Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 13

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Volume 2: Chapter 13 – Competition Without a Choice

“You’re that second year student known as the White Rice Bucket?”  The student wearing the fire magic robe was not like the others, who had their attention focused on Hai Yue and Ma Ke. Rather, he was unblinkingly looked at me. He must be Hai Yue’s older brother Hai Ri Xing.

“Hello, my name is Zhang Gong Wei, a second grader majoring in light magic. You are?” I replied.

“I am Hai Ri Xing. You’re good friends with this piece of sticky rice cake?” Hai Ri pointed at Ma Ke.

I hesitated and said, “Yes, we are very good friends.”

“With that said, are you the one that treated his injuries from before?” Hai Ri menacingly questioned.

“Wa! Kind of..”

“It’s either yes or no, what is it!?”

“Yes, I used light recovery magic to treat him.”

“Then today I will get to see how well you can treat your own injuries.”said Hai Ri from the bottom of his lungs with a formidable vigor. “Let us exchange pointers.”

Just when Hai Ri advanced toward me uninterrupted, Ma Ke did not fare much better than me. Everybody by Hai Yue simply didn’t pay attention to him as he desperately tried to make them laugh.

A third year girl by Hai Yue’s side scolded him: “You Red Haired Rice Cake, always coming to stick to us and asking how we’re doing.  You alone are like a toad that is trying to eat swan meat!”

Ma Ke helplessly answered: “I can’t do anything about that. Who made me fall in love with her at first sight?!” This kid’s skin isn’t of ordinary thickness. As expected.

Hai Yue finally said, “You are very bothersome, can you not annoy me? You’re so young and rotten; you’ll grow up to be a playboy.”

Hearing Hai Yue’s words, Ma Ke was immediately enchanted by her voice, like that of a black-naped oriole. As for the words they contained, well…

Looking at Ma Ke’s eyes change into hearts ♥ and not replying, Hai Yue impatiently said: “Hey, did you hear me!?”

“Ah! What? What did you just say?”

“I said you were very bothersome….” Hai Yue furiously repeated.

Ma Ke chuckled, “I promise you that if I annoy you to death that you alone will be the only girl I will have ever liked. Is this fine?”

“You, you, you!” Hai Yue had already become speechless from anger. At this time, Ma Ke discovered that the atmosphere at our side was amiss.

“Who is your boss? Answer quickly. Do you agree to exchange pointers?” The first sentence was addressed to Ma Ke. The sentence after is aimed at the poor and pitiful me.

“Elder Brother, can we not fight? I pay my respects to Elder Brother as your younger brother. You wouldn’t bully your younger brother right?”

Everyone forms a circle around us, “This guy truly is a good for nothing. He doesn’t have a backbone.”

“Come here! Backbone? I’ll show you how much backbone I have. Do you still value your pitiful life?!” I secretly wanted to say.

Even Ma Ke could not lift his head, “Wa, I don’t have such a boss, so shameful.”

I step forward to grab Ma Ke, “Brat, you still have the cheek to say something like that?  Were it not for you, I wouldn’t be forced by everyone to exchange pointers.”

At this time,  Hai Ri’s words  completely shattered my dreams of escaping: “Don’t want to exchange pointers, huh? Then you’ll let me beat you like a sandbag, right? I don’t care about my reputation. Who said I wouldn’t bully my juniors? I see those I dislike and beat them.” He said as he extended his huge fists as if comparing them to my life.

Finished, I’m finished. It seems I can’t run away. Are we still exchanging pointers? If we exchange pointers then at least I won’t be killed. I helplessly said:  “Fine, I accept the exchange of pointers.”

A group of people came to the training site and set up a defensive boundary. I came to the center of field with Hai Ri. I knew that it was too late to hide, so I will fight instead!

“Come out.” I waved my hand in the air. Immediately a small crack appeared in the air. I reached into it and pulled out the magic staff that I’ve never used before. (Spatial Storage Bag, an intermediate spatial spell that I had just recently learned for convenience. I had put my magic staff inside it but I did not expect to use it today.)

Hai Ri asked surprisingly: “You also use spatial magic?”

“My minor is spatial magic.” I unenthusiastically replied. In any case, I can’t avoid this and it’s useless to act like a coward. I may as well be hard and unreasonable. Who’s afraid of who?

I didn’t dare to hesitate so I immediately cast a Light Prism Shield on my whole body. With the increase in power due to my staff, I became surrounded by a thick layer of light element. I have already finished my adequate battle preparations.

“Fine then, let me take a look at your strength which allows you to interfere with other people’s business.” Hai Ri had an imposing manner like the overreaching peak of a mountain. With a dark face, he recited an incantation and used his hands to brandish the intermediate fire spell, Chained Fire Ball, to send it flying towards me. I know that this attack is only probing me. In a calm and unhurried manner, I promptly teleported behind Hai Ri and sent a Light Arrow at him. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t prepare for it and he was excessively confident in himself, but he didn’t dodge and unexpectedly was hit head-on by my magic. However, this is only an elementary class spell, it’s unable to harm him at all. It was immediately dissolved by his fire shield but still gave him a fright.

“It seems I have underestimated you.” Hai Ri said this then began casting a Gale spell upon himself. Like a shadow, he roamed around the grounds, furthermore, as he began reciting the Gale spell’s incantation, his speed was unexpectedly not much slower than my teleportation. I’m only able to catch a glimpse of his shadow. Hai Ri’s true power is actually so strong, an elementary class spell cast by him is actually as powerful as an intermediate class spell. It’s truly unthinkable. I reckon that if we competed purely with speed, neither of us would be able to land a hit. But seeing him chant this way, I reckon that his spell won’t be a minor. I can only calmly teleport.

A fierce battle has begun. What will be the outcome? Will Zhang Gong be able to endure?

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