Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 23

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Volume 12: Chapter 23 – Annihilation Light Ray

The warmth of the light elements cleansed my soul. The gold hexagon underneath my feet shook slightly. An enormous gold light pillar enclosed me within as it extended into the sky. It pierced through the clouds and illuminated the horizon. Fragrance gradually permeated the lands. Light rain fell onto the world under the radiance of the golden light. It covered the head of the city and a 500 meters radiance in front of the fort. The improvised recovery light calmed the panicking human soldiers down. The rain was recovering their injuries and temporarily stopped the attacks from the monsters. I had gained sometimes for the human race to recover under my hard work.

In the gold light ray, there was suddenly a vast amount of green lights seen. A vast amount of monsters outside the perimeter of the light rain were instantly killed under the attack of the green light. Ah! Green long arrows covered the sky. It was the long arrows from the Nature Elves race. The Nature Elves finally caught up at the most crucial moment.

The king of the Nature Elves led the few elders and a huge troop of Nature Elf soldiers to fly to the head of the city. Green long arrows were constantly shot out from their short bows. Their arrows accurately struck the monsters. There were lots of white rays observed from the arrows. It was the elementary light magic that I had previously taught them.

With their help, the monsters definitely wouldn’t be able to break into the Ström Fortress. My worries about leaving the fort had finally settled. I didn’t have the time to meet up with the Nature Elves. I circulated the remnants of the divine powers in my body that I had already used more than half of them already. I soared into the sky. With the silver radiance covered Holy Sword, I charged towards the Dragon King and the phoenix that were battling the Monster King with my sword as a single identity.

“Radiant Holy Sword Light Slash!” With a furious holler, the light ray of the Holy Sword abruptly intensified. It accurately landed on the grey light ray that was tangled with the Dragon King and the phoenix’s powers. The Monster King let out a mournful furious shout. The grey aura momentarily intensified. The tyrannical powers that wasn’t resistible had blown me, who was charging towards them, backwards. Gold and red figures also flew backwards. We flew for about 1 kilometer before we could stabilize our body. I couldn’t bear not to cough up a mouthful of blood. My inner injuries had gotten more severe. The Dragon King and the phoenix hovered at my left and right side respectively. The originally gorgeous fiery wings had already drastically dimmed. A constant flow of blood came out from the mouth of the Dragon King. The previous usual radiance of his had seem to have disappeared. They had sustained severe injuries in the previous battle.   

The Monster King hovered before us. Her clothes at her right sleeves had been damaged, revealing her white skin. I was alarmed to find that even under the combined forces of the Dragon King and the phoenix, she didn’t seem be have any injuries. There was fury in her eyes and the death aura emitting from her body became much heavier.

“All of you goes against me. If it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be hurt, I’ll have already killed all of you. Stinky brat, don’t even think that you have the hope in destroying my Monster race just by eliminating my three Great Monsters. If I don’t die, I’ll still be able to revive them effortlessly as many times as I wanted. I can clearly tell you that I’m really angry right now and the outcome of that is severe. All of you can just die!” Upon saying that, the Monster King extended her arms horizontally. The grey aura in her surroundings suddenly became frantic as it constantly revolved, increasingly violently. It blocked our visions. But even with such a thick grey fog, we still could catch two peculiar light rays, which were the Monster King’s eyes.

I looked at the Dragon King and the phoenix. There were resolution in their eyes. I shouted, “Let’s go and have a life or death match with the Monster King.”

The Dragon King raised his head and cried out. The enormous dragon wings spread apart. A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth and the gold light rays from his body intensified suddenly. Sentences of an unknown strange incantation was constantly chanted calmly. Ah! It was the dragon race dragon language spell. It seemed that he was giving it his best shot. Following the chant, the golden light ray of the Dragon King’s body constantly intensified. The huge pressure from him gave me difficulty to breath. It seems that this was the last move from the Dragon King!   

A cold flashed past the phoenix’s eyes when the Dragon King started to chat his spell. The phoenix’s body shrunk by a half and the scorching heat could be felt in the air again. His body slowly turned faint red. The heat waves that continuously struck my body made me to soar higher in the sky.

The Dragon King, the phoenix and I maintained a triangular formation. I raised the Holy Sword high up with both of my hands and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Under the prompt from the chant, the radiant Holy Sword momentarily formed an enormous silver pillar that extended towards the horizon. I chanted loudly again, “Hope of light in the heaven and earth, please bless me! Great light elements, my everlasting friends, please gives as our final hope for me. Illumination lights in the East, warm lights in the West, life light in the South and devastative light in the North, I beseech you to gather the hope of light in the surroundings to give rise the light of blessings and bestow all of your divine powers onto me to activate the ultimate devastative light of the radiant Holy Sword. Eliminate the source of sinister beings before me to return eternal hope to the world—–Holy Sword’s Forbidden Annihilation Light!

Following the chant, the divine powers in my body seemed to have found its outlet as it constantly surged into the Holy Sword. The surrounding light elements frantically gathered towards me with an unprecedented speed. Constant tearing like pain could be felt from the light wings on my back due to the too rapid gathering speed of light elements that it reached to a point that it was above its limit. The Holy Sword’s colour was constantly changing from red, orange, green, dark green, blue and violet before gradually turning gold. The silver light from the Holy Sword formed into an exceptionally large power in a fused sword as it floated above me. I gritted my teeth to control that horrifying powers as I looked at the enormous grey tornado that could destroy the heavens and earth by the Monster King.

The Dragon King seemed to have completed his spell. His turned golden eyes gave off a domineering aura. He shouted fumingly, “Savage Dragon Battle!” An intensified gold light ray was emitted from his body and following those words, the gold light ray unexpectedly formed an identical image of himself before him. The light ray from the Dragon King’s body then instantly vanished. His originally magnificent scales also turned dull without radiance as it was already all of his powers.

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