Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 31

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Volume 2: Chapter 31 – I Have Killed

I jogged back to the dormitory. All of my roommates were out, I suppose all of them went home. I quickly packed my things as I also wanted to return home.

After I finished packing away my things, I went to a neighboring room. Ma Ke was still there and had almost fully recovered from his injuries.

Seeing me come in, Ma Ke rose from the bed, “Boss, you came back. How’s your recovery fairing?”

“Pretty good, How about you? I’m just about to head home.”

Ma Ke extended his arm toward me, “No problems, I’ve just about recovered. Don’t visit me again, I’m just about to leave!”

“Then let us say our end of term goodbyes. I want to quickly go home, I’ve become very homesick.”

“Wait for me a bit, I still have to pack a bit. Let’s leave together.”

Ma Ke packed a few more things and a moment later we head out of the dormitories together.

“Ma Ke, Did Hai Ri come visit?” After all, I didn’t fulfill my promise with myself, to challenge him once more.

“He visited. He asked about the condition of your injury and said that you were truly ferocious. I reckon even he may not be able to win against you. There will be many chances in the future. There is nothing to really regret. You gave a great show with the match.”

“Hehe. I’ll wait until the next term. There should be many opportunities to challenge Hai Ri then.”

At the academy’s entrance, when we were about to go our separate ways, “Take care of yourself.” I patted his shoulder. Ma Ke’s eyes were red.

“Boss, the days we spent together were truly happy. Take care of yourself too. My home is at the capital. I’ll see you next term.”

“I’ll see you then.” I turned around and ran as fast as I could. I was afraid that I would be reluctant to leave.

Not far a distance away, I heard a person call to me, “Zhang Gong!”

I turned my head around for a look, and immediately felt very moved, “Teacher Xiu, you actually came. I thought you weren’t going to pick me up!”

Teacher Xiu was still the same as ever, but there was a trace of emotion on his serious face. “How could I not come? Come on, We’re heading home.”

Together, Teacher Xiu and I, set foot on the path home.”

“Teacher Xiu, Have you seen my mother and father lately?”

“Before I left, I paid a visit to your house. They are doing great, but they really miss you. How are you doing at the academy?”

“Very good. Did I not place first in the entrance exams? I am at the top of the second year students at the academy!”

“Is that right? You are first out of all the second years?”

“That’s right. I also made a very good friend. His name is Ma Ke.” I unleashed an unceasing torrent of words about my time at the academy. We talked happily on the road. Only, I concealed the fact that I used to spell “Sharing Life” in order to save Xiao Jin. I didn’t want Teacher Xiu to worry. I also didn’t want let my family to know either. Teacher Xiu knew I became Teacher Di’s disciple. With great admiration, he continuously congratulated my great luck. He also repeatedly warned that I must study magic diligently under Teacher Di’s tutelage. He also said that Teacher Di was indeed one of the continent’s greatest mages. I didn’t know how lucky I was.

We took a short rest. When no people were around, we used teleportation magic to travel onward. Quickly, we traveled about two-thirds of the way through. It was when we reached an unknown forest that a small problem arose.

About a dozen men scuttled from the middle of the woods, barring our way. They all looked rather burly.

Teacher Xiu glanced at me and whispered, “Zhang Gong, I’m going to go and see what the matter is. Wait for me here. When I’m done talking, we’ll go.”

“Gentlemen, Is there a problem?”

The burly leader twitched his mouth, “There’s no problem, it’s just that we have a shortage of money when we want to play around with some pretty girls. Seeing you like this, you ought to be mages. I advise you don’t resist or else, hehe, us big brothers won’t play nice. Obediently come and hand over your coin.”

“Moneyless Gentlemen, here, I have ten gold coins. Why don’t you take this out to go drink and let us pass?”

The burly leader grew angry, “Do you think we’re beggars? You think this is enough to let you pass? This won’t do. Hand over everything!” The ten men seemed ready throw themselves at us.

“Alright, alright. Then wait for me, I’ll go get it.” Teacher Xiu quickly walked to my side and whispered, “Zhang Gong, These bandits’ magic fluctuations aren’t strong. Let teacher see the fruits of your efforts.”

“What? You want me to fight? Teacher Xiu, I can’t. Why don’t you?” This is the first time I’ve come across this kind of situation, I’m really scared.

“Out of the question. Magic when used in real combat allows it to improve. I’ll be at your side protecting you. Fight fearlessly.” Teacher Xiu stopped smiling and raised his face.

Truly deserving of being called the devil teacher, I knew I’d be unable to escape. I could only brace myself and walk over. “Gentlemen, Look at us, we also don’t have any money. Could you let us off?”

“Enough rubbish.” Saying that was like slapping him, inciting him to come over. From reflex, I could feel a teleportation arriving from five meters away. I immediately cast several defense spells on myself.

“Mage! This child is actually a mage. Everybody come together!” The group of ten large men charged toward us.

What do I do? I’ve never experienced real combat before, I felt panicked. Forget it all. I’ll just fight! I’ll give them a strong spell and it’ll be over. I began using instantaneous teleports to change my position, and then I chanted my most powerful attack spell. “Oh great light element, please allow me to borrow your formidable strength, let the infinite light of the earth shine.” With me at its center, Brilliant Empire let out a blinding, overpowering brilliance.

“Wa, using such a powerful spell.” From a short distance away, Teacher Xiu immediately teleported out of harm’s way.

Because there wasn’t a protective barrier, Brilliant Empire was able to fully display itself. Anything within a two hundred meter radius were entirely enveloped by the dazzling rays of light. The ten large men within my powerful spell had already turned to ashes. I only saw when the spell had him them, they were entirely engulfed by it. They turned into tiny specks of ashes; Afterwards, you wouldn’t be able to completely find them.

I blankly withdrew my magic power. At this moment, Teacher Xiu had already returned. “Zhang Gong, your magic is formidable. What was that spell you had just used? It gave me a fright. Why would you use such a strong spell to handle such small vermin? Using your strengthened light arrows would have been enough.”

“I was really scared. I couldn’t help but use Brilliant Empire. That was the most powerful spell I could cast. Teacher Xiu, where did they go?” I was complete unaware that I had already killed them.

“They… They turned to ashes. Did you think this was the academy? Those men were all only advanced mages.”

“What? I killed them?” I suddenly wore a blank stare.

“Let it pass. In any case they were only villains.” Teacher Xiu consoled me. I killed but it doesn’t matter. First of all, they were only bandits. Secondly, I was still a child. Lastly, the most important point, was that I was an outstanding student at the intermediate royal magic academy. I was a pillar of the nation. I definitely had some privileges. Furthermore, how could anyone else know that I’ve already killed people? Hehe


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