Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 10

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Volume 3: Chapter 10 – The Formidable Xiao Jin

The whole area we were fighting in was filled to the brim with my magic and his battle spirit. I secretly complained within my heart, why did I have to encounter such a powerful bandit? Don’t tell me…. Are all the people of Xiuda are this strong? That’s too scary to imagine…

His battle spirit seemed to gradually dwindle, it seems that this was more than he could handle. I finally saw a ray of hope. Even though I used up a lot of magic power, I could still sustain this. Immediately, I took advantage of this opportunity and accelerated my attacks. My efforts weren’t in vain. He was careless and got hit in the shoulder. He was sent flying quite a far distance. The power of a rank 6 attack spell is truly frightening. Even if he had battle spirit protecting his body, I don’t think he would get off with light injuries.

I stopped my magical assault since I knew that an exchange between knights stops when the opponent is unable to fight back anymore. Since he has his grace, why can’t I also act like a knight?

After he got up from the ground, I saw that his left shoulder was somewhat unnatural. He gave me an eccentric laugh and roughly said: “Brat, I didn’t expect you to be this strong. It’s admirable that at such a young age you have already reached this level. Regardless of the outcome of this exchange, I’ll release you guys. Actually, I knew that if you guys truly wanted to run, we wouldn’t be able to stop you at all. But you stayed behind for your friends. I can really admire this as a fellow man.”

Regardless of the outcome? What does that mean? Could it be that he still has enough strength to strike back? I indifferently replied: “Then I’ll thank you first. I also admire your chivalrous spirit.” These were my heartfelt words.

As he brushed off the dirt on him, he said: “I’ll let you see my true strength. Come out, War Tiger.” In the wake of his words, a big brightly colored fierce tiger came out with a majestic roar. “This is my magical beast, War Tiger. You can also summon your magical beast, then we can fight each other with all of our strength. I haven’t enjoyed myself for so long. War Tiger, fusion.” The War Tiger gave out a long roar before charging into the bandit. In a flash, the man and tiger fused into one. On his body appeared some tiger striped armor. It covered up all the important parts of his body, in total covering about 60% of his body. Even on his knight’s sword appeared some stripes. His hair was let down magnificently. This imposing manner of his gave me a sense of being overwhelmed.

Wa! This is the armor of a successful fusion between a warrior and his magical beast! Teacher Di told me before that a warrior’s magical beast is similar to a mage’s magical beast. They both aid their master to attack and defend. However, if the magical beast reaches rank 7 and the master has Heaven Battle Spirit, it can fuse with the master and become armor. This will also increase the master’s attack abilities. In comparison to individual combat, this way was much more powerful. Being able to create armor by fusing with his magical beast means that he’s already approaching the level of a Radiant Knight. (Equivalent to a magister)

“Let me experience your magical beast too.”

It seems that I’ll lose if I don’t let Xiao Jin out to fight with me. I still haven’t pieced myself together from the shadow of Xiao Jin’s last battle. I’ll try it out and let Xiao Jin out. It’s different from those days. Xiao Jin shouldn’t be defeated that easily now. “Come out Xiao Jin.” In a flash of golden light, Xiao Jin’s huge body appeared and nestled up against my side.

It was clear that Xiao Jin’s appearance gave him a fright. He said in surprise: “Ah! What kind of magical beast are you? You’re so big.”

The current Xiao jin was over 10 meters long and from head to toe he was covered in white scales with three golden stripes flickering with light. The horn on his head has also grown a lot and the large wings on his back were only slightly shorter in length than a person’s height. On his abdomen five sharp claws scratched the ground. He looked extremely domineering.

I discovered that Xiao Jin didn’t want to fight at all. He gave out a cheerful roar since he hadn’t been outside for so long. It might be that he thought I brought him out to play. It wasn’t until I told him we had enemies through telepathy that he nervously shook his adorable head to look around us. He sensed that only the bandit’s there were a threat to me and asked telepathically: “Are these the enemies?” I gave him an affirmative response.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Jin suddenly had the imposing manner of a king and began to ferociously glare at the opposing bandits. All of his scales were erect and he even unfurled his wings and waved them, causing a small sandstorm. This frighteningly imposing manner caused all of the surrounding bandits to scatter in all directions as they shouted: “Monster!”

“Stop, stop. I don’t want to battle anymore.” From within the sandstorm came the bandit’s voice.

I promptly told Xiao Jin to stop, but within my heart, I couldn’t help but be baffled by the bandit. Neither me nor Xiao Jin have attacked him yet he had already surrendered.

“Damn. What kind of magical beast is this? It’s way too terrifying. My War Tiger already seems to be afraid of him and wants to separate from my body. I admit defeat so hurry up and recall him.” It turns out that when the bandit confronted Xiao Jin, he already knew that he was unable to contend with me. So he took the initiative to admit defeat.

Indeed, Xiao Jin is so strong that even I can’t believe it. I know that right now I’m absolutely not Xiao Jin’s opponent. Especially considering his imposing manner of a king just now. I was flabbergasted, was this actually my Xiao Jin who was so cute and adorable before?

Xiao Jin unwillingly returned to my body. I suddenly felt weak. I have consumed a lot of magic power. Even though I wasted a lot of magic power during the exchange of pointers, summoning Xiao Jin also consumed a lot due to how powerful he is. (I supply him with all of his energy.) He didn’t attack otherwise I would have collapsed. It seems like I still have long way to go. If in the future me and Xiao Jin are able to display our full powers simultaneously, I estimate that our strengths wouldn’t be too far off from a legendary Grand Magister’s.

After the dust had gradually settled, I could see the bandit not far from me standing there while being covered in dirt. He has already recalled his War Tiger. I couldn’t find a single thread of hostility in his gaze as he helplessly looked at me. By relying on Xiao Jin’s formidable power, I’ve beaten him.

Letting out a bitter laugh, he said to me: “I’ve got to say my boy, this magical beast of yours is too abnormal. Ah, how did you find him? I don’t know what sort of breed he is.”

I replied with a smile: “I don’t know what breed he is either. I only know that he’s my best friend. Actually, you didn’t lose at all. It’s just that your magical beast couldn’t compare to mine. Our strengths are about equally matched.”

I reckon that my words have satisfied his vanity since he couldn’t conceal his excitement. “Alright then. You’re a real brother. We’re friends from now on then!”

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