Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 4

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Volume 12: Chapter 4 – Holy Sword’s Might

The blood in my body raced as I frantically activated the powers in my body. I raised both of my hands and chanted, “Great light elements! You possess unlimited power,  the darkness before you is negligible. The eternal light that is flowing in the horizon, I beg of you, descend upon the world to bestow your eternal light unto me to recover all injuries and ease us of our sufferings——Eternal Recovery Light!” Six wings of light appeared on my back, as they flapped gently, clear lights constantly and rapidly gathering towards me. I didn’t feel the previous pain of being ripped apart, instead it felt like I was soaking in an ocean of light. It was an indescribable, yet comfortable feeling. The light elements were very cordial, they listened to my commands completely, forming an enormous gold hexagon underneath my feet, lighting up the dark sky instantly.

The divine filled aura attracted the attention of all of the monsters beneath me. Those that could fly were charging towards me. The threat that I posed made those cold blooded fiends terrified.

I didn’t hold any killing intent, the warm light elements were constantly purifying my heart. I said calmly, “Go forth, Eternal Recovery Light.” The gold hexagon beneath my feet slightly shook, creating an enormous golden pillar of light that enclosed my body as it charged towards the sky and pierced through the clouds.

The clouds in the sky turned golden. A rain of light that eliminates the monsters and saves human lives immediately descended. At this moment, hundreds of monsters were already charging towards me, seemingly wanting to rip me apart.

I looked at the golden clouds in the sky before raising my outstretched arms. A golden halo momentarily surged from my body towards the monsters that were charging over. The golden light seemed to be unaffected as it passed through the bodies of the monsters. However, the monsters that touched the golden light stopped mid-air as their bodies gradually turned to dust.

The fragrance in the air was exceptionally pleasant. I, who had received the inheritance, wouldn’t be weakened after using forbidden spells. Moreover, I could also bring out the full powers of the forbidden spell, making the spell’s scope much larger.

The light drizzle descended from the sky, it gently danced with the wind as it scattered onto the ground. Each of the light spots carried vitality within it, enclosing both the monster dens and the monsters that were charging to the villages below.

The drizzle gradually got larger as it constantly flowed downwards. The monsters had already stopped their attack as the light rain appeared. I saw their bodies gradually turned to shadowy auras under the light rain and disappeared. I could also see that the monsters looked as though they had been relieved of their burdens.

The light rain not only harmed the monsters, but it also treated the bodies of the survivors. The villagers that were previously in despair cheered. I chanted gently, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.

My chest heated up and the silver Holy Sword instantly appeared before me. I stretched out my right hand that had the God’s Guard to gently grasp the Holy Sword before descending towards the monster dens. Since the Eternal Recovery Light was still in effect, there wouldn’t be any monsters to further appear. I urged the divine powers in my body to intensify the light from the Holy Sword.

“Annihilate!” As I yelled, the Holy Light gave off two intense silver lights that were aimed towards the monster dens. With a flash, the powers shot into the dens. I could finally use the full might of the Holy Sword. As the Holy Sword’s power had reached the deepest part of the dens, numerous mournful cries were heard. I closed my eyes and softly spoke, “Break.”

The originally black monster dens were now filled with a silver light. The ground quaked. I had restricted the power of the Holy Sword to only within the monster dens, I didn’t want to hurt the remaining villagers. Numerous muffled sounds were heard, but the monster dens no longer had a sliver of demonic aura, which meant that I had successfully eliminated them.

I took in a deep breath before using my divine power to say, “Citizens of the kingdom of Aixia. Your suffering is over. There’ll be people dispatched to  take care of the after mess. I hope that you can recover your homes as soon as possible. I’m God’s envoy, Zhang Gong Wei.”

“Child of light!…..Long live the Child of Light!…..” The remaining people were frantically cheering. Seeing their excited looks, I couldn’t help but be gratified. Similarly, I felt sadness for those that had died. Monster race, why must you take the lives in this world?!

Even though the monster dens were eliminated and that the sun had once again lit the ground, I could clearly feel an enormous demonic aura that had risen from the direction of the fort. It should be the revival of the Monster King. His revival threatens all the races of the world. It seemed that the final battle was commencing.

I flapped the six wings on my back to fly towards the Capital.

Ma Ke had already gathered the Royal Mage Army Squad as he waited for me at the outskirts. He was very anxious, obviously worrying about the two monster dens. I withdrew the light wings from my back and descended.

“Ma Ke!”

“Boss, how is it?” Ma Ke asked urgently.

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ve already settled the matter there. Ma Ke, you don’t have to head to the fort. It’s enough for me to head there. With the God Protector Domain, Dragon race, and the Nature Elves’ help, our power there should be enough. You should quickly lead the Magic Army Squad to split into two groups for the Kingdoms of Xiuda and Dalu and assist them in eliminating the monster dens.” My firm voice didn’t contain any uncertainty. Ma Ke nodded, but traces of worry was still seen in his eyes.

I patted his shoulders. “Don’t worry, my good brother! The Monster race won’t succeed unless I die. What was meant to come will definitely come. The situation at Dalu and Xiuda should be very dangerous now. With their power, the monster dens will cause major casualties. You should head there as soon as possible.”

“Boss, I will.”

At this moment, an exceptionally familiar and friendly feeling came to me from the sky’s horizon. I raised my head to see a gold figure floating in the sky. My entire body jolted. ‘That….Isn’t that Xiao Jin? Why is he here?

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