Child of Light - Volume 12 - Chapter 9

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Volume 12: Chapter 9 – Reuniting with Teacher

The surrounding high-ranking military officers of the three kingdoms were stunned. Even though they knew that I was from the Kingdom of Aixia, they weren’t clear of the details on my background. Under the support of Teacher Zhen, Teacher Di trudged towards me in tears. He walked extremely slowly. My heart constantly trembled with each of the old man’s steps. “Teacher…Teacher Di, I….”

When Teacher Di finally walked before me, I had already withdrawn the protective divine powers. Teacher Di wordlessly extended his wrinkled hands to caress my head. “Child, teacher finally gotten a chance to meet you.”

That short phase had greatly touched my heart. ‘That’s right, my teacher. I’ve also finally reunited with you.

It took a long time for me to gradually calm my heart. As I knelt, I said to him, “Teacher, have you been well all these years?”

Teacher Di nodded. With tears in his eyes, Teacher Zhen said, “How could he be fine? It’s all your fault. Old fellow Lao Lun hasn’t been at ease ever since you left. He kept harping to me about you on a daily basis that he didn’t have enough spare thought in attending his duties as principal. You had done poorly at being his disciple. If it wasn’t for the news of you helping in the negotiations of the three races at the fort to succeed, he probably still wouldn’t be at ease even now. You brat, then once you left, it was two years before you finally return.”

Teacher Di glared at Teacher Zhen, preventing him from saying anything further. Teacher Di spoke benevolently to me, “Child, quickly get up and let teacher have a look.” Upon saying that, he supported me up. Teacher’s hands were still as warm as before. I couldn’t help but call out, “Teacher Di!”

“Zhang Gong, you didn’t let teacher down. I’ve seen what you have done previously. Tell me, have you already reached the legendary Grand Magister realm?”

I nodded. “That’s correct, teacher. I have.”

Teacher Di suddenly raised his back and broke out into laughters. His laughter was transmitted to the sky. “Great! Great! Great! You’re worthy of being my disciple. My many years of aspiration have finally been achieved by you. Good child, you’re really my great disciple.”

Feeling Teacher Di’s happiness, Teacher Zhen smiled as he sighed, “Lao Lun, you finally broke clear from all of your troubles and hardships. I’m so envious of you!”

Teacher Di replied in smiles, “What’s there to be envious about? Isn’t he also your disciple? Wasn’t your spacial magic passed down to him? He can be counted as your old self’s disciple as well.”

I hastily followed up, “That’s right! Teacher Zhen, if it weren’t for your tutelage, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You also will forever be my teacher.”

Teacher Zhen laughed in satisfaction. “Zhang Gong, why are you wearing a mask? Quickly take it off. It can’t be that it’s feared that you’re ugly?”

I smiled wryly. “That’s correct. It’s due to me being too ugly that I’m wearing a mask.” It seemed that they were didn’t know about my disfiguration. I then summarized my experiences at the Demon race. It wasn’t only the two teachers, only a minority of the high-ranking military officers of the three kingdoms knew about this news so they were all deeply captivated in my story.

Teacher Zhen said, “Even if you’re ugly, you’re still our disciple. How can we care about your appearance? Take down the mask so that I can see the damage that the Demon Emperor had inflicted on you.”

I sighed lightly. Under Teacher Di’s pity filled gaze, I reached my hand to my face to remove the mask, instantly making astonished yelps heard throughout the top of the fort.


Dong Ri brought me to fly into the fort. After seeing the father-like Teacher Di, my mood was much better. I donned the Ice God’s mask after bidding my farewells to Teacher Di and Teacher Zhen before letting Dong Ri lead the way to see the injured brothers. In order to prevent the Monster race from assaulting the city, I had left Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou at the top of the fort.

I must hastily check everyone’s condition. According to Dong Ri, everyone seemed to have suffered different severities of injuries. In that case, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the divine wills that Mi Jia Lie had given me. If I couldn’t increase everyone’s power, how could we deal with the soon to be resurrected Monster King?

“Dong Ri, I had heard from Xiao Jin that the Dragon race should have already arrived at the fort. Since they are here, with their assistance why are our losses still so large?”

Dong Ri shook his head. “The Dragon race never appeared, not to mention help. If Xiao Jin’s father were here, we wouldn’t need to fear the three Great monsters. Those three fellows were really powerful. Even the combined attack with our divine weapons were useless against them. In order to save us, the Third and Fourth Elders had to sacrifice their lives.” When mentioning the two deceased elders, Dong Ri’s expression darkened.

I sighed. “The elders really helped us a lot. They had even sacrificed their lives for the world. They are worthy of respect! But the Dragon race should have been here. Xiao Jin said that they had left to meet up at the fort after your departure. Could it be that something happened along the way?” The Dragon race’s strength was really too crucial to us. Even though I had received the Radiant God’s inheritance, I wasn’t totally confident in dealing with the Dragon King. But why hadn’t they appeared?

“Who knows why they didn’t arrive on time? Big Brother Zhang Gong, are you really confident in dealing with the Monster King now?”

I smiled wryly. “If I was confident, I wouldn’t be so anxious right now. You just saw that even though my powers have increased drastically, it is still slightly lower than being able to deal with the Three Great Monsters. The power of the Monster King is really unfathomable. Who knows how abnormal he is that even God King couldn’t deal with him? How can I be at ease?”

“This is it, Big Brother Zhang Gong.” Dong Ri stopped in front of a humble courtyard. “Let’s quickly enter! If everyone knows about your return, they will definitely be exceptionally excited.”

When thinking that I would meet up with the group soon, my heart was set ablaze. ‘Mu Zi, Hai Shui, are you two alright? Hai Shui, I’ll finally be able to face you and accept your deep feelings for me.

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