Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 20

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Volume 12: Chapter 20 – The Phoenix Returns

I bore with my feelings of disgust. I held the Holy Sword in both of my hands and with intensified light rays emitted from my body, I said, “Monster King, stop dreaming. If you want to take over this continent, you must walk over my dead body.”

A cold light ray flashed in the Monster King’s eyes. “Alright! I shall grant you your wish.” With a brandish of her hand towards her subordinates, the three Great Monsters simultaneously roared and charged towards me at lightning speed. The monsters on the land and sky also charged frantically towards the Ström Fortress.

Large explosions was heard. The magic powered cannon at the head of the fort started to display its might. Every single artillery from it had taken at least 100 monsters’ life with it. The dragon race was also emitted multicolored dragon’s aura as they went to block the flying type monsters. The final battle had finally commenced.

Xiao Jin roared in fury and a gold light halo emerged from his body, with his head as the center. I knew that spell. It was the spell to break magic seals. Since time was pressing, I no longer dallied and soared into the sky. I slashed horizontally with both of my hands holding the sword towards the three Great Monsters. Under the combined power of Xiao Jin and mine, the three Great Monsters’ body instantly stilled and after loud sound was heard, they were simultaneously knocked backwards. Xiao Jin let out a holler as he went to battle against the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jie, while I fought with all my might against the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. Intense light rays wereas constantly being emitted from the Holy Sword, overwhelming the Dark and Witch Monsters.

The battle of the fort was also exceptionally intense. The mage army squad from the Kingdom of Aixia were able to bring forth enormous powers under the leadership of the light Magister Lao Lun Di and space Magister Chuan Song Zhen, killing a vast amount of monsters. However, the warriors at the city head didn’t dare to relax as they knew that once the mage powers weakened, it would be their turn to fight against the monsters. The battle was advancing like a wildfire.

“Radiant Holy Sword light slash!” A crescent moon like light ray slashed towards Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Dui and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di, making them to violently spurt outof blood as their bodiesy were blown backwards. I didn’t bother to chase after them. I just similarly struck towards the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia, who was suppressing Xiao Jin. All of the three Great Monsters were then severely injured.

The Monster King held the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo in one of her hands and the Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di in her other. With the red light ray being intensified in her eyes, I was a little apprehensive as I knew that she could no longer hold back in making her moves. I hastily circulated all of my divine power into the Holy Sword as I focused on my terrifying opponent.

An elderly voice sounded. “Your opponent is me.” A 3m diameter enormous light ball was shot towards the Monster King. Anger flashed past the Monster King’s eyes. She violently tossed the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di towards me before brandishing one of her hands, making a grey fog to charge towards the enormous light ball. The light ball and grey fog disappeared at the same time, with no sound of a collision heard. The body of the Dragon King that was flying over shook greatly, while he used his enormous eyes to glare fixedly at the Monster King.

I knew that it wasn’t the time to be hesitating. The Dragon King definitely couldn’t be a match for the Monster King. He was just trying to gain some times for me.  I brandished the Holy Sword, casting a Holy Light Crucifix towards the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. Jia Si Ke Li Duo shouted in fury, making the Dark monster blade to metamorphose into an enormous grey shield to block before him, while Ha Er Yue Di transformed into a fog and entered Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body. At this moment, I was in total shock as all of the injuries that they had unexpectedly healed completely. THe Monster King was really terrifying as in such a short time span, she could actually heal all of their inner injuries.

Once Ha Er Yue Di’s body fused at the head of Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body abruptly expanded. It looked just an enormous balloon, making it look exceptionally horrifying. After a large sound was heard, it actually withstood my Holy Crucifix head on.

I was startled and immediately circulated the Divine powers in my body. While I held the Holy Sword with both hands, I brandished an arc in front of my body. With intense gold light rays emitted from my eyes, I said, word by word, “Devastating Holy Light!” A dazzling light ray abruptly emitted from the silver circle, making countless silver light rays to surge towards Jia Si Ke Li Duo.

A grey aura emitted from Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body as he brandished the Dark Monster Blade. With widened eyes, he shouted fumingly, “Combine the witch and dark powers to upturn the sky and land. Dark Monster’s Annihilation Arrow!” Following his anger filled holler, the grey fog in the surrounding formed an arrow shape as it shot towards the divine light that I was giving off. Constant sounds of collision could be heard. Under the intense shock wave, my body was blown at least 100 meters back. Jia Si Ke Li Duo was however unexpectedly unharmed. How could this happen for my powers to be useless against him?

Xiao Jin continuously gave off a golden power. He used his claws to claw and used his mouth to bite the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia. He didn’t seem to be able to deal with him anytime soon. Even though the monster were frantically attacking the fort, the fort seemed to be able to temporarily bear with those attacks. With the Dragon race’s help, no matter if it was land or sky, there temporarily shouldn’t have any crisis happening soon. 

A mournful screech was heard as the Dragon King’s body soared into the sky with large amount of blood flowing down from his body. He obviously had been severely injured. The Monster King was actually able to severely injure the Dragon King in such a short time. If he had attacked me as well, I definitely wouldn’t stand a chance.

A clear cry out from a phoenix was heard at this crucial and critical moment that it even shocked the Monster King that had just planned to chase after the Dragon King. A red figure flashed forth like lightning, instantly charging within the flying monsters. The red light ray seemed to have originated from hell as every places that it passed through, countless monsters would be killed and injured, forcefully forming a blood path as it flew towards the side of the Dragon King. The air also seemed to have heated up. Under the glimmering red light, the wounds on the Dragon King’s body had stopped bleeding and looked more energetic. Ah! A teammate had arrived at such a crucial moment. It was the fire phoenix that was previously used by Si Feng Ri.

The Monster King said heavily, “What? You also want to mix into this muddy water/ to join this fray?”

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