Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 17

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Volume 3: Chapter 17 – Orphan Dong Ri

As she watched me leave, Miss Hua Lun said to Dong Ri: “Oh, your friend is so considerate. He left so quickly.”

Dong Ri complained in his heart, what kind of friend is he? He escaped without me. This time I’ve been ensnared by Hong Xue and won’t be able to escape for a while.

Leaving aside how Dong Ri dealt with Hong Xue, I wandered around the main streets leisurely after I separated with them. As I wandered around the streets, I suddenly noticed that there were many people gathered ahead of me. What are they up to? I couldn’t help but be curious with my juvenile temperament, so I walked over to take a look. It turns out it was an announcement. I squeezed to the front of the crowd. On the announcement it was written that next month there would be a nationwide grand tournament. They’re inviting experts from all over to come and participate. It wasn’t limited to martial arts, that is to say that magic was also allowed. The top 10 people can directly join the Earth Dragon Corps. I wasn’t really interested in it since I already had a Five Clawed Golden Dragon. Naturally I wouldn’t be interested in fake dragons.

I returned to the academy to discover that Dong Ri still hasn’t returned. I asked Teacher Wen about the competition I read about in the announcement.

Teacher Wen asked me: “You’re participating Zhang Gong? Ah, this is a great opportunity for you.”

I shook my head and said, “I’m not participating. Everyone else is a knight and I’ll be the only mage. What’s the point? Besides, I don’t want to join the Earth Dragon Corps. It would be better for you to have Dong Ri participate.”

It was only now that Teacher Wen noticed that Dong Ri hadn’t returned with me. “Where did Dong Ri go?”

I gave him a mysterious smile. “Him, ahhh. He’s fine. He’s on a date with that girl Hong Xue Hua Lun.”

Teacher Wen knitted his eyebrows. “So it’s actually that girl Hong Xue.”

“You also know about her?” I asked.

“Of course I know. She’s His Majesty’s niece. The child of the king’s younger sister. Ever since I attended a banquet at the royal household with Dong Ri, she would always come to bother Dong Ri. I feared that she would affect Dong Ri’s studies so I made sure he avoided her as much as possible.”

“This is where you’re wrong. Both men and women have to marry. How could you stand in the way of other’s love?” I said with a giggle.

“You brat. You’re not the least bit serious at all, just like that old fellow Lao Yun. Hmph! Wait until I ask Dong Ri when he gets back.” Ah, Dong Ri. You can’t blame me. I didn’t do it on purpose.

After an a little bit more than an hour, Dong Ri returned. As soon as he entered he was greeted by Teacher Wen’s repulsive face. “Teacher, I’m back.”

“Hmph! You still know to come back. There’s nothing good to be said about your martial skill yet you still go and court girls. You’ve made me lose face.”

Dong Ri wasn’t acting like how I imagined at all. Instead of admitting his mistake in fear and trepidation, he faintly said: “I’m an orphan, and the other person is royal blood. What qualifications do I have to court her? I’m going to go rest now.” (Dong Ri was picked up by Teacher Wen was he was small. Since then he has followed Teacher Wen.) After saying this, he turned around and went to his room, leaving Teacher Wen to glare at my small eyes with his big eyes. Teacher Wen said: “This child, how can he be like this? Ah, he’s never contradicted me before.”

I thought it over for a bit before speaking. “He is surely feeling wronged because he feels inferior. You can be relieved. I’ll go console him. I must also accept some of the responsibility for this matter. I shouldn’t have abandoned him earlier.”

When I returned to the room, I discovered Dong Ri sitting in the corner staring into space foolishly. I walked in front of him and asked: “What’s going on Dong Ri? Who’s bullying you? It was my bad, I shouldn’t have abandoned you there.”

Dong Ri indifferently responded: “It’s not about you.”

“Then what’s the matter? Don’t be like this all right? I’m also a commoner, how about that? Let others say what they will.” I used my strength to shake his shoulders.

Suddenly, Dong Ri violently pushed me away as he roared: “Even if you’re a commoner, you still have a mother and father! What do I have? I don’t have anything at all. I’m an orphan. Do you know what they say about me? They say I’m a mixed breed. A mixed breed. Did you know?”

At this moment, Teacher Wen rushed in from outside and tightly hugged Dong Ri. “Child, don’t be like this. You still have me. I’m your closest relative now.” It seemed Dong Ri found some comfort within Teacher Wen’s embrace for he soon burst into tears. Embracing him, Teacher Wen couldn’t help but release his tears too.

“Child, tell me. Who said you’re a mixed breed? Tell me.” Teacher Wen emitted an ice-cold murderous spirit as he said this. I was convinced that if a name came out of Dong Ri’s lips, Teacher Wen would immediately pounce on that person and chop him up. Maybe Dong Ri also knew what would happen if he said anything, so instead he wept and said, “You don’t need to ask.”

“Tell me.” Teacher Wen had tightly grabbed onto Dong Ri’s shoulders. I immediately ran over from the side, grabbing Teacher Wen’s hands and said, “Teacher Wen, you don’t need to bother with this matter anymore. If you take any action people will say that you’re the big taking advantage of the young. Let us younger people settle our own disputes. I will certainly go with Dong Ri to demand justice.” I also had a monstrous fury bubbling forth within me. They actually dared to bully my friend, it seems they’ve lived long enough.

It was only due to this that Teacher Wen gradually became more and more calm. He said with a sigh: “Zhang Gong, then I’ll request that you please do so.”

I coldly answered, “You might not know, but before I arrived, my magic power has already reached the rank of a magister.” If I want to increase his confidence in me, I can’t conceal my strength from him.

Teacher Wen and Dong Ri were both stunned. Such a young magister! Who could possibly accept that?

Thinking that they still weren’t convinced, powerful light elements surged forth as I brought out the transparent gold dan from my upper dantian. After revolving around me for a bit, it stopped at my upper dantian. This is one of light magic’s most direct and powerful spells, a pure energy attack.

It seems Dong Ri had already forgotten about his shame when he said: “Ah, you’re so powerful Zhang Gong.”

I withdrew the magic and resolutely told Dong Ri: “Good little brother, tomorrow we’ll go find those that bullied you and get your revenge. Are we not also people? In the future we will certainly be able to create a career for ourselves.”

My words seemed to have allowed Dong Ri to pull himself together. He tightly gripped my hands. All of our words had been said.

After Teacher Wen left to go rest, I inquired from Dong Ri what the matter was. While clenching his teeth, he told me about what happened during their encounter.

It turns out that after I left, Hong Xue ensnared Dong Ri and forced him to accompany her for a walk. Not long after, they came across a noble’s child. No matter if they were the son of a duke or an earl, they all tried to court Hong Xue. She truly is a . It was only natural that they were extremely jealous of Dong Ri who was able to accompany Hong Xue. They immediately began spouting evil words at him. All sorts of vulgar words were thrown at him. From his childhood, Dong Ri had never had much contact with others and he also wouldn’t strike back. It was only after Hong Xue retaliated on his behalf that he would angrily fought the nobles and run back, sulking.

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