Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 20

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Volume 2: Chapter 20 – Another Evolution

I don’t know how much time had passed but Xiao Jin seemed to have already reached the limit of how much magic power he could absorb. The golden ball had also returned to its original state and no longer circulated in my upper dantian. I woke up from meditating.

Opening my eyes, I saw Teacher Di’s concerned eyes.

“Teacher Di, It seems that I have succeeded.”

“That’s great! You already have completed the compression of all of your magic power. Looking solely at your magic power, you can already be considered a magic scholar.” Teacher Di said gratifyingly.

“Really? Thats amazing.” Having my magic power ascend so fast made me extremely excited.

“No matter, you still have to diligently practice. Also, Teacher wants to know how you’re feeling right now.”

First I took a look at myself, the white light surround my body had begun to disappear. My skin was unusually smooth, almost making me want to take bite.

“It seems that I have finished compressing my magic power into a small golden ball. Is this correct?”

“Not bad, not bad, just like that. That small, golden ball is the combined total of your current magical power. In the future, it will greatly aid your magical studies.”

“That’s amazing. Teacher Di, How am I not a genius? Hehe.” I asked proudly.

“You smelly brat, don’t be proud so soon. You still have a long way to go.  Although you have already compressed your magic power, it still isn’t very stable. Making it stable is a long, demanding process. Don’t believe that just this much could make you a magister. You still have much to learn.” In order to make sure I would not grow too arrogant, Teacher Di poured a bucket of water over my head.

“Oh…” I said slightly dissatisfied.

“Do you know what a mage’s highest state of magic power is?” Teacher Di asked me a question that I’ve never thought about before. It immediately drew my interest.

“What is it?”

“It is when they have six spheres of magic power. Furthermore for us light mages, they must not only be gold but they must also become transparent. Understand?”

“A transparent gold? Teacher, what level can your current magic reach?”

Teacher Di scratched his head troubled and said with slight embarrassment, “Right now I have one transparent, golden magic sphere.”

“Ah! Your capacity as a magister can only produce one transparent, golden magic sphere?” I asked with awe.

“Yes! Not only me, but all magisters have only one of such spheres.” Saying this he could not help but sigh.

“Why is this?”

“To possess six transparent magic spheres is only something that the Grand Magisters of legends have achieved. Up until now, us old men are still unable to find a means to raise the number of transparent magic spheres we possess. In the future, this is something that you must diligently strive for.” Teacher Di meaningfully answered.

“Teacher Di, rest assured. I will definitely achieve this.”

And just like that, the Child of Light had set foot on a lifelong journey to pursue the pinnacle of magic.

“Very well. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Later you will still want to carefully stabilize your magic spheres. You should know that practicing magic is much like rowing a boat upstream. If you stop practicing, you will fall back. Therefore it is necessary to continuously practice. For today, you should rest well. Tomorrow, I will teach you a few magic applications. After that, you will be returning to your regular classes, preparing for the end of term competition.”


In any case, I will complete this formidable training. But the thing I am currently thinking about the most is wanting to eat a whole lot. Teacher Di had sealed me away for a period of closed door training. That is why all I could tell him was how much I wanted to eat. After listening to my menu, Teacher Di could only think that I was a pig.

Hehe, I don’t want much. I only to wanted to feast on a banquet’s worth of food, nothing more. What so surprising? Everyone’s at their growing age right now after all.

“Teacher Di, Do you know what my nickname at the academy is?”

“What is it?”

“The White Rice Bucket, hehe.” I said with a shady smile.

“You, You, You truly make us light mages lose face!” He immediately scowled at me, puffing his mustache.

Although Teacher Di didn’t let me eat as much as I had wanted, he still gave me enough food to satisfy my “small” desires.

Done eating, done drinking. What else would you want to do? I don’t know about others, but for me, I obviously sleep. This is definitely the best way to digest food! (Don’t learn from me, children! My digestive capabilities are quite powerful, hehe. )

When I woke up, the sky was still dark. Apparently it’s still very early, my whole body felt very relaxed. What should I be concerned with right now? Xiao Jin seems to have evolved. Ever since last time….  I still haven’t seen him.  I’ll let him come out and play.

I had learned from last time. I made sure the window curtains were closed and the door was locked. Only after I checked the room for any vulnerabilities did I summon Xiao Jin, “Xiao Jin, here my name, come out in front of me.”

A golden light had flashed before my eyes and a strange thing had appeared before me. Not only that but it had threw itself at me, I was really scared.

“Wo. What this?” I teleported to the side.

This strange thing looked like it had been wronged. I felt a voice speak to me from within my mind. “It’s me, Master. It’s your Xiao Jin, ah.”

Ah! Xiao Jin can speak!?

I carefully examined the strange creature before me. It looks to be a large golden python, about 6 meters long. On top of his head were two small, adorable golden horns. Its body from head to toe had fine golden scales. Looking at those two small golden horns, it vaguely resembled Xiao Jin’s appearance.

“You’re Xiao Jin?” I hesitantly asked.

He seemed to understand what I said and nodded at me.

“Xiao Jin, you’ve changed so much. Weren’t you originally white?” I asked with doubt.

“Master, it’s because your magic had greatly improved. We are currently linked as one. With your progress, it’s only natural that I evolve. Master, could it be you don’t want me anymore?” I heard from the strange voice from within my mind.

It really is Xiao Jin. I threw myself at him and hugged his large head. “Xiao Jin, there’s nothing wrong with you. I missed you very much.”

Xiao Jin had a very emotional appearance and used his long and thick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) body to coil around me. His smooth scales softly surrounded me and his warm feelings spread throughout my body.

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