Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 19

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Volume 2: Chapter 19 – The First Gold Dan

“This is because you have grasped the method to compress magic. Light element has started to transform your body. In addition, your appearance will make this more and more obvious. According to the study of magic, those who study different elements would have different types of bodies. To demonstrate this, the color that one emits all differ. For example, a fire mage would be red. A water mage would be blue. An earth mage would be yellow. A wind mage would be cyan. And of course light mages such as us are white. When your whole body becomes surrounded with white light, you would have succeeded in compressing all of your magic power. Whenever such a person appears, the magic union pays close attention and in addition they would request such an individual to come in and test their rank. I believe that you are capable of being the youngest to be able to achieve this. You turn eleven years old this year?” Teacher Di gratifying said.

“That’s right. This year I turn eleven. How about Teacher Di?”

“Do you know what age this teacher completed the compression of his magic power? I was twenty six years old that year. At the time, I had shook the entire nation. Aside from the continent’s rank one spatial magister, Di Nuo Lun, I had been the fastest. He took the title of fastest, as he completed his magic power compression at the age of 20. “

“Then why am I capable of completing it so fast?” Since it turned out to be so difficult.

“I don’t really understand why either. It might be because you’re already acknowledged by the light elements.”

“How long does it take to completely compress light element magic power?”

“This can’t be said precisely. Compression of magic power is generally very hard in the beginning. It is necessary for one to comprehend this on their own. Therefore I didn’t teach you. After comprehending, the speed would be very quick. If you put in great effort, you ought to be able to complete it in a month.”

“Teacher Di, then after I finish compressing won’t I be called a freak since light element gathers around me all day?” I don’t want to be considered a freak.

“Be at ease, that won’t happen. After completely compressing you magic power, its state will return to be like before you began compressing magic power. Which is what it appears like now.” Teacher Di said with a smile.

“Oh. That’s good then. Teacher Di, will I be taking the Mage Union’s exam?”

Teacher Di thought for a moment. “It would be best to not do it right now because your magic application skills are still very weak. Moreover, if you took the Mage Union’s exam you will become quite famous. That would be very tiring. I was hoping you would be able to steadily practice magic properly. You must understand, if you completely compress your magic power, your strength will approach that of a magic scholar’s. A child of about ten years of age reaching this level would cause a sensation throughout the kingdom.”

“That’s right. I don’t want to be famous.” Recalling the scene when I first achieved first place during the entrance exams still instills fear in me. (But how would I know that in the future I would become the most famous figure in the whole continent.)

“Your assignment for this month is to compress your magic power. When you return to class, you mustn’t let others know about this. After you finish compressing your magic power, I’ll begin teaching you some applications for magic. You should be able to use them throughout the competition.” Teacher Di paused for a moment before continuing. “Originally, I didn’t expect you to comprehend the method to compress magic power so quickly. I think I’ll start with teaching you how to write some magic applications. I didn’t expect to have to teach a genius. Even a student can be so talented.”

Wow! No way. To my surprise, he’s even more arrogant than me. He’s worthy of being my master. One word: admiration.

“Master, that genius sure seems like it’s me.” I cautiously asked.

Unexpectedly, Teacher Di’s expression was exceptionally intense. “What? You brat, if not for my pure and honest invitation and my careful guidance, would you be able to comprehend so quickly? You… You, you truly infuriate me.” After hearing my words, he immediately blew at his mustache and stared at me.

“Yes, it was thanks to your guidance, your good guidance.” For the sake of my future life, I had no choice but to comfort this old man. If I don’t, he would tell me a story like yesterday. What so good about them anyways? Humph

“This is good enough. You go and diligently meditate now. I’ll be leaving first. As I watched Teacher Di’s silhouette leaving with some anger left, I felt helpless. I’ll stop caring about him and just go and meditate instead. Actually, generally speaking Teacher Di is really quite good. At the very least, he won’t punish me. He would just make me think about it by myself.

I sat cross-legged on my bed and dismissed all of my distracting thoughts. I willed a portion of the gaseous light element within my body to split. And then within my upper dantian, I began to compress it into a solid sphere of light element. I slowly relaxed. Relying only on my spiritual consciousness, I drove the light elements to assemble together. The gaseous light elements and the already solid light elements fused. Not bad. The result is very good.

My spiritual force still hasn’t been completely depleted. I’ll do this for a bit more. Once again, I inputted a bit of gaseous light element and used the same method as before to gather them together. The sphere of light element is a bit bigger than yesterday’s. Well then, it’s time to sleep. I’m so tired that I feel like I’m dying.

So it’s like this. Every day besides eating and using the toilet, I would be condensing these light elements. When my spiritual strength was depleted, I would go to sleep. (I would automatically meditate) After waking up, my gaseous light elements would definitely be replenished. Then I would continue condensing.

As the solid sphere of light element of light element grew larger and larger, my outer layer of white radiance also grew more and more intense. Everyday Teacher Di would examine me when he came by to deliver food, but he wouldn’t disturb me at all. This kind of peaceful environment is definitely the best for meditation.

Thanks to me having received the acknowledgement of the light elements and me unwittingly comprehending the true meaning of light, my light element gathering speed was simply astonishing.

Finally, the most crucial moment had arrived. The light element within me has already completely compressed into a solid state successfully. Right now I felt like I am a part of the light element. My whole body is almost like it’s composed of only light element. The light element within my body passed on the feeling of their joyful mood. I sense that they have begun to change.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly solid sphere of light element began to slowly squirm. Originally it felt very stiff, but now it’s gradually softening. Furthermore, it began to circulate within my body and its color seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. No, this isn’t right. The color is beginning to change. What was originally white light element had become golden. However, the volume of the sphere became smaller and smaller. Finally, it became like a golden brook circulating within my meridians seven times before turning into a small gold dan within my upper dantian.

If there was anyone watching me right now, they would discover that my whole body’s white radiance would be spilling out of my body.

I felt my whole body brimming with warm breath. I tried to absorb light element, but not matter what, I was unable to. Why can’t I? Don’t tell me… this is another bottleneck?

Not only did I felt that my body was not different, but I also felt that within my body, Xiao Jin had also changed. It seems like he has also discovered the change of the light elements within my body. He woke up from a deep sleep and gave me some cheerful news, afterwards he began absorbing the light elements within my body. Following Xiao Jin’s absorption, the gold dan began to circulate within my body. I was able to gather light element once again. It actually turns out that the gold dan is able to absorb energy!

What Xiao Jin absorbed is actually the gold dan’s energy. The gold dan is circulating within my body in order to replenish my energy.

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