Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 19

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Volume 3: Chapter 19 – Revealing the Enemy’s Weakness

I composed myself. I was barely able to suppress the fear I felt within my heart. I felt that if I truly fought him, the outcome would be disastrous. The rank of radiant knight is on the same level as a magister. I definitely cannot be careless. I secretly adjusted my magic power so it was in peak condition.

Bi Qi saw a different scene before him. At first, Bi Qi smiled when he saw me turn pale under his pressure, thinking that evidently I wasn’t able to resist it. Suddenly, a halo of faint white light emerged from my body, completely suppressing the pressure he had previously emitted. He couldn’t help but think to himself: ‘This brat. Could it be…. he actually has the strength to contend with me? Then doesn’t that mean he has the strength of a magister? It’s unimaginable for someone so young to possess such strength!’

At the moment, we were standing opposite of each other. I heard a sound coming from my side. The sound was different from the spiritual communication of magic, it was created by using a string. Therefore I was the only one who could hear it’s contents. It was Teacher Wen’s voice. He said impatiently: “Quickly stop resisting Zhang Gong. Don’t let him sense your strength. Quickly!”

My heart jumped in alarm. That’s right! It truly would be unwise for me to expose my strength. I gradually willed my magic power to withdraw into me. Once again, my face showed an expression as if I couldn’t endure his pressure.

Bi Qi was relieved. He thought that my strength was short-lived and my real strength was far weaker. Right as I was about to act, his old foe appeared.

“Oh! What kind of wind could have blown the Duke all the way over here? Hehe. Ah, what are you doing here with such a large amount of troops?” Teacher Wen’s words weren’t at all like his ferocious outer appearance. On the contrary, they were unusually smooth.

After seeing that Teacher Wen had arrived, Bi Qi reluctantly withdrew his pressure. He cynically said: “I was wondering if this old ghost would come out. I’m here to get justice from you, not to idly gossip.”

Feigning astonishment, Teacher Wen inquired: “Justice? What justice? Ah, I haven’t offended you, the duke.”

The fat on the duke’s face began trembling before he replied furiously: “You don’t know? Your disciple beat up someone yet you don’t know? Today, you must give me an explanation for this. Your disciple beat up my son in addition to many other nobles yesterday. Tell me then. What is to be done?”

Awkwardly, Teacher Wen replied: “Right, it seemed like there was this kind of report. However, it was told to me differently. The disciple said it was the noble children who insulted him first. It was only after being insulted that he acted. Ethics would say that they provoked him first.”

It seemed Bi Qi has calmed down a bit as not a single emotion was revealed on his face. Those who knew him well would know that he was truly angry now. He coldly said: “That is to say, you want to shield your disciple.”

Teacher Wen still had a good temperament, so he could ask with a smile: “Can you let me see your son’s condition first?”

Without even waiting for Bi Qi to speak, a luxuriously dressed youth came running out of the crowd. He shrewdly said: “You see, you see! He hit my face!” While saying so, he revealed his fat face to everyone.

Teacher Wen as well as all of the surrounding observers laughed. It turns out that this youngster had been slapped, thus leaving a palm print on his face. Ah, it looks like Dong Ri’s hands were really light yesterday. Originally I thought he had beaten him up otherwise why would he bring so many people to carry out his revenge? I secretly tugged on Dong Ri’s clothes and whispered to him: “Ah, your hands are so light!” He replied: “But I can’t freely injure others either. It’s enough to give them a lesson.”

Teacher Wen said to Bi Qi: “I see that your esteemed son’s injuries aren’t that grave. Is it truly necessary for the Duke to muster such large forces for this matter? This is the Royal family’s highest level of knight academy after all.” Clearly, within these words was a hidden threat.

Bi Qi angrily kicked his fat son’s ass back into the crowd. He hatefully said: “You scoundrel bastard! Who let you enter this world? You’ve actually made me lose so much face!” He turned his head to Teacher Wen and said: “You refrained from pressuring me today so if you give me an explanation for this matter today I’ll leave it at that.”

Teacher Wen restrained himself from smiling and coldly said: “Then what are you thinking of doing? Your son abused my disciple. Don’t tell me… you still want my disciple to apologize? I didn’t go looking for justice from you, yet you, the guilty party came to me. You thought I was easy to bully didn’t you?” Following Teacher Wen’s words, a mob of students led by teachers from every branch rushed forth from the academy. These students were all pillars that supported the kingdom. Not a single one of them was weak let alone the academy’s teachers who were all at least earth knights. With such strength, I fear only the Earth Dragon Corps could contend with them. (Authors note: A rule of the Xiuda Kingdom. Every single noble may possess a military force in accordance to their rank. A prince can possess 5000 troops, a duke 3000, and an earl 2000 while all other nobles may possess 1000 troops at most. On the other hand, the knight academy possessed 8000 or so students. This was one of the reason why Teacher Wen wasn’t afraid of Bi Qi at all.)

Bi Qi’s complexion changed. “Fine. You’re too cruel. We’ll take this matter to his majesty to judge. What does it matter how many come to pressure me?”

Teacher Wen disdainfully replied: “You have less people. If you’re going then go. I’m not afraid of you.” Teacher Wen had already been conferred the position of “Teacher of the State”. Within Xiuda, this position possessed incredible fame and influence. Because he undertook a project to provide the best education, the knight academy became an official organization recognized by the kingdom. Although the title he was granted fell short of Bi Qi’s, within Xiuda he wasn’t at all weaker than Bi Qi.

Bi Qi had all the nobles go back and wait for his message. Teacher Wen also dismissed all of the academy’s people. Before he left, he used a voice string to tell me to not take any action if he didn’t return and to watch after Dong Ri.

Actually, ever since we saw Bi Qi’s true strength, me and Dong Ri had some laments. We didn’t expect that a person like the duke had such profound martial skills. Who would have imagined that within the nobility there was such a capable person? Of course we wouldn’t rashly go take revenge anymore. Of course, Dong Ri took some persuading before he gradually released his emotions. Other people said to let his words out. There was no need to be angry and suffer.

Bi Qi and Teacher Wen went to the Royal Palace to have judgement. Neither of them gave each other an inch. On the other hand, me and Dong Ri could only return to our rooms and wait anxiously. Even the gluttonous me didn’t go eat. It was only when Dong Ri comforted that I felt better “Be at ease. With Teacher Wen’s relationship with the kingdom, there surely won’t be any problems.”

Sure enough, after a little more than an hour Teacher Wen returned. However, he looked displeased.

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