side. Everyone knew that there was a possibility that this could be the last day of survival for the human race, but none cowered. They were already determined to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the world’s peace and harmony, specifically for their families.

A white robed old mage said to a youth sitting cross-legged at his side. “Zhang Gong, they are coming.”

The youth gradually opened his eyes. Suddenly, two cold rays shot out from them as he looked towards the gulf afar. His body naturally floated upwards with his body emitting a layer of golden lights. His divine aura gave people a sense of serenity and calmness. Six enormous golden wings emerged from that youth’s back without any indications. He hovered in the sky, gently flapping his wings. Various elemental powers could be clearly seen, even by non-mages, gathering around the youth. The youth sighed. “Since they have come, let them come.” Donning a silver mask, nobody could see his current expression. He gradually extended his gloved right hand. The glove was golden, and on the back of the glove was a transparent gemstone that emitted peculiar light rays in the sunlight.

The youth gently chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.”

The space surrounding the youth suddenly stilled. An exceptionally powerful divine aura had suddenly hovered before the youth. Everyone was dazed as they saw a magnificent silver longsword that appeared before him. He gradually reached out with his right hand to grab onto the hilt of the sword. When the golden glove came into contact with the silver sword, everyone felt as if they merged into a single identity. The divine aura in the youth’s surrounding intensified. He looked just like a second sun, currently shining upon the fort.

“Monster King, I’m awaiting for your arrival.” An indifferent voice with limitless vicissitude was heard.

The demonic aura at the gulf seemed to have felt the provocation from the youth and it intensified. Following that, the rustling sounds that were heard were actually coming from densely packed monsters that appeared, just barely discernable from the demonic mists. It was different from their previous appearances, the monsters weren’t simply charging over. Instead, they were gradually advancing in an orderly fashion. Their red eyes glowing with pure evil, there wasn’t a speck of restlessness to be found in the crowd of monsters.

The innumerable monsters constantly advanced, with numerous monsters still emerging from the gulf. The vast plains were already covered by the countless monsters in such a short time. They didn’t emerge to the other side of the gulf as their goal today was only the steadfast Ström Fortress.

Everyone’s hearts in Ström Fortress gradually started beating faster. They held tightly onto their weapons and the mages started to preparing their incantations. The enormous, mighty magic cannons started glowing with dims lights, surging forth with power under the command of the mages nearby. They were waiting for the offensive attack from the Monster race.

When the monsters advanced within about a kilometer of the fort, they abruptly stopped and stood still. The countless monsters unexpectedly stood there quietly, not daring to make a sound. It was as though they were waiting for something.


I gradually narrowed my eyes and looked at the countless monsters covering the plains. I had already recovered my peak state under the two days of recuperation. ‘What would happen would always come. Monster King, let’s have a death match today.’

A tyrannical power suddenly emerged from the sky that made me raise my head to have a look at what it was. Ah! It was the dragon race. Few hundreds of enormous dragons hovered at least 100 metres above us. I smiled as I knew that the dragon race wouldn’t abandon me.

A speck of golden light charged downwards. “Master.” That voice sounded so cordial to me. It was my life partner, Xiao Jin that had arrived. I hollered and flapped the six wings to land gently onto Xiao Jin’s spacious back.

“Xiao Jin, my good brother, you have also came.”

Xiao Jin said, “Master, how can I be absent today? My father said that he would stall the Monster King with all his might for a while to gain sometimes for you to eliminate the three Great Monsters and that no matter what would be the final result, it was all up to the heavens.”

I looked with gratitude at the most enormous gold figure in the sky. The Dragon King was an elder that truly worth to be respected!

“Master, look there.” Xiao Jin sounded a little tense.

I looked at the gulf of the gulf and saw three grey figures soared to the sky, quickly appearing above the monsters. There were the three Great Monsters, Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di, and the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia. The three of them didn’t have their previous arrogance as they silently hovered in mid air. There was a vast amount of monsters that were flying behind them. Looking at those enormous wings that those monsters possessed, it was easy to know that they had great flying abilities. The amount of flying monsters this time was the most as compared to the previous times as they flew above the three Great Monsters. Constant flapping of wings could be heard. So this was the true strength of the Monster race!

A peculiar hollar came from the gulf. All of the monsters, including the three Great Monsters, expressed incomparablereverence. My heart sunk as it seemed that the Monster King had finally suppressed Hai Shui’s will and successfully took over her body.

A faint blue light emerged like lightning and even I wasn’t able to see her figure clearly. After the flash of the blue light, there was another person standing in front of the three Great Monsters. It was Hai Shui. Hai Shui’s hair was floating behind her back and was emitting a devilish grey blue light ray. Traces of red light rays could be seen occasionally in her changed grey eyes. The Monster King was still wearing the water mage robe that Hai Shui had worn previously with a faint smile on her face.

“Sigh!” The Monster King voiced in a non sinister nor upright manner. His voice that could make hair stand on its end. “It was really difficult to obtain this body. I didn’t expect that that girl’s will would be that strong. Brat, you are still planning to resist against me? You think you can battle against me with those reptiles? You’re really seeking death. I advise you to submit towards me. I may perhaps then leave you your life!”

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