Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 22

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Volume 12: Chapter 22 – Eternal Recovery Light

I made the Holy Sword freely hover mid air as I made natural hand seals with both of my hands in the air. An enormous gold rune appeared in my hand. “Go!” When I casually brandished my hand, the gold rune flashed and disappeared towards the escaping Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. The gold rune entered the grey fog into which Ha Er Yue Di’s body had metamorphosed, his body abruptly halted midair. Gold specks were shining through the originally black fog. The golden ray of light within gradually intensified. Ha Er Yue Di’s shrieks came from the black fog. Poof! The black fog and the golden light simultaneously disappeared in thin air. I had killed two of the three Great monsters in but a short moment.  

I glanced at the Monster King, the Dragon King, and the phoenix, who were fighting. From the looks of it, they hadn’t been able to get a clear outcome of who was in the lead. I didn’t have time to recover as I grabbed onto the Holy Sword before me. My body turned into a silver ray as I charged in the direction of the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia’s and Xiao Jin’s fight. I had to deal with him before I could go and assist the Dragon King. The signs of victory were slowly showing on my side. I had regained my lost confidence.

The Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia seemed to feel that his life was in jeopardy. He was constantly brandishing his fist. The blood mist and Xiao Jin’s golden light were violently clashing against each other. Their bodies were tumbling about in midair. I was startled as the six light wings spread behind my back. The Holy Sword flew out of my hands, shaping a magnificent arc towards Ka An Da Er Jia. The Holy Sword was giving off an exceptionally intense divine aura, sealing off every path of escape for the Blood Monster. The tip of the silver ray ground violently against the blood mist. “Die!” Following that, I, who had caught up with them, grabbed the Holy Sword in both hands and thrust out with all of my might. The gold light ray lightened the space in the surrounding. The blood mist was no longer able to inhibit the Holy Sword’s advance, so he could only let out a mournful shriek that shook the heavens when the Holy Sword deeply pierced his body.

“Lord Monster King will avenge me!” Ka An Da Er Jia said furiously. He used both of his hands to strike at his own chest. Hong!He had unexpectedly chosen to self destruct. The enormous shockwave following the disappearance of the Blood Monster blew me away. Having used up a lot of divine power, as the divine powers in my body violently roiled over and over, it made me cough a mouthful of blood. The gold light ray emitted from my body dimmed slightly.

I didn’t have the time to recover. Once I stabilized my body, I immediately flew to Xiao Jin’s side. I brandished the Holy Sword to enclose Xiao Jin’s body in my divine powers. Under my assistance, the corrosive blood mist was finally excreted from Xiao Jin’s body. Even though he looked feeble, I knew he was fine.

“Xiao Jin, take a break first. I’ll head on to help your father and the others to eliminate the Monster King,” I instructed Xiao jin, who was panting profusely.

“Master, please be careful,” Xiao Jin said concerned.

I smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. The sinister beings will forever be unable to triumph against us!” Upon saying that, I raised the Holy Sword with both hands, wanting to charge over to the Dragon King and phoenix’s side, who were battling against the Monster King.

At this moment, the Monster King seemed to be enraged, as a mournful shriek came from the three figures. A grey ball of power shot out like lightning. I was alarmed and didn’t bother heading to deal with the Monster King. I continuously brandished to cast a solid light net in front of me. I knew the strength of the Monster King. I wouldn’t be able to withstand his tremendous power head on.

The grey ball of power rapidly neared me. When I thought I would have to deal with it soon and tried my best to increase my divine power to my peak state, the grey ball suddenly descended. It moved a couple of folds faster as it headed towards theStröm Fortress. The power that I had sent out in midair instantly made me spurt another mouthful of blood because of my misjudgment of power usage. I could only watch as the grey ball of power fly towards the fort.

“No!” The grey ball  with exceptionally destructive power struck the fort head-on. The firm fort shook violently for a while; an enormous hole appearing in the center of the fort. The casual attack from the Monster King had already taken at least 1000 human lives with it. The frantic monsters increased their momentum in heading towards the fort. Their goal was the newly formed hole. Since the humans were still stunned by the sudden large explosion, their resistance fell back, allowing a portion of the monsters to charge into the fort in no time.  

I couldn’t continue towards the Monster King in order to eliminate her. With bloodshot eyes, I flew towards the fort. In the instant when the grey ball of power had exploded, I clearly saw the despair and hopelessness expressed in the human soldiers’ eyes. I definitely wouldn’t allow the monsters to succeed. If I didn’t hinder their advance, the fort would truly be unable to hold up. The Holy Sword, shining with an intense silver radiance, strongly pierced from above the hole. The monsters emerging from the hole turned to ashes under the peerless might of the divine powers. I constantly struck out silver rays with bloodshot eyes. My constant attack resulted in a vast amount of dead and injured monsters. On the flat plan of the fort, carnage had been raised in but a short while. Countless monster lives had been lost under the Holy Sword.

Fury hollers could be heard from the Dragon King and the phoenix. I knew clearly that they couldn’t withstand the attacks of the Monster King much longer, but I couldn’t leave the fort at the moment. What should I do? A thought flashed through my mind, and I started to chant, meanwhile hindering the monsters’ advancement. “Oh great light elements, you possess limitless powers. The darkness before you is too insignificant. Recovery light in the horizon, I beseech you to descend into world and bestow unlimited recovery light to me. Recover all pains and make all sufferings leave us—–Forbidden Eternal Recovery Light!.” Visible light spots constantly gathered with me as their center. I felt as though I was taking a bath in the sea of light. It was indescribably comfortable. The light elements were so cordial as they completely listened to my command. When an enormous gold hexagon appeared beneath my feet, it immediately lit up the dark skies.

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