Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 7

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Volume 12: Chapter 7 – The Three Great Monster Lords

I looked downwards and noticed that there were various types of monsters that covered the vast plains in front of Ström Fortress. The monsters looked like waves as they relentlessly charged and struck towards Ström Fortress. Ear-piercing explosive sounds could be heard constantly from the heights of the city walls beyond the fort. Multiple blasts were fired from the magic cannons towards the monsters, creating a reign of terror as the magnificent spells descended from the fort. There were no monsters strong enough to break into the 300 meter radius of the fort. It seemed that the fort’s defences could still be sustained for a while. I looked at the border of the Demon-Beast Alliance and saw that the number of monsters heading to their battlefront was slightly less than ours. However, the monsters still managed to invade into part of their lands. It was unknown how the Demon and Beast races were going to deal with them.

Since I arrived, I decided help everyone eradicate this problem. I patted Xiao Jin’s head. “Xiao Jin, take Xiao Rou with you and head to the fort first. Tell everyone of my arrival. I want to let the monsters see my prowess before heading to the fort.” Upon saying that, I lept high up and spread the six wings on my back, stabilizing my body mid air. Xiao Jin flapped his wings downwards, killing numerous monsters with a surge of his dragon powers.

The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Upon chanting the incantation, a brilliant light radiated from my body. The silver Holy Sword floated before me and its aura intensifying after I grabbed its hilt. The surrounding light elements were rapidly gathering around me. I became like a sun in the sky, illuminating the land.

The speed of the monster’s movements seemingly slowed beneath me. Even though my power was insufficient to eradicate all of the monsters, I could critically damage their source. With a furious gaze, I roared, making the surrounding light elements frantically swirl around me like a tornado. Divine power rippled outwardly, with me as its center. The monsters below were crying out mournfully as they disappeared one after another under the might of the divine power.

My body turned completely golden with a halo of light that coalesced around my body. I wasn’t affected in the slightest from the light elements frantically revolving around me.

I grasped the Holy Sword with both my hands and the transparent gemstone on God’s Guard gave off peculiar lights. Divine power poured out from God’s Guard and into the Holy Sword, making the Holy Sword’s aura intensify. As its aura strengthened, it gradually fused into the revolving light elements.

As my eyes unknowingly turned golden, I yelled, “Radiant Holy Sword: Holy Light Slash!” With the sudden downward swing of my arms, the Holy Sword seemed to carry a tremendous power that could link heaven and earth. The power formed a beautiful arc through the sky as it charged towards the depths of the gulf.

Once the Holy Sword’s power reached the ground, every monster within 500 meters disintegrated into ash. ‘Hong!’ With a flash of the silver light that vanished into the gulf, it took more than 10,000 monsters along with it.

The gates of Ström Fortress suddenly flew open and a few thousand figures charged out like lightning, efficiently massacring the monsters that had temporarily lost the source of their powers. Under the glittering light of various battle spirits, the bodies of many monsters were continuously being hacked down. Those people were my brothers from the God Protector Domain and behind them were the Earth Dragon Army Squad and cavalry from the Kingdom of Dalu. Under magic protection, they filed outwards, mobilizing tens of thousands of troops and frantically slayed the sluggish monsters. I knew that victory was on our side today.

Suddenly, the gulf below became unusually calm and the monsters no longer surged out from it. I knew clearly, that with that previous attack, I could annihilate the ordinary monsters. However, when dealing with such a large scale monster den, it would be impossible to completely extinguish their source.

Right as I wanted to strike with the Holy Sword again, three grey auras suddenly flew out from the gulf and were charging towards me with lightning speed.

“Zhang Gong, be careful!” A clear shout containing anxiousness and concern could be heard from the field.

I didn’t have time to spare any attention to see who warned me. The Holy Sword spun around my body as it charged, meeting the grey auras head on. ‘Hong!’ The powerful impact shook both my body and the divine power within. My vision turned white and a mouthful of silver blood spurt from my mouth. A silvery aura came from the Ice God’s Mask, chilling my face and stabilizing my confused state. ‘Such strength! Could it be that the Monster King has resurrected?’

The divine power in my body continuously repaired my injuries and the light elements surrounding me replenished the loss of my divine powers. Once I stabilized my body, I realised that I had been flung at least a kilometer back due to the impact. I, who had received the Radiant God’s inheritance, was unexpectedly hurt. The three grey figures suddenly stopped before me. With a flash of grey light, their true appearances were revealed.

At the center was the Dark Monster—Jia Si Ke Li Duo, who had initially possessed Demon King’s Satan’s body. He looked at me astonished with his dark monster blade placed horizontally before him. There was also a faint trace of green blood that flowed from his mouth. It seemed that he was also hurt from the previous exchange. On his left was a person that was completely enshrouded in a large cloak, making it impossible for me to see their appearance. Using the memories of Mi Jia Lie, I knew that this person…no, this monster was the Witch Monster—-Ha Er Yue Di. The one on the right, whose body was enclosed in a bloody mist, must be the Blood Monster—-Ka An Da Er Jia. It seemed that it wasn’t the revival of the Monster King, but rather a gathering of the Three Great Monsters.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo laughed. “Good brat, you were able to receive a combined attack from the three of us. It seems that you really have inherited Mi Jia Lie’s powers.”

I coldly snorted. “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, do you really think that you three are powerful? In my eyes, you’re nothing.”

“Brat, you’re seeking death. Blood Monster’s Spirit Severance!” The Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia, bringing a thick blood mist with him, charged towards me, with the flash of a red light. I roared, “Holy Light Crucifix!” Two silver light rays intersected perpendicularly and shot forth as I grasped the Radiant Holy Sword with both hands.

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