Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 17

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Volume 2: Chapter 17 – Becoming a Disciple When I awakened once again, I found myself within a very simple and unadorned bedroom. Where am I? Xiao Jin, how is Xiao Jin? Immediately, I looked within myself. Fortunately, although Xiao Jin seems to be fast asleep, I can still sense his lively life energy. My Xiao Jin, at last, you are alive again. Unconsciously, my tears began to flow.

Right now I felt my heart at ease. In regards to losing half of my life energy, I didn’t care at all.

From the door came a sound. The old mage walked in.

“You’re awake?”

“Yes! Where is this place?”

“This is my bedroom. You can feel at ease here and cultivate. You must be hungry right now, I’ll go and get you something to eat.

“Thank you.” From my heart, I truly felt grateful to this old mage. Without him, Xiao Jin wouldn’t have been able to return to my side.

After a while, the old mage brought a lot of food in. I wolfed down my food until I was full. My mood was great, so naturally my appetite is also great. The food was very appetizing. Hehe.

“Eat slower, otherwise you’ll choke.”

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Seven days.”

“Ah! That long!?” I said in astonishment.

“This is still very fast. You’re magic studies is very strong, according to my estimations you should have needed 10 days to wake up.”

“So that’s why I’m so hungry! It turns out I slept so long. Oh right, I still don’t know your name!”

“My name is Lao Lun Di.”

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei.”

“I want to ask you something again. Would you like to take me as your master and inherit my light magic as my legacy?” The old mage raised an old topic.

I thought about it for a bit. “I am willing.”

“I didn’t help you save your magical beast to blackmail you. You must think about this clearly. I hope you will do this voluntarily.”

“Teacher Di, I am doing this voluntarily. I feel that you are very powerful. I wish to study under you. I have understood from this time’s lesson that my strength is truly weak. I desire to become strong.”

“Then why do you want to become strong?” Teacher Di asked me with great interest.

“I want to rely on my own strength to protect my family and my friends.” I resolutely replied.

“Very good. I will accept you as my disciple. You are my sole disciple as well as my last.”

“What kind of strength do you possess to not have a disciple?” Baffled, I asked.

Teacher Di sighed. “Currently, there are very few people who wish to learn light magic. And those that wish to and have the talent are ever rarer. This is the reason that I wish to receive you as a disciple.”

“Then don’t you need to test me? I heard from my previous teacher that all of the powerful mages require their disciples to pass many tests before they would be accepted.”

“Foolish child, the previous event with your magical beast is already the best ordeal to test you with.”

“Thank you. Teacher, I will definitely earnestly study magic under you in the future. In the past I was very lazy, but this time’s bloody lesson has awakened me. It is only with strength that one can protect others as well as themselves.”

“Your way of thinking is very good. Almost like a small adult.” Teacher Di couldn’t help but laugh.

“Teacher, when will we begin studying?”

“Look at you being so anxious, it seems you really want to immediately begin improving yourself. Actually, I want to start even more than you, but I have one request. That is for you to become a legendary Grand Magister.” Teacher Di seriously said.

“You can be at ease, I will definitely become a Grand Magister.” I issued out an oath.

“Oh that’s right! Teacher, I haven’t attended class is so many days, what am I going to do?”

“You can rest assured, I have given you a leave of absence. You can be at ease and rest here.”

“The academy is actually so kind?” I can’t help but have some doubts.

“I forget to tell you, I am the headmaster of the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. Hehe.” Teacher Di revealed a devious smile.

“What?” I was obviously stupefied by this information. “Then what mage rank are you?”

“Magister. I’m also the honorary vice-president of the Magic Union. How about that, am I capable of being your teacher?”

“Wow! You’re so powerful! You’re one of the top ten Magisters in the continent!”

“That’s right. Within the top ten mages, I am ranked number 4.” Evidently, Teacher Di said this with some regret.

“You don’t need to be disappointed. You’re already so strong. What’s more, although you’re only ranked fourth, in the future you will have the number one student in the continent. You’ll have so much honor and glory. Hehe.”

“The number one student in the whole continent? Who is that?” Obviously he still hasn’t reacted properly.

I pointed at my own nose, “It’s me!”

Teacher Di suddenly hit me, exposing a chestnut sized bruise. “You brat, you’re really thick skinned! You must put forth great effort for me. My education is very strict, you better not let me lose face, or else, hehe…..”

Although I haven’t begun studying magic under him, I could already sense that Teacher Di is a very benevolent and humorous senior. He wouldn’t teach me like the Old Devil.

I earnestly stood up. “You can be reassured that I absolutely won’t let you lose face!”

“You don’t need to attend class at the academy anymore, I have already told your teachers. From now on you will live here. I will teach you magic by myself. For this time’s affair, you must not blame Hai Ri. He also couldn’t control the situation. Moreover, I hope you won’t tell others about resurrecting your magical beast, but instead it would be better to let them believe that Xiao Jin is dead. Wait until he can defend himself before you reveal him.”

“Yes.” Xiao Jin didn’t die, so I don’t blame Hai Ri anymore. If I really wanted to blame someone, then I ought to blame myself. It was me who summoned Xiao Jin after all!

“You rest here properly then. Currently your body is still extremely weak. After all, you have already spent half of your life energy. I have already used advanced light magic to treat you, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect. Perhaps I am treating the wrong illness. Even I don’t know what residual effects will be left by the spell you used this time.” Teacher Di said somewhat sadly.

“Teacher, it doesn’t matter. This is what I did voluntarily. I will assume responsibility for any matters in the future.” I said to console him.

“Zhang Gong, you truly are a good child. How come light element constantly assembles towards when you’re sleeping? The speed is also very astonishing.”

After hearing teacher ask this, I felt somewhat embarrassed. I explained to him from start to finish about my lying down meditation.

“Foolish child, I don’t know whether to call you a genius or to call you a lazy slob. I didn’t expect that would’ve accidentally obtained the light element’s approval. I only obtained this when I was 60 years old!”

I could only giggle in return.

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