Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 22

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Volume 2: Chapter 22 – Competition Rules

The teacher in charge walked over. She glanced at me and gave me a slight smile.

“Now then, quiet down students. Due to some special circumstances, Zhang Gong hasn’t been able to attend class. Let us first welcome back Zhang Gong on his safe return.”

The classroom rang with applause.

I stand up and bow towards everybody. “Thank you everyone.”

“Okay then. I hope Zhang Gong will be able to achieve good results in tomorrow’s competition.”

I also desire that. This is also the ordeal which I invested so much effort towards, while at the same time, it’s also the mission Teacher Di assigned me. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete the mission.

“Today, we’re not learning anything new. I’m only going to explain the rules and regulations of the competition. Everybody pay attention. This upcoming competition will be of greatly help to your end of term exams.”

Due to the fact that first graders don’t need to participate in the end of term competition, this is the first time the second graders will be participating.

The teacher began to explain the details of the rules and regulations.

Although it’s called a competition, in truth, we just draw lots. It is only a true competition after a genius begins.

The competition rules are as follows:

1: The competition is based on the principle of fairness, in order to reflect the student’s magic level. The use of magical beasts is forbidden during the competition. (This part really puts me in an advantageous position, since I don’t dare to use my magical beast.)

2: The competition will be conducted according to grade. Each grade’s competition will be conducted independently. The top 100 students will be free to enjoy their winter vacation, while the students below the 100 will have to study at school until the start of the new term. (I think everyone will do their best now. Hehe.)

3: The matches will be decided by drawing lots. Besides the first time participants, the second graders, the other three grades all have seeded students that can directly enter the grade finals.

4: The competition implements a cycle of drawing lots. First, ten people are divided into a group. In other words, everybody needs to compete in nine matches. According to the number of wins, five people will be able to enter the finals. Then lots will be drawn again to determine knock-out matches, which will be conducted until there is a champion. (However, the preliminary contest is also extremely intense.)

5: Once the match has been stopped, deliberately injuring the opponent will result in disqualification. Being knocked out of the arena, hitting the barrier in the sky and admitting defeat will also be considered a loss. If the winner isn’t determined within the set time frame, the refereeing teacher will determine the outcome.

6: Whoever is the champion or the runner up within a grade is able to challenge the champion or the runner up of a higher grade. If a challenger succeeds, they can directly skip a year. The champion and runner up of the fifth grade is exempt from entrance exams and can directly enter the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. The student who challenges the champion or runner up of the fifth grade and wins will also be able to enjoy these privileges.

7: The champion of the grade will receive an award of 100 diamond coins. A successful challenger will also receive double the award money.

After listening to the competition rules, I felt that it was awfully fair. The award money for the champions is truly quite a lot. The grade champion receives 100 diamond coins, that’s equivalent to 10,000 gold coins. If I become the champion, I’ll be able to return home with a nice surprise for mother and father.

The teacher talked about some more details of note regarding the competition. She told us that we must strive to do our best during the competition and to fully display the fruits of our learning. We must win honor for class A. If we don’t enter the top 100, winter vacation will definitely turn into the devil’s training punishment and such.

After finishing class, while I was still enchanted with the prospects of enjoying all of that money, Ma Ke came over and nudged me.

“Boss, what are you thinking about? Everyone else has already left the classroom. Let’s go.”

I recovered due to this. “Oh. Let’s go.”

Right after exiting the classroom, I ran into Wo Ke.

“Zhang Gong, where have you been running off to lately? You haven’t been attending class at all.” Wo Ke asked with a smile as he patted me as if he were an old friend.

Was I really this familiar with you?? I thought to myself.

“Hey. Last time when I had a match with Hai Ri, my magical beast died. The academy put me on vacation to disperse my distress.” I already knew that others would have many questions. I have long since come up with my replies. Hehe.

“Oh! Then you were grieving. It sure is a pity that your magical beast died. In the future, you should have another opportunity to find a new magical beast. The competition is tomorrow, so we need to do our best. If happen to encounter me, I won’t start off leniently. I hope that I’ll be able to face you and have a fair contest. Did you know? Last time during your battle with Hai Ri, you persevered for so long. You have already become the pride of the second grade.” It turns out that he was afraid of me taking his position as the second grade representative. Fear truly is something to fight over. (Other people aren’t fundamentally as bad as your think.)

“Thank you. I will do my best. If I face you, I also won’t be lenient on you.”

“Then we can do our best together. I’ll be leaving first then.”

“Boss, is this fellow attempting something?” Ma Ke said as he watched the figure of Wo Ke’s back.

“I can’t say exactly. His strength is very powerful!” However, compared to me there’s still quite a gap. After all, my magic power has already been condensed. Due to this fact, he’s already inferior to me.

“Hnggg. I’ll watch and report to you.” Ma Ke curled his lips.

“No, don’t. Battling him on stage will be fine. Let’s go and eat first then. Afterwards we can go back and have a nice rest. We’ll see if our luck is good or bad when we draw lots tomorrow.

After eating dinner, me and Ma Ke encountered a few students on the road to the dorms.

It truly is an encounter with enemies on a narrow road. It’s Hai Ri and his younger sister, Hai Yue. I still don’t recognize the others in the higher grades.

Hai Ri walked in front of me. He looked at me with his eyes that had a brilliant expression within them. Without yielding a step, I replied by glaring at him.

Just a moment ago while we were eating dinner, I heard Ma Ke say that since last time’s affair, Hai Ri has become very low-key. He very rarely shows his face around the academy. Hai Yue is also like this. Ma Ke hasn’t gone to bother Hai Yue at all. He truly is worthy of being acclaimed as my true friend.

“Zhang Gong, you have made so much progress. I can’t even see through you anymore. I have come to apologize to you. I’m truly sorry for what happened at that time. Letting your magical beast….”

I raised my hand, preventing him from continuing his speech. “We will meet on the field. This time I won’t lose to you.” After saying this, I pulled Ma Ke in the direction of the dorms.

Hai Ri’s voice resounded from behind me. “Good. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Boss, you were so awesome just now! So stylish!”

“Go, hurry up and go to bed. I’ve just eaten so I’m feeling sleepy.”

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