Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 7

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Volume 2: Chapter 7 – Magical Beast’s Birth

I held the magical beast egg in my hands and began gathering magic power. (After a day of rest, my magic power has already recovered to seven-tenths.) Light elements flowed from my hand into the magical beast egg, causing it to float in the air. I used my left hand to draw a magic hexagram. With the magical beast egg in the center, I began reciting an incantation.

“All living creatures on this world, bear witness, I, Zhang Gong Wei, will share my energy with this creature before me, contract!” I bit my middle finger (it really hurts) and let a single drop of blood fall on top of the magical beast egg. Instantly, the magical beast egg began emitting a dazzling golden light.

“Ah! A growing type magical beast.” Teacher Xiu said in astonishment.

The magical beast egg began to crack open. From within a small white triangular head peeked out. It turned left and right, looking at its surroundings. He flung his head back and when he saw me, he gave a joyous cry. Whoosh He scuttled over onto my body and licked my face with his small tongue. It turns out it is actually a small white snake. It sure is cute. On top of its triangular head there are two eyes that sparkle like black gemstones. A layer of unusually exquisite scale covers him. On his head there is a gold stripe that runs all the way to his tail. Indeed, he’s really adorable.

“Teacher Xiu, what magical beast is this?”

“Ah!” Teacher Xiu woke up from his astonishment and came over. “Zhang Gong ah. You obtained a treasure. This is a growth type magical beast that is only met once every hundred years! Although he is merely a 1st rank magical beast, as your strength increases, his strength will increase in correspondence. However, before he has grown powerful, you must not by all means let other people see him. Because no rank of magical beast will permit growth type magical beasts to mature.”

“O!” I didn’t really pay attention to Teacher Xiu’s words to the extent that afterwards….

“I’ll give you a name that’s good. What should it be? Xiao Bai? No, that’s not good. It’s like a small dog’s name. You have a gold stripe from head to tail, so you’ll be called Xiao Jin. All right?” I questioningly looked at Xiao Jin and asked. He seems to be very happy, scuttling back and forth.

“Well then, Zhang Gong, carry him on your body. Wait until his rank increases a bit then you can make a contract with him as your fate beast. A fate beast is able to have a spiritual connection with their master. Furthermore, they can be summoned with the simplest summoning incantation. For now let him cling to your body and absorb your energy.”

I let Xiao Jin coil around my stomach as well as assemble some light element to the place he is coiled around. Xiao Jin greedily absorbed my energy. He absorbed half of my energy before he stopped. It seems he fell asleep on my body.

“Teacher Xiu, how can he absorb half of my body’s energy? Don’t normal magical beasts only require a bit of their masters energy to survive? If he absorbs this much, he’ll absorb it until I die!”

“This is the first time he’s absorbing your energy, of course he needs to absorb a bit more. In the future he shouldn’t absorb that much. You must properly practice magic. Only if you grow stronger, then will your magical beast grow stronger.”

At last I have a magical beast. Haha. It’s a growth type too! Too wonderful!

For the first time, I unexpectedly aroused a studious mentality due to wanting to grow my magical beast.

The next day early in the morning, Teacher Xiu brought me to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. He lectured me and lectured me again. Finally, with red eyes he left. Strangely, the me who always rejected him unexpectedly doesn’t feel even a bit happy.

I took a deep breath. Forget about it. Don’t think about it. Teacher Xiu will still come back and visit me. I need to go report now.

I arrived at the first story of the school building located in the center of the academy to report. I knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” A deep voice resounded.

“Hello teacher. I’m here to check in.

“Oh, come in. You’re this exam’s top ranker, Zhang Gong right? In the future make sure to put in great effort and win honor for the academy.”

Entering the registration department, I clearly saw that he’s actually a wind element great mage. (From the emblem of on the mage robes I identified him.) Approximately fifty years old.

“As a result of your outstanding results during the match, the academy arranged for you to start in the second grade.” The second grade? I haven’t even started school and they let me skip a year???

“Teacher, may I ask how many grades there are in the academy?”

“There are five grades. In the fifth grade there are graduation exams. Advanced magic academy acceptance is in accordance with the graduation exam results. (Royal Intermediate Magic Academy graduates are all able to enter an advanced magic academy.) Since the establishment of the academy, the most outstanding student was able to achieve the rank of Great Mage before graduating. You must work hard. I heard from other teachers that you’re already on the threshold of an advanced mage. Work hard and break the record.

Crap! Advancing a rank is so easy! If I graduate from intermediate magic academy as a magister, won’t I be a monster?

“Teacher, is it possible for me to start in the first grade?”

“I am unable to do this. This was arranged by the academy.”

There’s nothing to be done. I received a textbook and the dormitory key from the teacher. I departed from the registration department and went towards my dormitory.

The academy’s dormitories have 4 people per room. I arrived at the second year dormitory. My dorm room is number 208. I used the key to open the door. It seems like there’s no one here yet. I suppose they’re in class. There’s only 1 empty bed left. After putting in order my luggage, I lied down on my bed and began meditating. (Sleeping)

Who’s hitting me? Bewildered, I opened my eyes. It’s green hair. Just at the time, he hit my head. “Get up, get up. How did you get in? Who let you sleep here?” So rude and unreasonable. He seems to be a noble’s son.

“Ah! Hello, I’m a new student.”

“Newly arrived? You couldn’t be this year’s exam’s Zhang Gong Wei?”

“Yes, that’s me. You know me?”

“I heard you’re really pushy. Unexpectedly you’re directly entering the second grade. Let’s go have a contest for a bit.”

“I don’t want to. Actually, I’m just really lucky. That’s all. In the future I’ll recognize you as the boss. How about that? There’s no way I can defeat you. As soon as I saw you I could tell you have reached the rank of Great Mage, how could I, an elementary mage, compete with you?” Because I didn’t want to compete with him, I began flattering him.

“En. That’s good. From now on you’re my younger brother, so you must be obedient!”  It really is a thousand wearing ten thousand wearing a horse’s skin.”

It seems from now on I’ll depend on him to pass my days.

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