Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 2

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Volume 3: Chapter 2 – Departure from the Academy

I will have to leave the school that I lived in and learned in, my second home. I truly hate to part with this place. I looked fondly at every shrub and tree at the academy. Why did time pass by so fast, making me come and go in a flurry?

At my side, Teacher Di looked at my reluctance to leave, and with a soft sigh said, “If you must to leave, you have to leave. You can always return. When you come back, I am sure that you will bring much glory to this academy, and also to me. You are already a grown boy, don’t act like a small child. Go.”

We walked slowly toward the academy’s gate. I turned my head around, looking at the large words engraved in solid granite, “Royal Intermediate Magic Academy”. My eyes grew moist once more.

“Boss, Wait! I’ve come to send you off.” Ma Ke ran over, panting. Originally I didn’t tell him that I was leaving today because I didn’t want to experience such a depressing occasion.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I’m your only brother!” Ma Ke’s face wore an expression indistinguishable from laughing or crying. “This is for you. You must quickly return. I’ll wait for you at the Advanced Magic Academy. We are still going study together.” Ma Ke took out a dagger from his bosom. It had a gorgeous exterior appearance, the dagger’s sheath was embedded with all kinds of gems. I went over to receive it. I didn’t observe it carefully. After all, my heart was completely filled with feelings of separation, I couldn’t be concerned with anything else. Aside me, Teacher Di’s eyes flashed with a peculiar vigor.

I can’t stop now, else it will be even harder to leave. I grit my teeth and turned around and set foot on the journey home with Teacher Di. With great difficulty, I resisted the urge to look back. But I could not hold back my tears, they flowed freely.

“Don’t miss Ma Ke too much. Do you want to go up to the sky and have a look?”

Teacher Di’s words diverted my attention, “The sky? How would I go up to the sky?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot? My minor is wind, we can fly.” Teacher Di cast a wind soaring enchantment on himself and slowly floated off the ground.

“This is my first time seeing you fly. So then how do I fly?” I can’t possibly use wind magic.

“I’ll carry you. Hold onto my waist.”

Like that, Teacher Di and I ascended to the skies. It didn’t feel bad at all. The forests and villages underneath looked just like ants. A light breeze brushed against my face. It truly felt like we were immortals. I enviously said, “When will I be able to fly?”

“It’s not impossible. Even if you can’t use wind magic, later on you will have opportunities to study some top class Dou Qi with similar effects. After that you will definitely be able to fly. “

“You can use Dou Qi to fly?” I asked with doubt.

“That’s right. In addition, flying with Dou Qi is much faster than flying with magic. It’s just that it cannot be sustained nearly as long.

Teacher Di’s words arose a yearning to learn Dou Qi, being able to fly is truly good.  In the future when I have an opportunity, I must diligently learn Dou Qi. So long as I can use it to fly, that’ll be enough.

About an hour of flying in the sky, I saw Teacher Di’s complexion turn a bit pale. After all, flying for such a long period of time would consume a great amount of magic energy. In addition he had also carried a person. Even though Teacher Di was a magister, the burden was quite large.

“Teacher Di, let’s go down and let you rest.” I said with concern.

“Alright, Ah… I’m already old, my body feels like dying.  It seems I can no longer bear the burden of using magic for a long period of time.”

We landed on a small hillside and rested a while. Then we continued on our journey.

By flying, we finally made it to my hometown. Currently, I am the pride of the village. When everyone finds out that I have the means to become a Grand Magister, the endless amount of praise and flattering would send me to the sky. When Father and Mother saw me come back, they were so happy, they didn’t know what to say. I don’t dare tell anyone that I returned with one of the only ten magisters on the continent, otherwise the pot would surely explode.

After we rested for a day, Teacher Di talked to my mother and father about letting me learn from traveling. They were both silent. In their minds, the Royal Advanced Magic Academy was the most orthodox and proven path. In addition they were also concerned for my safety.  However, they revered Teacher Di and couldn’t say anything.

How could the experienced Teacher Di not see this? He patiently explained to them the purpose of allowing me to learn from my travels and his expectations of me, as well as the various means he will use to ensure my safety. In the end, Father and Mother were satisfied and allowed me to travel.

At night, Teacher Di and I took a walk outside the village. I was immersed in the enchanting scenery of the night. Teacher Di had suddenly stopped and solemnly said to me, “Zhang Gong, this traveling assignment is truly formidable. For your safety, I will gift you with many, different things.” He took out three magic scrolls from his bosom.

“The ability of these three magic scrolls are the same. In short, they are escape scrolls. They can immediately move you 50 kilometers away. Hold onto them well.”

Taking the magic scrolls I said, “Thank you, Teacher.”

In addition, I asked the Continent’s number one magister to set up a magic array at the academy. When you encounter a problem you are unable to solve during your assignment, you can use this magic array to return to the academy. The drawing and activation method are written in this booklet. You should memorize it as quickly as possible, and become able to achieve a teleportation accuracy of at least 90% or greater.” Done talking, Teacher Di handed me a small, frail booklet.

After I took the booklet, Teacher Di also said, “Pay attention. When you use this magic array, your magic power must be in top condition, otherwise a deviation will occur.

“I understand, I will practice it well.”

Also, I’ve deposited a thousand diamond coins into your amethyst card, it should be enough for you to use. Don’t be too stingy. For your assignment, the divine artifact’s approximate location is in a Dalu Kingdom’s province within a valley. You will go there to look for it. That’s it. That is all I wanted to tell you.”

I attentively memorized what Teacher Di said. Suddenly he remembered to say something else, “That’s right! Last time before you departed, Ma Ke gave you a dagger. It isn’t any ordinary dagger. Although it isn’t comparable with a divine artifact it does contain some power. It can penetrate magic and Dou Qi defenses. Use it with caution.”

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