Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 5

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Volume 12: Chapter 5 – Long Distance Teleportation

Ma Ke also saw Xiao Jin. “Boss, I forgot to tell you that when Mu Zi and the rest left, they left Xiao Jin and the little fox with nine tails here. They also left a message that if you came back, you’re to immediately ride on Xiao Jin to meet up with them at the fort. The light powers from when you previously eliminated the monster’s dens must have attracted them over.”

Ah! He was referring to Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou. My elated feelings rose in my chest once again as I let out a loud roar towards the sky unable to contain my longing for Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin’s deep and resounding roar rang out shortly after I yelled. As the two sounds collided in the sky and spread far into the distance, Xiao Jin’s body slowly enlarged as he charged towards me. I kicked off of the ground to fly into the sky and receive him. Xiao Jin and I had a blood bonded connection, as well we had experienced life and death together numerous times. We had pulled through the tough times together, Xiao Jin’s position in my heart was extremely prominent.

Xiao Jin seemed to have matured a lot. His enormous dragon body had increased in length and the gold scales on his body were emitting a dazzling golden light. When he expanded his enormous wings, he glided downwards as his enormous eyes glistened with tears. Xiao Jin and I had never been separated for such a long time. I felt a hot feeling from my chest as I shouted, “Xiao Jin!” I no longer cared about my shocking hidden prowess, with my six wings protruding, my speed drastically increased to charge towards Xiao Jin.

“Master!” Xiao Jin’s tears flowed. I wanted to embrace his large head but discovered that his head was too huge to embrace so I landed on his head.

“Master!” Another charming voice came over. Xiao Rou came over with her nine tails. “Ah! Master, your body’s aura is making me feel so comfortable!” Xiao Rou’s body changed into her squirrel-like form to leap onto my shoulder. Her fluffy large tail tickled a bit.

“Xiao Jin, I finally see you again. I really missed you.” I caressed Xiao Jin’s long horn as I sighed.

Xiao Jin’s grief stricken voice sounded, “Since you missed me, why didn’t you bring me along previously, instead of making me bitterly wait for you to return for such a long time?”

I wiped the tears from my face that were flowing unknowingly to me as I laughed. “Alright, this isn’t the time to be reminiscing. You both wait for me here.” Upon saying that,  I took Xiao Rou from my shoulder and placed her on Xiao Jin’s back before I leaped downwards.

“Ma Ke, you should hastily set off now. After eliminating the danger that the two kingdoms are facing, you need only wait for us here for good news.”

Ma Ke’s eye rim reddened. “Boss, be careful!”

Hai Yue reminded, “Don’t forget what I told you to do.”

I nodded. “Don’t worry. Farewell.” Upon saying that, I flew back onto Xiao Jin’s back. “Let’s head to a quiet place before chatting again.”

Xiao Jin flapped both of his wings. Even though he wasn’t as fast as I was, it was already remarkable. Xiao Rou stuck to my chest as she greedily absorbed the divine aura emitting from my body. “Master, I’ve missed you. Let me show you my human form.”

I was shocked as I remembered the previous Xiao Rou’s charming and lovable appearance. I hastily shook my head. “I think it’s better not to. Isn’t your current appearance good enough?”

Xiao Jin sniggered. “Master, don’t you know Xiao Rou has been secretly admiring you? Hehe! Aiyo! Master, stop hitting me. What I say is true.”

Wasn’t Xiao Jin giving me more trouble? I hadn’t settled matters with Hai Shui, not to mention Demon Fox Xiao Rou. However, I was exceptionally elated to see Xiao Jin again. Even though the Dragon King had terminated our contract when he previously recovered the life force of Xiao Jin, making Xiao Jin to cease existing as my Magical Beast, the feelings between Xiao Jin and I never changed. Actually, if Xiao Jin was still my life contracted beast, he might have even stronger powers since I became the new Radiant God. If he could possess what I possess, wouldn’t that mean that there would be two Radiant Gods?

I looked at the Squirrel-like Xiao Rou at my chest, who had her head lowered in shyness. I snappily said to Xiao Jin, “Alright, let’s head downwards!”

“Oh!” Xiao Jin replied and withdrew his wings, heading towards an open ground.

When we landed, Xiao Jin asked curiously, “Master, why have we descended? Sister Mu Zi specifically instructed me that if you were to return, I must immediately fly you to meet up with them. The Monster race also seemed to have reemerged again.”

I nodded. “I know, that’s why I made you land to increase our speed. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou, please protect me. I plan to use a long distance teleportation magic array.”

Xiao Jin blinked his large eyes. “Master, you’ve already received the Radiant God’s inheritance? Are you sure that the magic array can move my enormous body?”

En! There was this problem as I looked at Xiao Jin’s mountain-like body. I pondered. “I have already completely inherited the Radiant God’s position. My power should be enough to teleport us to the fort. Xiao Jin, how is Mu Zi and everyone?”

Xiao Jin replied, “Everyone misses you. However, they seemed to be very displeased that you left without saying a word, so if you meet them, be careful. Your friends have become increasingly powerful after eliminating a lot of the monster dens with their divine instruments.They were so great that even my dad praises them unceasingly.”

When he mentioned the Dragon King, I hastily asked, “I’m really sorry to trouble your Dragon race this time, interrupting your father and the rest’s peaceful life.”

Xiao Jin smiled. “No, it won’t. Everyone wishes to meet you again. After you gave them their names, they were very grateful. Moreover, our Dragon race is one of the races in this world. If the world faces the threat of the Monster race, it’s our duty to assist. Otherwise, if the major races were to be eliminated and couldn’t support the other races, our Dragon race will also be eliminated sooner or later.”

I asked, “Where did your father bring the Dragon race to now?”

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