Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 30

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Volume 2: Chapter 30 – I Want to go Home

“Let me think.” Teacher Di contemplated for a moment. “Xiao Jin is maturing at an unusually fast rate, much faster than the rate of growth mentioned in the book. In only a year, he almost grew out of his infant stage. The book stated that the minimum amount of time to mature past the infant stage is 600 years. But it hasn’t even been a year since Xiao Jin was born and he has almost finished maturing past infant stage and will soon enter the growth stage. I suppose there is a relationship between Xiao Jin’s rapid growth and sharing your life with him. Was it before the accident or after that he started growing so quickly?”

“That’s right! After the accident, Xiao Jin grew wildly, absorbing magic power much greater than before.”

“Zhang Gong, you truly picked up a treasure. No matter what, you musn’t let other people know that Xiao Jin is a dragon. Wait until after Xiao Jin entered the growth stage, then no longer have to worry. By that time, his wings and claws should have already sprouted out and he will be of great assistance to you.”

“Yea, this is great. My magic beast is a dragon.”

“Don’t be happy so soon. First I’ll give you this book. This book has been passed on from master to student throughout the generations. You must preserve it well. It will be useful to you in the future. On the last page of the book, a map and the means of travelling to the Dragon race’s territory is written down. After you graduate from the advanced magic academy, you should go visit. In the case that the current Dragon King wishes to take back Xiao Jin you should return him. We truly don’t know how Xiao Jin wandered out of their territory.”

“Do I have to return him?” I don’t want Xiao Jin to leave me, even if he weren’t a dragon I’d still feel the same.

“You must. Zhang Gong do as you’re told. You must know that for a mother and father to lose their children is painful to no end. You should think about Xiao Jin as well!”

That’s right! If mother and father can’t find me, they would definitely be very sad. After I graduate school and have the opportunity, I’ll go pay a visit to Dragon’s Valley. If worst comes to worst, I’ll have to persuade them to let Xiao Jin accompany me.

Ah, I haven’t seen mother and father for such a long time. When I finally have a vacation, I want to go home and see them. When they see how awesome my magic has become, they will definitely be happy.

“Teacher Di, when can I go home? I miss mother and father.” I didn’t have any ulterior motives, it was just that I suddenly recalled a longing for home!

“Homesick? Rest for two days, wait until your body has recovered and then go home. The day after tomorrow is an official school vacation. ” Teacher Di said brightly.

“Ah, that’s right. Teacher Di, I don’t want to challenge the upperclassmen anymore. I feel like I am still lacking. I want to diligently practice magic and become stronger before thinking about challenging them again.”

“Your attitude is great. I feared that you would have become satisfied with your progress thus far. Without Xiao Jin, you wouldn’t have been the champion.  I also wish for you to diligently practice. Wait until you attend advanced magic academy, then you can graduate early. Why don’t you rest? I still have many matters to attend to.” Teacher Di kindly patted my head, then turned around and left.

I truly didn’t expect that this competition would be so eventful. But it’s not too bad, at the very least I found out what Xiao Jin was.  Once I enter society, I’ll definitely find the time to go and help Xiao Jin find his parents.

I looked at Xiao Jin warmly, stroking his large head. Xiao Jin seemed to feel something, lazily leaning toward me.

Teacher Di had already left and his barrier should have also expired. I immediately sent Xiao Jin back into my body.

Wanting to sleep, I laid down on the bed, however I couldn’t sleep at all. Teacher Xiu should be coming to pick me up the day after tomorrow. With his high expectations of me, he will surely be extremely happy once he learns of my progress. I don’t know about mother and father, but they definitely miss me. I really miss them too.

I watched the starry sky through my window with feelings of homesickness. Since I couldn’t sleep, I began cultivating my magic power. Restoring as much of my magic power as possible is also very important. I began absorbing the condensed light elements. The light elements unceasingly rushed forth and compressed to become like the golden ball in shape before they were absorbed by the golden dan. It’s much faster to restore my magic power using this method in comparison to slowly using my own golden ball.

……. Two days later.

Early in the morning I went to go find Teacher Di. “Teacher Di, my magic power has been nearly fully recovered. Can I go home now?”

He lifted his head up from the book he was reading and gave me a slight smile. “Foolish child, why so urgent? Are you trying to avoid this old man by leaving early?”

“No way, no way. I would hate to part with you. You are the best teacher I have ever met.” These were words that came from my heart. It was precisely because of Teacher Di’s guidance that I was able to improve this quickly. In just one year, I was able to become the second grade’s representative.

Teacher Di’s smile became even wider once he saw my anxious expression. “I’m just teasing you. Quickly go. Once you’ve packed up your things, you can go home. Be careful on the road. Is there anyone picking you up?” He only asked me this because he knew my home was very far.

“There is. But I don’t know if he has arrived yet. He’s my previous teacher from the elementary magic academy.”

“Oh! If I have the opportunity I would really like to meet him and ask what methods he used to enable you to have such a strong foundation.” (This is however out of the question, because currently Teacher Di doesn’t want others to know I’m his student.)

“No need, no need.” I immediately rejected Teacher Di. If I let him use Teacher Xiu’s methods to deal with me, how could I possibly live out the rest of my days? “Your education methods are superior to all other teachers, so you don’t need to compare notes.” Without delay, I gave him a lofty hat to wear.

After hearing my words, Teacher Di was extremely cheerful. “Really? I didn’t teach you in vain then.” From his appearance, I could tell that he was pleased with himself. “Oh, that’s right. I’ve got something to give you since you’re leaving now.”

“You don’t need to give me anything. They magic robe you gave me last time is already good enough.” Although the magic robe’s effect on the sealing effects of Absolute Disturbance wasn’t great, it still had a powerful effect on common attack spells.

“I’m not giving you a gift this time, it’s something you earned.” Saying this, he pulled out a precious amethyst card from his chest.

“What is this?” I curiously asked.

“This is an amethyst card containing diamond coins. There are very few people on the continent who are able to possess such a card. It can’t be used by anyone but you since I have already inputted your data into it. It can’t be altered in the future. Within it is the 100 diamond coins you earned by becoming the champion. Enough for you to spend. In the future when you want to use it, you only need to take it out and that will be enough. Its biggest benefit is that it can only be used by you, so you absolutely must not lose it. You can summon the amethyst card with summoning magic, so should ordinarily be keeping it within your body.”

It’s so pretty. After receiving it, I’ve become quite wealthy. Furthermore, it’s not a small fortune either! This is great!

“Teacher Di, I’ll be leaving then. Take care of yourself. I’ll be back after my vacation is over.” After saying this, I turned around and began ran towards the dormitory. I just need to pack up my stuff then I can go home! Yep, yep yep.

“Pay attention to safety on the road, don’t let your magic decline while you’re at home.” From behind me came Teacher Di’s repeated warnings.

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