Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 9

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Volume 2: Chapter 9 – Magical Beast’s Magic

Me and Ma Ke arrived at the library. It truly is huge. It has a total of 6 floors, with each floor having an area of 3000 square meters. The library is divided into three sections, floors 1 and 2 is some basic magic theory and elementary spells(rank 1-3 magic), floors 3, 4 and 5 are intermediate spells (rank 4 and 5 magic), floor 6 is advanced spells. With our level, we can enter the second sector. (The sectors have restricted access, only those at the required level can enter.) The number of people on floors 3, 4 and 5 are the greatest.

Me and Ma Ke entered the 4th floor and went to look for our respective interests in magic. There are very few light magic books; I only found one comprehensive intermediate light magic book and two intermediate spatial magic books. Ma Ke found quite a few books regarding fire magic and wind magic. We went to the reading area and began reading with keen interest.

There was nothing special in the intermediate light magic book, leaving me awfully disappointed. I opened up a magic book called “Spatial Combat Magic: 100 Examples”. This book really caught my interest. Inside is a spatial mage’s combat experiences. Unknowingly, the time passed by quickly.

“Zhang Gong, it’s dark out now. We should go back now! We still need to attend class tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Oh, that’s right. In the evening, I need to look for a place without anyone to examine my magical beast, Xiao Jin.

After eating dinner in the dining hall, we returned to our respective dorm rooms. Green Hair doesn’t dare to say anything when he sees me. The other two roommates are both meditating. I’m still not familiar with them and don’t know their names.

I secretly snuck out to the academy’s rear courtyard. “Hear my name, my magical beast Xiao Jin, obey my command and come forth.” A mass of light essence flashed and Xiao Jin’s adorable figure appeared before me. I hold in my hands, carefully inspecting him. It seems like he has grown a bit bigger than when he was hatched. His growth is quite fast. In just 1 day he has grown this much.

“Xiao Jin, do you know any magic!?” With anticipation I asked.

Xiao Jin doesn’t seem to really understand anything I said, simply using his head to rub against me. “Xiao Jin, light arrow.” He shook his head. Nothing happened. No way, he’s a growth type magical beast. He should be able to do anything I can. How can this be?

“Foolish child, in order to communicate with your magical beast, you must use your mind. If you speak to it, it won’t understand you at all.” A benevolent voice came over.

“Who?” I immediately turned my head. Wearing an ordinary white mage robe (an unranked mage robe), an old fellow appeared behind me.

“Who are you? Are you a student’s teacher?”

“That’s right. You and I major in the same element. I’m also a light mage!” The old fellow came up to me and patted my head.

“Try communicating with your magical beast using your mind. See if it works.”

“Okay!” In any case, there’s nothing else I could do. For the time being, I’ll try it out. I focused my mind and through my spiritual connection with Xiao Jin, I told him to release a light arrow. I also told him how to cast light arrow, as well as its effects. Xiao Jin looked at me for a bit, then his body began giving off a layer of white light. A light arrow came out of his mouth then hit the nearby tree stump.

“And it succeeded!” As I found out how to make Xiao Jin cast spells, I was exceedingly happy. After Xiao Jin cast the spell, his whole body became soft. It seems he has exhausted his strength. I immediately summoned him back into my body.

“Thank you old grandpa.”

“You’re really talented in magic, so quickly mastering the communication method between you and your magical beast. Not bad. Do you want to study light magic under me!?” In the middle of his laughter, the old fellow faced me and asked.

Ah! I don’t want to. I don’t want someone looking after me.

“No need, no need. I prefer studying by myself. Old grandpa, goodbye. I need to go back and sleep. I still have to attend class tomorrow.” I immediately turn around and escape. I don’t want to meet another demon teacher.

As the white bearded old fellow watched my figure gradually get farther and farther, he said to himself: “What personality! Other people beg me to accept them yet I still don’t accept them as my student. Unexpectedly when I want to accept someone as my disciple, he doesn’t want to study under me. Hehe” He can’t help but shake his head.

Returning to the dorm room, I find that green hair is already fast asleep, playing chess with the “God of Dreams”. The other two are still meditating. I lie down on the bed and begin communicating with my uncle and aunty light essences. Light essence entered between my eyebrows. I amass a portion of the light essences in my body and the gather the other portion to Xiao Jin’s location. With a satisfied appearance, Xiao Jin emitted a happy sound, expressing his pleased mood.

Recently whenever I meditate, my strength doesn’t seem to increase at all. If my body is a bottle, then right now it seems to be filled up. How come it’s unable to increase? If it’s like this, then I rather give even more light essence to Xiao Jin. I slowly began to will more light essence to gather at Xiao Jin’s location. I felt Xiao Jin’s pure light essence energy affecting his body. It seems like his body is gradually growing. It’s a good sense of accomplishment. Oh. It’s like feeding a child, yes that’s right. (You’re still a child yourself) Maintaining this state, I entered the land of dreams.


First thing in the morning, Ma Ke came over to invite me to eat breakfast together. Today for breakfast there’s steamed buns, eggs, congee, cow’s milk and what not. I think I ate 2 steamed buns, 3 eggs, 1 bowl of congee and 1 cup of milk. The students beside me all looked at me foolishly. Even the dining hall teachers are considering whether or not to raise my food fees a bit. Who cares what they think, I eat my fill first then say: “I’m full. Let’s go to class Ma Ke.”

We arrived to the classroom bouncing. Wow. Apart from us two, everyone else is already here, including the green haired bed bug. Could it be that I remembered the class start time wrong? Now way. It’s 8:30.

“Zhang Gong, Ma Ke, quickly go take you seats. In the future, arrive to class half an hour earlier. We’re the A class, we’re different from the other classes.” The teacher said with a very proper appearance. Yesterday she introduced herself as Xiu Lan Li, the second…

“Yes Teacher Xiu Lan.” I rushed Ma Ke’s tongue to spit, then quickly went to our respective seats.

“Well then, we’ll be beginning class. Today our main topic is long range delivery magic.” Teacher Xiu Lan began an unceasing torrent of explanations regarding the magic’s origin and its applications. I have already been taught by these kinds of demon teachers. I want to sleep. I finally heard what seemed to be that position is very important in long range delivery magic and so on. The following sentence woke me up when I heard it. Class ended.

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