Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 3

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Volume 3: Chapter 3 – Being Away from Home

The dazzling sunshine woke me from my sleep, reminding me of the loathsome sun from my childhood. It truly does feel like I have grown up. After washing my face, I went outside and took a deep breath. When the light elements within me sensed the fresh air, they grew excited, thus giving me much vigor. Today is the day I set off. I’ll be separated from the most familiar places of my life.

“Zhang Gong, it’s time to eat breakfast.” Mom’s voice carried over from the kitchen.

“Coming!”  At this moment, I truly wish to cherish the short amount of time I have left with my family before my departure. I hurriedly ran downstairs. The whole family was there sitting in a circle around the dining table.

“Ah. Eat some more Zhang Gong. You won’t be able to eat mom’s cooking for a long time.” Mother benevolently added more and more food onto my bowl.

“You should eat too mom. You can be at ease, I will definitely return home safe and sound.”

“After seeing you two like this, I don’t know if letting Zhang Gong go on a journey is a good choice anymore.” Teacher Di jokingly said after seeing a meal full of deep affection.

At last, the time of departure has come.

“Pay attention to your safety on the journey.” Mom said with red eyes.

“Don’t disappoint me.” Dad said with trembling hands.

“Don’t forget about the escape scrolls I gave you.” Said Teacher Di.

Although I was reluctant to part, I bid farewell to them and set foot on my journey of learning.

As I walked away from the village, I repeatedly turned back to take a look. I’ve left home already. The melancholy I’m feeling within my heart is impossible to resolve. According to Teacher Di’s plan, I first have to go to the Xiuda kingdom to find his good friend. The Dean of Xiuda’s Knight Academy, Teacher Li Ke Wen. I’ll cultivate there for a bit before continuing my mission.

Without any feelings of anxiousness, I slowly walked on upon the road while admiring my surroundings beautiful scenery. My homeland is actually so beautiful. Ahead of me there was some steam drizzling down. I opened up the map Teacher Di gave me and inspected it. My walking speed truly isn’t that slow. I have already reached Serene Dream Lake. After crossing another province, I’ll be at the Xiuda kingdom’s borders. In the past, I heard Teacher Di say that this area’s scenery was exceptionally beautiful. I want to hurry up and go take a look. I increased my pace and advanced towards Serene Dream Lake.

Ah! The lake sure is big. I can’t even see the shore on the other side. I can even see the fish in the clear dark blue lake water. Truly beautiful. I crouched down beside the lake and splashed my face with the clear lake water. It felt so cold. So comfortable. Right now it was the start of summer so soaking in the ice-cold lake water is indeed extremely comfortable.

I took off my shoes and began walking in the water. Enjoying this scenic lake and mountain gave me a wonderful feeling. Suddenly, there was a rustle behind me. I turned my head to take a look. I saw seven or eight people in black running in my direction. It looks like their figures are awfully vigorous. It seems that they practice martial skills. From their slender figures, I can make out that they’re all women.

As they progressed, I counted how many there was. There was nine people. Today there was such a great heat yet they’re wearing cloaks that cover up their whole body. It looks like the tallest one is their boss while all the other one’s seemed like stars holding up the moon. I don’t know how they grew up, but why do they all need to wear cloaks that cover up their whole body? I can’t help but stare at them.

I don’t know if it was my stare that was too glaring, but one of them noticed me. “Hey, that brat over there. What are you looking at! Hurry up and get lost. We want to rest over here. If you keep looking we’ll scoop out your eyes.”

Wow! They’re so violent. She truly is a loathsome woman. It goes without saying that the lady wants to rest and being the gentleman that I am, I was going to go to the side. However, after hearing her words I’m not going anymore. I refuse to acknowledge her. I raised my head to her and hummed a tune from my hometown. “Sometimes the hurriedly worn socks will be inside-out, sometimes I really want to wash dishes tomorrow since I’m too muddle-headed and just a bit lazy. Don’t bother me and let me be a spoiled child sometimes~” This song was something dad was often singing called “Great Woman”. Maybe he sang it because he was afraid of mom. After listening to it for so long, naturally I learned it.

Seeing that I didn’t react, the one who shouted angrily at me before began walking towards me while spitting anger. Apparently she wants to be rude to me. Hmph! Who’s afraid of who here?

The leader of the young women began speaking. “Ling Zi, don’t cause trouble. Have you already forgotten what my dad told you to do when going out?” What a sweet-sounding voice. Even a skylark’s chirping would be eclipsed by her splendor. In comparison to my own voice, it’s so much more compelling. If she sang a song, I wonder what it would be like. I began letting my imagination run wild.

That girl called Ling Zi ferociously groaned before saying: “I’ll forgive you this time. Hurry up and get lost!”

I don’t know if it’s because of her resentful words or if I just wanted to listen to their leader’s beautiful voice some more, I hid my disdain beneath my contempt and provoked her. “Is this place part of your property? It’s so amazing. Even if you try to drag me, the young gentleman that is I, won’t leave.”

Sure enough, my desire was achieved. That girl’s leader spoke again. “Ling Zi, go teach him a lesson. But don’t kill him.”

So pleasant to hear, it truly is pleasant to hear. Why won’t she speak a few more sentences? While I was being infatuated with her, something troublesome came. Maybe that girl called Ling Zi already thought I wasn’t pleasing to the eye, but when she heard her master’s command, she immediately fluttered over. She took out a jeweled sword from her waist and swung, just barely missing my head.

A cold wind attacked me, causing me to struggle with shivers. I said: “Aiya! Resorting to killing already?” With a single teleport, I moved 10 meters away. Dangerous, simply too dangerous. A few locks of my hair seems to have been cut. What a fast sword! “You’re actually coming at me!”

“So you’re actually a mage. No wonder you’re so shameless.” I was currently wearing clothes that commoners wear. So she only knew I was a mage after seeing me use magic.

Wa! Are all mages shameless? I gloomily said within my heart. It doesn’t matter if you insult me, but my teacher, friends and my parents are all mages! For their sake, I will teach you a lesson. “Oh light elements, my friend, congregate into sharp arrows and annihilate the enemies before me!” The strengthened light arrows were fired from my hands.

She appeared to have a very hateful appearance after seeing me fire off some light arrows. The sword in her hands began emitting a week silver colored light and in a moment, she cut down my light arrow. Following that, she immediately rushed towards me. After all, it is only natural that a warrior would try to engage a mage in close quarters combat.

Wa! That’s Heaven Dou Qi. I’ve heard of it before, but this time I’m actually seeing it! It seems that I’ll have to use some of my actual skill. “Oh light elements, my friend, transform into Holy Light.” Brilliant rays of white light rushed forth from my body, enveloping everything in my surroundings. It formed a defensive screen. This is the advanced class defensive light magic: Holy Light. When she clashed with my Holy Light, it looked as if she was suffering in pain. She retreated with lightning speed. From head to toe, she was trembling.

“You. You’re a light mage.”

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