Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 15

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Volume 2: Chapter 15 – Xiao Jin’s Death

Hai Ri’s red tiger looked to the sky and roared. Like a red arrow, it charged at Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin was slightly scared and cast Light Shield on himself. After that, he continuously cast Light Arrows in an attempt to stop the red tiger’s advance.

Not good.  I immediately felt that Xiao Jin was in danger and I had also felt his fear.

“Xiao Jin, return.” I had wanted to recall Xiao Jin, but it was already too late.

Xiao Jin’s light arrows were like a mere itch to the red tiger. The red tiger simply didn’t pay any attention to them. At this moment, Xiao Jin heard my command to retreat back into my body. However, the red tiger denied him the opportunity. When he tried to come back, the red tiger had already cast a ring of fire around Xiao Jin, preventing his escape.

The red tiger ruthlessly pounced towards Xiao Jin and cast three intermediate fire spells in succession. Seeing Xiao Jin in danger made me realize for the first time how important Xiao Jin was to me. Even though the period of time we spent together were only a few months, he already felt like family to me.

“No!” I wildly roared.

I gathered my remaining magic power and cast a Light Prism Shield on Xiao Jin. But with such little magic power, would it be of any effect?

Right at that moment, Hai Ri also noticed his red tiger’s anomaly. “Hong, return. It’s over.” He promptly tried to call back the red tiger. The red tiger became sluggish for a moment, but continued charging Xiao Jin without the slightest hesitation.

The red tiger’s fire magic ruthlessly charged towards my Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin issued out a tender lament before being engulfed by the flame.

“Xiao Jin!” I cried out with a broken heart. But what was the use?

All of the people watching in the surroundings were shocked, they didn’t expect that this exchange of pointers would result in a slaughter.

“Boss.” Because he was no longer stunned and seeing my danger, Ma Ke immediately threw himself upon the red tiger. But when all was said and done, he was already too late. Xiao Jin had already been swallowed by the blaze.


“Hai Ri, you’re too cruel! Although I chased after your younger sister, you didn’t need to go to this extent!” Ma Ke furiously said to Hai Ri.

“No, it’s not me! Hong Hong, wouldn’t listen to me! Hong Hong, quickly return.” Maybe the red tiger felt that Xiao Jin already died, so he obediently returned to Hai Ri’s body.

Everyone became dumbstruck because they all knew what a magical beast meant to its master. The death of a magical beast has an incomparable impact on its master.

I threw up another mouthful of blood. My sight became dark, then I fell unconscious.


“Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin, don’t die!” I was awakened by a nightmare. There were many people at my side. My expression had already become lifeless.

“Xiao Jin. Where is Xiao Jin? Quickly return my Xiao Jin.” I faced the surrounding people and helplessly said.

“Boss, don’t feel sad. Xiao Jin, he already….” Ma Ke lowered his head as he said this.

‘No! Xiao Jin wouldn’t die! He can’t!”

“Your magical beast is a growth type. It’s my fault for dispatching Hong. A ranked type magical beast would immediately attack any growth type magical beast it meets.” Right now, Hai Ri wasn’t arrogant at all. He lowered his arrogant head.

I turned my head to look at Hai Ri. “You! It’s you! You return my Xiao Jin!”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to be like this. Take care of yourself properly. If you need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to tell me.” Hai Ri turned his head and said to Hai Yue: “Little sister, let’s go.”

Hai Yue also walked over: “This is all our fault, we shouldn’t have forced you to exchange pointers. We will try to compensate you to our greatest extent. My condolences for your loss.”

Even Hai Yue’s tender voice couldn’t touch my sorrowful heart. I emotionally roared at her: “Compensate? How could you possibly compensate? Are you saying you can make my Xiao Jin come back to life? That is a life! That’s an adorable and small life.” Uncontrollably, tears fell from my eyes.

“Boss, don’t be like this.” Ma Ke didn’t know fear, he still defended Hai Yu from my sorrowful self.

“You! You only know how to chase after girls! Isn’t it your fault that my Xiao Jin died! Xiao Jin. What about Xiao Jin! Where’s Xiao Jin?”  The current me was already beginning to lose control of myself.

Ma Ke didn’t dare to say anything. He held up a big sack and gave it to me.

I untied the sack. The originally snow white Xiao Jin now has eighty percent of his body scorched black. Only his body’s gold stripe is faintly discernible.

“Xiao Jin. sob sob” Bitterly, I began crying.

“Boss, don’t be like this.”

“Get lost! Get lost all of you! I don’t want to see anyone!”

After seeing me go out of control, everyone somberly lowered their heads and left the room one by one. Green Hair and the two roommates I’m not familiar with had also left.

The only one left was me. I began to gather magic power with all my might and cast an Elemental Spirit  Restoration spell on Xiao Jin. Bathed in light elements, Xiao Jin’s body eventually returned to a snow white color. However, I knew this wouldn’t bring him back to life.

“What you are doing won’t work.. It’s useless.” My ear heard a strange yet familiar voice.

“Didn’t I tell you all to get lost! Why haven’t you left yet? I don’t need you all to look after me!” I emotionally clamored.

“Even if I can save your magical beast? You still don’t need me here?”

“What?” My whole body began shaking. I quickly shook my head. So it’s him!

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