Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 29

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Volume 2: Chapter 29 – Five Clawed Golden Dragon

After finally winning, I sat down on the ground, exhausted.

My two roommates and Green Hair rushed onto the stage and hugged me excitedly, “Boss. You won. You won.”

I looked at them tiredly, “Stop shaking me. Go away. I want to sleep…” I fainted midway through my sentence. I’ve already overused my magic power, plus it was the first time I’ve used someone else’s power. My body couldn’t take it anymore and passed out in safe hands.

“Eh? Why am I in Teacher Di’s room?” Waking up, my body was sore all over with no strength remaining whatsoever. I tried to condense my magic power, but I’ve only recovered I tiny portion of it. The pitifully small golden ball inside me was slowly spinning, continuously recovering my power. Looks like I won’t be able to recover within a day or two.

I was alone in the room. The sun was out but I didn’t know exactly what time of the day it was.

The door opened with a creak and Teacher Di walked in, “You’re awake. How’s your body?

“It’s fine, just feeling a bit weak. Teacher Di, how come I’m here??”

“I wanted to ask you something when you woke up, so I brought you over here. At the end of the competition, how were you able to use Magic Seal Destruction?” Teacher Di urgently asked me.

“Ah! I don’t know either. What is Magic Seal Destruction?” I honestly don’t know. Right now, my memory of that day’s victory is very fuzzy. Even more so in terms of how I won.

“How could you not know? You clearly used it. How could you not know?” Teacher Di was anxiously walking in circles.

“Teacher, don’t worry. Just explain slowly. What exactly is going on?” What is there to be anxious about? Looking at Teacher Di’s condition, it seems that Magic Seal Destruction something is very important.

After listening to my words, Teacher Di also realized that being anxious would not solve anything. After calming himself down, “It’s like this. That day, just as we thought you weren’t going to make it, when you were sealed by Absolute Disruption, a spell unique to the Dragon race, Magic Seal Destruction, appeared on your body. Its exact form is the same as that golden halo that appeared around you.”

“A golden halo? Let me think.” I tried really hard to recall what happened that day, “I think there was a golden halo, it seemed to have broken Hai Shui’s Absolute Disruption upon contact. However I don’t know what happened either. Is this very important?”

“Of course it’s very important. Very, very important. Have you realized, that golden halo you used is a spell unique to the Dragon race? Only the esteemed Dragon race can use it, there has never been a case where one of the human race used the dragon’s Magic Seal Destruction. Recall carefully, have you concluded any sort of contract with a dragon?”

“I didn’t. Other than Xiao Jin, I haven’t made a contract with anyone else. Ah, that’s right, Xiao Jin.” My eyes brighten, Xiao Jin’s unexpected stirring that day was what had made my head hurt. Afterwards, that golden halo appear. It must be related to Xiao Jin.

“What about Xiao Jin?” Teacher Di urgently asked.

I recounted the whole situation to him in detail.

Teacher Di muttered, “If you look at it like this, Xiao Jin is not a snake type magic beast, but a…”

Teacher Di and I glanced at each other and spoke at the same time. “….Dragon.” Xiao Jin is a dragon? Is it possible???

“Quick, summon Xiao Jin.” I also wanted to see if Xiao Jin actually is a dragon. Furthermore, it had been a long time since I’ve let him out, don’t know if there has been any changes.

After Teacher Di set a barrier around the room, I started to chant, “My friend Xiao Jin, appear before me.” Following my simple chant, a white light flashed and Xiao Jin appeared in front of me.

Xiao Jin had grown quite a bit compared to the last time I saw him, however he had a lazy look. Through telepathy, I learned that he had used a large portion of his magic power during the competition and still hadn’t recovered yet. His two horns seem to be growing towards the middle of his head and the golden stripes goes down his whole body, from head to tail. The fin shaped objects on his back have become sturdier and longer, they practically took up the whole upper half of the back of his body. The five protrusions on his underside have not only grown quite a bit, but at the very front they also seemed to each have a small round pad at the end.

“He’s already this big?” Teacher Di had not seen Xiao Jin’s grown up appearance yet.

“Yeah. He grew after we shared life energy, but he wasn’t as big as he is now. Teacher Di, is he a dragon?”

“I can’t really say, I’ve never seen a dragon before either. However, my memories tell me that dragons are supposed to have two claws. If those bumps on his underside are claws, then that’s a bit too many. Wait, I’m going to look through my book. It’s been many years since I have read it.”

While talking, Teacher Di took an ancient book from his huge bookshelf. I moved closer to take a look, the title of the book is “The True Rulers of the Mainland – Dragons”. Looks like it’s a book specifically on dragons.

“Let’s see, let’s see.” Teacher Di mutters as he flips through the book. He goes through the book extremely fast, practically only scanning each page before moving on. Suddenly, he stopped, looks at Xiao Jin and then looks back at the book. As if he was comparing something.

“Did you find it? Is Xiao Jin actually a dragon?” I stood on my tippy-toes to read the book in Teacher Di’s hands.

“Zhang Gong. If the information on the book is correct, then you have really picked up a treasure.”

“What does the book say?”

“You take a look, this article here.” Teacher Di handed the book over to me and just stared at Xiao Jin, as if he was admiring a long extinct treasure.

I took the book.  On the book was this:

Title: Ruler of the Dragons – Five-Clawed Golden Dragon

Introduction: The Five-Clawed Golden Dragon is the ruler of the Dragon race, also known as the Dragon King. The Dragon King of each generation is the strongest of his kin and possess abnormally strong strength. The life span of a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon is approximately 20,000 years. Only when he turns 15,000 years or when he feels that his life span is ending will he mate with the most beautiful female dragon at the time. After a pregnancy period of over 1,000 years, the next generation would be born. When the new Five-Clawed Golden Dragon has grown and matured at 3,000 years old, he will become a true Dragon King, replacing his father in ruling the dragon race. At this point, the previous Dragon King’s body would have already gradually aged and would be enjoying his retirement in the Dragon race’s territory. Therefore, there is only one Five-Clawed Golden Dragon in every generation that is the true ruler. The Five-Clawed Golden Dragon not only possesses an abnormally strong physical strength, it is also an expert in the Dragon race’s language spells showing that it is extremely intelligent.

“Teacher Di, this can’t be true. Xiao Jin is a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon? If he is, he needs 3000 years to mature. By that time, I would have already turned to ashes. He isn’t even a year old yet!” I asked the question lingering in my heart.

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