Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 30

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Volume 12: Chapter 30 – God King

The Monster King’s matter had finally been resolved and I was rescued by the God King. However, I wasn’t the slightest bit happy as Hai Shui had died because of me! The God King had also said that he didn’t have the power to revive the dead. This was to say that Hai Shui wouldn’t be able to return to my side. Why? Why did this happen? Hai Shui was such a kind hearted girl. Why did she had to die?

The God King said, “Child, you had accomplished such an ordeal task. I’m really happy for that. Currently, the human race already thinks that you have already passed on. Why don’t you stay in the God race then? Since you have inherited Mi Jie Lie’s position, you’ll become the new battle angel’s leader, the new Radiant God. In this God realm, you’ll have endless life.”

“No!!!” I yelled in sadness. “No, I don’t want eternal life. I don’t want anything.”

The God King seemed to be stunned for a moment. “My child, you should think it through carefully. A lot of people have dreamed to be able to become a god!”

I shook my head with sadness. “No, God King, I don’t want to become a god nor do I want to have eternal life. I just want to be with my family and friends. You’re the God King. Are you really out of alternatives in helping me revive my friends? It’s just a tiny request from me. Please grant me this wish of mine.”

The God King sighed. “Child, I understand your current feelings, but I had mentioned it previously that that is out of my powers! I’ll agree to any of your request, except that.”

I dejectedly knelt to the ground as I looked at the divine instruments, staying silent for a long time.

“Child, please don’t be like this. Your contribution to the world, to all of the races, and to our God race has given rise to the survival of both worlds. Where there’s a gain, there’s also loss. Please state your request.”

I took in a deep breath. “God King, I hope that you’ll withdraw all of the divine instruments and allow me to return to the human realm. I also don’t want eternal life. I just want to be an ordinary human and finish a not too long journey with my family and friends.”

The God King exclaimed., “What?! You also don’t want to have eternal life?”

I seriously nodded. “Eternal life doesn’t mean much to me. If my family and friends all died before me, what is the use of living on? Please grant me my wish.”

After a moment, the God King replied, “Alright, since you have made up your mind, I won’t continue to force you. Zhang Gong, you’ll forever be a friend to our God race.”

After a light flashed, my entire body was so warm and was in indescribable comfort. It was like taking a bath in a sea of light. “Zhang Gong, I’ve withdrawn the six divine weapons from your body, but still left you with the Radiant God’s powers. Your life force has already completely recovered. Return and do as you wish. I’ve got something to tell you. The spirit of the girl that was possessed by the Monster King hasn’t dissipated. You will still have the opportunity to meet her again in the future.”

I was shocked and just as I wanted to ask him, my body was enveloped in intense light rays. With a flash of light, everything before me turned white and everything disappeared.


Even though the Monster race had been eradicated, the entire Ström Fortress was in despair as the Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei, who had saved the world, had sacrificed his young life for the world’s peace and harmony.

Lao Lun Di caressed Mu ZI and Xiao Rou’s head with tears in his eyes. “Good children, stop crying. When a person passes on, they won’t be able to return. Zhang Gong is my one and only disciple but was also my pride. He had sacrificed his life to save everyone. His death carries a heavy weight.”

Lao Lun Di’s consolation didn’t stop everyone from crying, but made everyone wail instead. Zhang Gong had managed to kill the Monster King by unhesitantly burning his life force. His action had greatly touched everyone’s heart.

“Report!!” A dispatched solver hurriedly entered the Commander’s division. “Reporting, there’s a peculiar phenomenon happening in the sky.”

Everyone were alarmed and Chuan Song Zhen asked, “What phenomenon? Quickly describe it!”

“There was a patch of coloured clouds that suddenly appeared in the sky and had stopped above the fort.”

Everyone looked at each other before Zhan Hu said, “Let’s head out and check it out.” Everyone from the God Protector Domain and the leaders of the armies from the three kingdoms simultaneously headed out of the Commander’s division. It was as what the soldier had reported. There was a patch of coloured cloud in the sky. It looked exceptionally mesmerising under the sunlight.

Chuan Song Zhen ordered heavily, “Pass down my order that every troop should be on standby and to be on alert.” The appearance of the Monster race had already made everyone easily fearful.

“I don’t think that’s necessary Teacher Zhen. It can’t be that you don’t want me to return right?” A voice that everyone couldn’t be more familiar with was heard. A gold light ray shone from the coloured cloud and moved before everyone like lightning.

“Zhang Gong!”

When I looked at the tears covered faces of the crowd, I said smilingly, “I’ve made everyone worried. I’ve returned.”

Mu ZI and Xiao Rou jumped into my embrace and Mu Zi shouted crying, “Where did you go? You made me worried to death.”

I caressed Mu Zi’s long hair and smiled, “Silly girl, everything has passed. I just went to tour the God realm. The only pitiful thing is that Hai Shui……”

“God realm!” Everyone instantly exclaimed.

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