Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 6

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Volume 2: Chapter 6 – Still Number One

Sitting in the middle seat of the proctors, a white robed mage looking to be in his eighties sighed and said: “The world is truly different now. Nowadays children who haven’t even entered intermediate magic academy are able to use advanced magic. To think that in those days I was the same age as them.”

On the seat beside him, an old red robed mage said: “Yes. These two children are both quite good. They have good development prospects. You see, that one called Zhang Gong, he’s so young yet he created a defensive spell. And that Ma Ke is also pretty good. His magic control is not only quite good to be able to properly control the fireballs path, but he’s also to control energy to within a hair’s width of his limit. Not bad. It seems that he majors in fire magic. I’ll investigate his nature and see whether or not I can pass on my legacy to him.”

“Ma Ke is not bad. That Zhang Gong seems to major in light magic. There’s no one besides Zhang Gong in this time period to learn my light magic. No matter what, I must make him my apprentice.”

Wow. These two old mage’s magic crest, (on the left side of a mage’s robe, on the chest is the proof of a mage’s rank, the magic crest) surprisingly are both made from purple magic crystals. That is to say they are two of the Tianwu continent’s remaining ten magisters.

On the stage, me and Ma Ke were fighting desperately, unaware of the schemes of two the magisters. At the moment, both of us are supporting our spells as if our life depends on it.

This is the first time I have used Light Severing Sword, so I didn’t know how effective it would be. I sensed my magic power being depleted. The first wave of light swords already met the flaming meteor. Ah. It seems my Light Severing Sword’s power is a bit bigger. Some of the smaller flaming meteors burst open, while the larger flaming meteors were able to counteract the light severing swords. I see that my magic is winning, so I release even more magic power.

My absolute magic power is a little bit higher than Ma Ke’s. His greatest mistake was to use advanced magic to compete with me. If he used small spells with his magic controlling skill to compete, then the outcome would be truly hard to say. However, his Flaming Meteor wastes too much magic power. Right now he can only barely manage cast this spell, thus he’s unable to concentrate and use his spirit to control it that well.

The stage becomes scarred by our two spells.  The Flaming Meteor scorched it black, while the Light Severing Swords cut the stage, thus leaving it riddled with scars. Ma Ke’s mage robe has been cut in several places, while my clothes have been burnt black in many areas. (I don’t have any money to buy a mage robe. Those are really expensive.) Both of our magic powers have already be overused, now we’re only relying on willpower.

“Boss, I’m on the point of death. Please spare me.” Ma Ke weakly said. Right after he said so, his all of his flaming meteors disappeared. Instead, he uses the fire shield to protect himself as he has no more magic power to sustain it. As a result of even his spiritual power being overused, he lost consciousness. I immediately ceased releasing magic power. I didn’t want to accidentally wound him. If he was able to persist a bit more, I would also be on the point of death. Indeed, this fellow is very strong.

My magic power is also nearly depleted. I slowly stood up and walked to his side. “Hey, hey. You loathsome fellow, this still isn’t enough!”

Seeing that I could still stand, the proctor on the stage promptly declared: “Ma Ke has exhausted his magic power. Zhang Gong Wei is victorious.” Hearing that I won, I felt a burst of joy. Right now I already don’t have any strength to think about the future.”

After declaring the result, the first-aid teachers immediately came to the stage and used recovery magic to treat us. I also follow Ma Ke’s footsteps and lost consciousness.


When I woke up I was already back at the inn. Teacher Xiu was sitting by my side guarding me.

“You’re awake. Not bad. You’re still number one. Now that you’re awake, teacher is relieved. You go rest some more.”

I don’t know what to say, in any case, it’s this way. I closed my eyes and began meditating.


The next day when I woke up the sun was already setting. Teacher Xiu wasn’t present. I got up and stretched. Good. I went downstairs and the boss just happened to be there.

“Uncle, is there anything to eat? I’m really hungry!”

“There is. I’ll get you some.” Maybe the boss also knew that I got first place on the exam so he treated me especially nice today. A moment later a piping hot pot of beef potato stew is given to me. It’s really fragrant! My drool is leaking out. “Thank you uncle. I’ll be eating now then.”

“Don’t eat so quickly! You’ll choke.” Seeing me already wolfing down my food, the boss pats me head.

As a result of my great effort in this struggle, the beef I acquired was annihilated in addition to  six bowls of rice, a fine achievement. After this meal, I could go two days without eating.

“Teacher Xiu, you’re back.” Just as I finished eating, I saw that Teacher Xiu is already back.

“Yes. I already went to get your admission notice. Let’s return to the room now.”

Back at the room, Teacher Xiu gave me the acceptance notice with gold engravings.

“Zhang Gong ah. Tomorrow you can go register. In 1 week you will official start attending class, but for now you can go get familiar with the school environment. Teacher will be leaving tomorrow. I have already paid your tuition fee for this semester. You must study properly. When teacher has time I will come back to visit you. For now I will go back to Senke city and inform your parents of your great results. Afterwards I might roam around, maybe I’ll even visit the Xiuda kingdom.

“Teacher, you’re leaving tomorrow? I would hate to part with you.” These words, at the very least, are half true. In this long period of time we have been together, Teacher Xiu has truly treated me very well.

“As long as you properly study, that will be enough to repay teacher.” Teacher Xiu revealed a benevolent smile while stroking my head. From within his clothes he took out a small pouch and gave it to me. It sunk into my hand. “The academy is a closed environment, basically impossible to spend any money. Hold onto these fifty gold coins and only use them in an emergency. When the semester is over teacher will come and pick you up.”

Wow. This is the most money I have ever held since my birth. “Thank you.”

“Oh, that’s right. Last time we bought that magical beast egg. Take it out. Teacher will watch you hatch it today.”

“Okay.” I’ve been anticipating my magical beast for a long time. I immediately took out the white magical beast egg.

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