Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 28

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Volume 12: Chapter 28 – Solo Symphony

The six coloured light pillars rapidly revolved while they constantly clambered up. They had already started to gradually fuse with each other. The powers this time were different from the previous as it was much stronger. The sinister clouds in the sky got blown away by that power. The ground quaked constantly. All the monsters stopped their attack as they shifted their gazes to the Monster King and I. The people at the Ström Fortress were astonished by the sight before them. There were also a lot of soldiers that were seeing this sight for the second time. Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri were stunned as they didn’t expect that I would activate the world’s strongest forbidden spell solitarily. The newly appeared sunlight was dimmer than the dazzling light pillars and the pure clouds were embellished with six colours.

I hollered loudly and brandished my right hand that wore the God’s guard protector. A gold hexagon appeared in the sky with constant flickering of gold light rays. This was the last component of the spell to enable the symphony to exert its full potential. The magnificent light rays had spread throughout the sky and the peerless divine powers filled the land. Currently, the might of the forbidden spell was fully displayed. I was surprised to discover that even though the prowess of the forbidden spell was so strong, I, who had initiated it, was able to control its direction.

The Monster King’s complexion paled as his deathly aura before him was negligible, in  compared to the symphony. I shouted with all my might, “Go to hell, you fucking bastard!” Under my control, the six light pillars suddenly charged towards the monster King, who was expressing a totally terrified expression. The Monster King cried out as he tried to make his final struggle. He extended both of his hands and shot a black fog at me that was incomparable to the six light pillars. I coldly smiled as I continued to make the six light pillars continue to move towards the Monster King.

There wasn’t any collision sounds as the demonic spell from the Monster King had already been completely engulfed by the Monster King. When the life of the Monster King was going to be extinguished under the might of the forbidden spell, the Demon King’s sinister eyes suddenly turned back to clear blue eyes. Hai Shui’s voice was heard as she asked in agony, “Big Brother Zhang Gong, are you really going to kill me?”

My entire body shuddered violently and deviated the forbidden spell a little at my will. The forbidden spell moved past Hai Shui’s body at lightning speed. Hai Shui’s body greatly jolted and a vast amount of demonic aura escape, even though it wasn’t a direct hit. It was too late to regret that I didn’t use this opportunity to kill the Monster King for good.The powers in my body had mostly shriveled as I gasped profusely to regain my breath. It was as I had expected that Hai Shui’s eyes turned back to red. The Monster King’s neither sinister nor clear voice sounded. “You’re still too naive. Just die!” He formed into a grey fog as he charged towards me and landed a blow heavily on my chest.

Everything in my surrounding flew past me. Under the attack of the Monster King, I couldn’t help as it greatly shook my body. But I was amazed to find that the Monster King’s attack didn’t bring me much harm. I, who had thought that I would meet my demise, felt that my life wasn’t disappearing. My originally dimmed multi-coloured life flame unexpectedly lit up again under the stimulation from the Monster King’s attack. I was constantly absorbing powers. At my will, I hovered in mid air again as I looked at the alarmed Monster King.

The Monster King looked unbelievably at both of his hands as he muttered, “Why? Why have my powers decreased this much?”

I coldly looked at him as I said, “You have reaped what you sowed. Even though my forbidden spell didn’t take your life, your demonic power had been greatly diminished by the forbidden spell’s power.”

The Monster King coldly sneered.  “Brat, the previous forbidden spell indeed was capable in killing me, but your greatest opportunity had been wasted. You no longer have the chance to resist me.” Upon saying that, the Monster King extended his arms horizontally and with the red light in his eyes intensified, the dazed monsters that were on the ground exploded one after the other, forming grey fogs to surge towards the Monster King.

I was greatly alarmed as I knew he was fusing his powers. If I allowed him to recover his powers, I wouldn’t be his match. Thinking about that, I charged towards the Monster King with all of my might to thrust the Holy Sword in my hand into the chest of the Monster King. The Monster King coldly looked at me and when I was 5 meters apart from him, his body suddenly moved backwards. His speed was similar to mine so we just formed a scenario of one chasing while the other escapes in the sky as I persisted in chasing after him. My heart constantly sunken as even though the burning of life force could continuously supply me with powers, I clearly felt that the life flame was already starting to burn out, while the Monster King’s power slowly increased instead.

“Heh!” The Monster king suddenly stopped moving to punch violently towards my Holy Sword. I was blown away from being unprepared and coughed a mouthful of blood as the result.

The Monster King laughed as he said coldly, “Brat, just go and meet your maker!” He transformed his body into a faint dark figure as he charged towards me. The demonic aura locked my body in place, making it impossible to make any movements. However, at this critical moment, the five previously suppressed divine powers gradually recovered.Even though the forbidden spell consumes a lot of its power, their power were still able to tear my body apart. The Holy Sword also seemed to be in a swamp as it was difficult to mobilise it. I just watched the hand of the Monster King that brought along a grey aura grabbed towards me. The demonic sinister aura covered my entire body.

There were two figures that suddenly flew out from the Ström Fortress and headed towards the Monster King and I. They were Xiao Rou and Mu Zi. But with their speed and even if they caught up in time, with the current condition of the Monster King, they were just wasting their lives.

When the sharp claws of the Monster king reached just 33 centimeters before me, his body suddenly stopped. The Monster King’s eyes abruptly became exceptionally strange as his red eyes constantly changed from red to blue and vice versa. The Monster King yelled in fury, “God damn it!” He retracted his claws that headed to me as he held his head in his hands, bitterly groaning.

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