Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 24

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Volume 12: Chapter 24 – Might of the Phoenix and Dragon

At the same time, the Phoenix halved his body size again, becoming a quarter of its original size. The peculiar faint red colour emitted tremendous strength, The temperature in the surroundings increased continuously. “Heavenly Phoenix Dance!” A black pheonix formed from power appeared before him. The air in the surrounding had abruptly heated up. I still felt the scorching heat even though there was a distance between him and I and also having additional protection from the divine powers.

The Monster King’s power seemed to have reached its limit. An enormous grey tornado that had reached at least 100 meters in height blew towards us. Sinister aura was constantly emitted from it. The monsters on the land and in the sky frantically charged towards the fort after losing the protection of the Eternal Recovery light.

The Dragon King, the phoenix and I looked at one and other before harmoniously letting out a holler. “Ah!!!” The Forbidden Annihilation of Light from the Holy Sword, the last ultimate move from the Dragon King, Savage Dragon Battle, and the clone of the phoenix, Heavenly Phoenix Dance, gave off silver, gold, and red lights respectively as they simultaneously shot towards the eye of the grey tornado.

My body seemed to have weakened after releasing the Annihilation Light as I was almost drained of all divine powers. I forcefully supported myself to land on the solid back of the Dragon King. The Dragon King and phoenix’s conditions were similar to mine. The phoenix also gathered towards the Dragon King’s side, We looked at the strongest attack that we had released and anticipated for the outcome.

When the Annihilation Light, Savage Dragon Battle, and Heavenly Phoenix Dance simultaneously struck the center of the tornado, everything seemed to have stilled. The strange grey tornado that the Monster King had released stilled and no longer revolved.

The phoenix suddenly exclaimed, “Not good! Retreat!” He suddenly flew towards the fort, bringing the Dragon King with him.

There wasn’t any sounds heard and the time seemed to return to being normal, but there was an unexpected shock wave that struck behind us, making our three bodies to soar high up into the sky from the impact. The phoenix and the Dragon King used their bodies to block majority of the impact of the shockwave. I suffered the least injury, but I still couldn’t help to cough out a few mouthful of blood. If it wasn’t for my light wings to constantly absorb the light elements in the surrounding, I wouldn’t be able to hold on.

I didn’t know how far we flew, but our bodies finally stopped. The injuries sustained by the Dragon King seemed to be most severe amongst us as he had to completely rely on the phoenix’s help to hover in the sky.

The Dragon King said solemnly, “Zhang Gong, we can no longer assist you any further. Everything will lie on you.”

I became anxious. “Uncle Dragon King, how are you? Are your wounds critcal?”

The Dragon King looked at the phoenix at his side that was emitting dim lights. “Don’t worry. With the phoenix that titled to be immortal here, we won’t die, but I doubt we will be able give assistance to the human race in the next 100 years. Zhang Gong, when you head back, tell Xiao Jin that the phoenix and I are heading to a place to recuperate. If you really annihilate the Monster race, let him to rule over the Dragon race in my place. Work hard, child. I believe that you definitely will be able to succeed. Even though we both had lost our fighting powers, the attack that was released from the three of us won’t be easy to be dealt with. The Monster King definitely will be severely wounded. Even though it won’t be as severe as our injuries, it definitely will be beneficial for your future attacks. I’m sorry, but we’ll make our move first.” Upon saying that, a gold light flashed past the Dragon King’s eyes. A power suddenly surged into my body. The powers in my body that seemed to have withered momentarily became active under the assistance of the Dragon King’s divine powers. It was rapidly absorbing the light elements in the surroundings.

The Dragon King looked benevolent at me before his body softened and closed his eyes. The phoenix let out a screech before flying towards the far distance, while bringing the Dragon King along with him. I controlled my body to hover in the sky. I couldn’t help but to be stunned. According to what the Dragon King had said, our combined attack couldn’t defeat the Monster King. Currently, I had also lost the assistance of the Dragon King and the phoenix. Just how was I going to battle against that powerful Monster King?! I gritted my teeth and made my descent. I frantically gathered the light elements in my surrounding while controlling my flight path. When I flew to the front of the fort, the powers in my body had already recovered by third under the previous help of the dragon powers from the Dragon King.

The sight before me amazed me. A large gap was unexpectedly observed from the monsters that originally covered the heaven and the earth; the monsters that were within 1 kilometer diameter from the ground and sky from where I was had disappeared, forming a large shallow pit on the plain. This must be effect of our combined powers. I was extremely elated when I saw this as not only was the fort temporarily safe, I also understood that the Monster King was unable to suppress the boundary from the combined powers of three people. It could be said that the Monster King couldn’t resist the enormous shockwave from our attacks so he deviated it to the ground, resulting in a great loss of monsters. It seemed that fellow was really hurt as what the Dragon King had mentioned.

The enormous dragons in the sky that were battling against the monsters seem to have become berserk in annihilating the monsters. They didn’t cared about their injuries and just constantly attack their enemies before them; constant green blood flow downwards. I sighed inwardly. It must be due to their king being severely wounded that made those dragons become so stirred up.

I looked at the gulf and saw that the Monster King had actually disappeared. However, large quantities of monsters were still constantly emerging from the gulf and were rapidly charging towards the fort. I hastily flew to Xiao Jin’s side. “Xiao Jin, your father suffered severe injuries and had already went with the phoenix to recuperate. Before he left, he had told me to inform you that you’ll temporarily lead the Dragon race. Quickly go! The current condition of the members of your race are too frenetic. You must control them. You just need to protect the fort. You also don’t need to fight the monsters head on. The Monster King is the sole key in ending everything.”

Boundless sorrows were expressed from Xiao Jin’s eyes. “Master, is my father really still alive? Then, why can’t I feel his life force? It was due to that that made my race’s members be in such a state. Master, you mustn’t lie to me!” Two large trails of tears flowed out from Xiao Jin’s dragon eyes.

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