Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 25

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Volume 12: Chapter 25 – Demon Emperor’s Arrival

I sighed. “Xiao Jin, I definitely wouldn’t lie to you. What I said is the truth. Quickly go and calm down your race’s members. It seems that the Monster King hasn’t given up yet.”

Xiao Jin nodded before soaring up into the sky. He was yelling in dragon language. I didn’t have the time to look at their conditions as I closed my eyes to circulated the divine powers in my body with all of my strength, absorbing all the power in the surroundings. I was already getting out of time. The possibility of defeating the Monster King would increase for every ounce of power I absorb. But the truth was the Monster King wouldn’t give me time to recover as a thick demonic aura covered the heaven and earth, making me reopen my eyes. Hai Shui’s beautiful body hovered in midair. From her appearance, there didn’t seem to have much changes since grey aura was constantly being emitted from her back and the sky turned dark again. I clearly knew that even if the Monster King was hurt, it would still be simple to kill me. Was there really no justice? Was all of the life forms of the world going to be eradicated by the Monster King? No! I definitely wouldn’t allow that to happen. I hollered, resummoning the Radiant Holy Sword that was emitting dimmer light rays when compared to before, as I viciously glared at the Monster King.

The Monster King didn’t say anything. She just extended her pair of delicate arms and constantly made gestures in the air. The grey aura gradually solidified. She was giving me her last attack. Even though I knew that it was useless resisting against that, I still prompted the release of the remaining divine powers from my body. The silver light ray of the Holy Sword intensified slightly. It wouldn’t matter if I died. Even if I was facing death, I would still do all I could against that last attack.

When I was already in despair, the Monster King suddenly dazed and abruptly turned around. A patch of faint purple light was seen in the originally dark sky. An enormous figure was charging toward the Monster King. The purple light ray was given off from the back of the black figure. A low and heavy voice was heard. “Dark Magic Dragon Gun, my Demon race’s god of Origin, release your endless divine powers to eliminate the enemy before you.” An exceptional sharp light shot out like lighting from the top of the black figure. In a short moment, it had reached the front of the Monster King. The Monster King yelled in anger and used the previously consolidated grey power ball to defend her body. Hong! Her body unexpectedly flew at least 100 metres back. Cold light ray often glimmered in her eyes and the grey aura surrounding her body was strong and weak from time to time. It was as though she was trying to recover from her condition.

Seeing such a sight, I was jubilant as the person that came was none other than my father in law, Demon Emperor Qi Meng Satan. A loud dragon roar has heard as the Dark Demon Dragon had already brought the Demon Emperor to near us. The Demon Emperor stood arrogantly on the Demon dragon’s back as he looked icily at the Monster King. The black Dark Demon Gun in his hand was pointing towards the horizon as he shouted, “I didn’t expect that the Monster King would be such a young girl.”

I flapped the six light wings on my back to fly to the Demon Emperor’s side as I said respectfully, “Lord Father in law, why have you come? The Monster King isn’t a young girl. He had possessed my friend’s body. How is the condition at the Demon and Beast races’ side? Have the monsters eradicated?”

The Demon Emperor looked at me. “There isn’t any problem at our side. Royal Uncle and the Beast King had let our mighty army troops to finish off all of the remnants monsters. Previously the Demon Dragon felt that there was something unusual here so we headed to here first. How’s your situation here and how’s Mu Zi?”

I smiled wryly. “Our situation here is extremely terrible. The Dragon King and the phoenix had already been severely injured by the Monster king and had went to recuperate. Mu Zi is fine. She’s still inside the fort. Let’s team up to deal with that fellow. His powers are extremely terrifying. You must be careful.” Even though the cultivation of the Demon Emperor couldn’t be compared to mine, with the addition of the Dark Demon Dragon that had comparable strength to the Dragon King, we would still be a force to be reckon with. When I mentioned that the Dragon King was severely injured, I could clearly feel that the Dark Demon Dragon’s body jolted and an intense dark aura was released from his body, making me feel abnormally uncomfortable. It seemed that he and the Dragon King still had strong brotherly feelings!

The Demon King looked at the blood stains at my chest. “You should return to the fort to rest up while I fight against that fellow. You’re wounded so even if you stay here, you’ll just get in the way.”

Even though the Demon Emperor’s expression was cold, a warm feeling rose up from the bottom of my heart. “Lord father in law, I……” I knew that it was due to his attribute that countered mine and on top of that I was injured so he said that to prevent affecting me by his power.

The Demon Emperor shouted fumingly, “Since you had already called me your father in law, you should listen to me. The three races had already form an alliance so our Demon race must also contribute some of our strength. Quickly go!” Upon saying that, he prompted the Dark Demon Dragon and with purple light ray emitted from the Demon gun in his hand, he charged towards the Monster King.

The Demon King was fighting to help me gain some time. I no longer hesitated as I flew to the head of the fort. I must recover as soon as possible as the Monster King’s power had already decreased drastically. I must recover my cultivation to completely eradicate him while he was still injured. I landed on the head of the city like a gold shooting star. Currently, the Dragon Army troop from the Kingdom of Xiuda was guarding the previous hole that formed from the Monster King’s attack, while the archers of the Nature Elves and mages gave them solid support, making it impossible for the monsters to break into the fort. The condition in the sky had become stabilized. Under the division by Xiao Jin, the Dragon race’s member formed two teams to help resist the offensive powers of the monsters.

When I just landed on the head of the city, I saw the deathly pale complexion Teacher Di, who was being supported by Teacher Zhen as they rested at a side.

“Teacher, how’s your condition?” I asked anxiously.

Teacher Di laughed forcefully. “I still won’t kick my bucket anytime soon. Zhang Gong, quickly do what you need to do. We had been watching what had happened. The Monster King really is horrifying. You must eliminate him today. Otherwise, the human race will be finished.” Upon saying that, he violently coughed for a couple of times.

I seriously nodded. “Teacher, don’t worry. Even if it leads to my death, I’ll fight with all my might against the Monster King to the very end. Teacher Zhen, I’ll have to ask you to take care of Teacher Di.”

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