Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 8

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Volume 12: Chapter 8 – Repelling the Monster Clan

“Dark Monster’s Caress!” Jia Si Ke Li Duo swung the Dark Monster’s Blade, shooting a grey light ray towards the Holy Light Crucifix, while the Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di’s body swayed as he let out a low and unpleasant growl, forming a black bone-shaped mist to counterattack. Their power, combined with the Blood Monster Ka Yan An Da Er’s attack, simultaneously struck my Holy Light Crucifix.

The four of our bodies were momentarily blown away after a loud explosion was heard. My entire body felt feeble and I spat out another mouthful of blood. I knew that my body’s injuries had worsened. They really were worthy of the title the Three Great Monsters, even after I received the Radiant God’s inheritance, I still couldn’t deal with their combined attack. It seemed that they had recovered more than the 30% of their powers that Mi Jia Lie had predicted. If the Monster King were to join them, it would probably end with my death.

“Night Sky’s Sea Green Heart” A green light that seemed to be from the heavens came in a long and elegant arc as it passed my body striking Jia Si Ke Li Duo. Jia Si Ke Li Duo obviously hadn’t recovered from our exchange was in a panic, he could only lift his Dark Monster’s Blade to block the attack. However, the green ray’s  speed was rapid. Even though it was partially blocked by the Dark Monster’s blade, the ray still pierced Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s shoulder. Jie Si Ke Li Duo furiously roared as he radiated large amounts of grey mist before charging towards the gulf with the two other Great Monsters.

Since I was injured, I didn’t chase after them, but instead turned around and saw a green figure flying over. The person who had gravely wounded Jia Si Ke Li Duo and rescued me from the crisis was Dong Ri. A thick divine aura was surrounded Dong Ri’s. Even though it still was relatively weak compared to mine, there was already great improvement when compared to the previous me. He already learned how to use skills of the Wind God’s Bow. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to severely hurt Jia Si Ke Li Duo. 

“Dong Ri!”

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, you’re finally back. If you didn’t return, we might not be able to hold out much longer.” Dong Ri dashed in front of me excitedly and tightly grasped my shoulders.

I looked at the gulf and found that it had regained its usual peace. It seemed that the Monster race wouldn’t act up for the moment. “Where’s everyone? Why didn’t they come?” I asked as if Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest came with Dong Ri, with our combined powers, we might be able to prevent the escape of the Three Great Monsters.

Dong Ri smiled wryly. “It’s not that they didn’t want to come, but were unable. The Three Great Monsters have ambushed the fort twice. Excluding me, Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, and Xin Ao are all suffering from severe injuries. While two of the five elders sacrificed themselves, Sister Mu Zi had also suffered slight injuries. We were currently in a life or death situation. If it weren’t for you returning in time, the defenses of the fort would have crumbled after sustaining another attack from the Three Great Monsters.”

I was shocked by his words and cried out, “What? Two of the elders sacrificed themselves?”

Dong Ri solemnly nodded. “Let’s go. We’ll continue after we head back. Everyone is waiting for you.” He looked enviously at the wings on my back and sighed, “You must have gotten the Radiant God’s power. If not, you wouldn’t be able to force the Three Great Monsters to retreat.”

I was now burning with anxiety. I didn’t reply , but simply pulled him along as I flapped my wings rapidly, as we headed towards the fort.

It was probably due to the retreat of the monsters that joyful cheers were constantly ringing out from the fort. Colourful flags were being waved at the top of the city. The people felt they gained a new lease of life after facing the Monster race, it was the best time for people to get excited. The battlefield had already calmed down and the monsters that had already lost half of their power were already annihilated. The human army orderly retreated back to the fort, under the protection of the brothers from the God Protector Domain.

With a flash of a light, I brought Dong Ri along as we reached the top of the fort. The numerous high-ranking military officers from the three kingdoms surrounded me. If it weren’t for the protection of my divine power, I would had been squashed by them.

“Everyone, please don’t be so anxious. Please, calm down.” It seemed that it was an error to land on top of the fort. I surveyed my surroundings, but didn’t see Mu Zi’s figure nor even a single brother from the God Protector Domain.

“God’s Envoy, you are finally back.”

Ah! Humanity has hope now. Lord Envoy, thank you for chasing the enemy away.”


Dong Ri said, “Stop looking, nobody is here. They went to recuperate from their injuries. The brothers here are under my command, they went to exterminate monster dens so you won’t be able to see them yet.”

I was stunned at this news. “Why didn’t you say that earlier? Where’s Mu Zi and the rest? Quickly, bring me to them now.” I was extremely anxious after hearing that everyone was hurt. I really wanted to fly to Mu Zi’s side. Two elders had also sacrificed themselves. I didn’t know how the elders were now. They must be upset. It was all my fault for being unable to return in time.

Dong Ri replied, feeling wronged, “You didn’t ask me! I’ll bring you there now.”

Just as we wanted to leave, an elderly voice was heard. Even though it was soft, it had completely suppressing the clamoring surroundings. “Zhang Gong, when have you become so impolite? Why aren’t you coming to greet the numerous elders here?”

I was stunned and looked at the direction of the voice. The blood in my entire body stilled at that moment. I was dazed and couldn’t let out my voice. Numerous tears were shed behind my mask, dampening my slightly tattered clothes. The two people that were standing where the sound was heard were two white haired mages. One was my teacher, the Aixia’s Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Lao Lun Di and the other was Aixia’s Royal Advance Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Chuan Song Zhen.

The person that spoke previously was Teacher Zhen, while Teacher Di stood at his side,  his body slightly trembling, not saying a word. Time’s baptism could clearly be seen from the visible fine wrinkles on his face. To me, Teacher Di was like a father as he cared for me and taught me how to be a person and a mage. I instantly knew that I was the reason why that old man had aged so much. I could repress my feelings no longer and knelt to the ground towards Teacher Di as I cried out, crying bitterly, “Teacher!”

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