Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 33

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Volume 3: Chapter 33 – Resting at Lunwa

Smiling, Zhan Hu said, “What’s so good about it? We can’t fly like you mages, slow and lasting while admiring the scenery. Using battle spirit to fly consumes it quickly. That’s why we rush forward with all our might. We can’t appreciate the feeling of flying at all.”

“In any case, being able to fly is great. I don’t know when my martial skill will reach such a level.”

Dong Ri said, “Enough, you. You’re already frightening enough. You aren’t even twenty years old yet, and you’ve already become a magister. You still want to become a sky knight? You’re asking for too much.”

Dong Ri’s words were approved by everyone. Even Zhan Hu said that I shouldn’t reach too far and concentrate on learning magic. Although I was the strongest in the company, I was youngest apart from Dong Ri.  What could I say to them? I could only obediently let the matter of flying go.

Lunwa City was the first city we arrived at in the Dalu Kingdom. It truly deserves to be called a kingdom of commerce. Within this border town, trade was flourishing greatly. The main street was bustling with noise and excitement. It seemed that everyone was immersed in the pleasures of buying and selling.

We first looked for a relatively good hotel to settle in. In any case, we weren’t lacking money; I hadn’t even made a dent in the thousand diamond coins that Teacher Di had given me when I left home. Not to mention the sizable sum that Big Brother Zhan Hu brought along. After eating dinner, we all gathered together to discuss our future course of action.

I spread out the map on the table. Pointing at the area representing Dalu, I said, “Everyone look. Right now we are here. Four hundred kilometers south is where the Kena province is. Teacher Di said that the holy sword was somewhere in a valley in the Kena province. We will have to search through these forests. Does anyone have any questions?”

Zhan Hu said, “This map of yours is too general. I feel like it would be best to buy a map of the Kena province. We should mark the places where it could be and search them one by one. How about it?” Everyone immediately approved of Zhan Hu’s ideas.

Xiu Si said, “Right now, this is all we can do. Our clues are too few. We can only search by throwing a net and thoroughly search every bit. No matter what we can’t leave out any suspicious areas.”

Dong Ri said, “Currently with our strength, we should be able to deal with any danger. What we should be most worried about is not finding the place.”

I let out a breath and said, “Alright! Let’s go Dong Ri. First we’ll find buy a map of Kena province and then we’ll discuss this further.  Everyone else should rest first. After we come back, let’s go eat.”

Dong Ri and I arrived at the bustling main street. A few casual questions led us to a small map store. I looked everywhere inside and saw maps of every place. The shopkeeper walked by and asked, “Sirs, where would you like a map of? The maps at this store are the most complete. We basically have maps of the whole continent, even the West Continent is no exception.”

I said surprised, “Oh! You even have maps of the West Continent? Could you let me look at them?” The demon race and beast clans were a mystery to me. That is why I wanted to see if there was a difference in the terrain of the east continent.

The shopkeeper brought over a small cylinder sealed on both sides. Opening a side revealing a map made from sheepskin rolled inside. It appeared a bit yellow. It should be quite a few decades old.

After handing over the map to me, he said, “Sir, this was passed down from my ancestry. This is a map of the West Continent from two hundred years ago. Currently, the West Continent should have changed to some extent, but its approximate locations should still be correct.”

I took the map. It was drawn meticulously. There were many small regions on it. On the middle-left of the map I found the demon race’s capital, Sadan City. I couldn’t help but recall the stunningly beautiful woman of the demon race that I came across. Could she be there now? Thinking of her stunningly beautiful appearance, I could not help but stupidly space out.

“Zhang Gong. Zhang Gong, what are you doing? What are you looking for on the map of the West Continent? Quickly finish our business here.” Dong Ri reminded me from the side.

I was roused from my fantasy, “Ah? What did you say? Oh, I know. Shopkeeper, Could you bring us a map of the Kena province? I also want this map of the West Continent. How much will it cost altogether?”

The shopkeeper said, “A map of the Kena province is two copper coins. This map of the West Continent will cost you two diamond coins.”

Dong Ri said loudly, “Two diamond coins? You may as well rob us. Zhang Gong, give that map back to him.”

I held out my hand to block Dong Ri. From my chest pocket, I took out my amethyst card and handed it over to the shopkeeper. With a look of the amethyst card, the shopkeeper knew that we weren’t any ordinary people. With a smile reaching across his face, he said, “Truly, this humble man had eyes but could not recognize Mt Tai. I will gift the map of the Kena province to you, but for this West Continent map…”

I impatiently waved my hand and said, “Its price is its price. Hurry up!” Seeing that I truly wanted to buy this, Dong Ri said no more. After the shopkeeper finished the payment with the amethyst card, he respectfully returned it to me. I placed the map of the West Continent in my dimensional pocket. With the map of the Kena province in hand, Dong Ri and I returned to the inn.

While walking, I asked Dong Ri, “When you left, you didn’t tell that little sister, Hong Xue, did you? Haha.”

With a bitter smile, Dong Ri said, “Don’t make fun of me about that. When I came, I didn’t tell her. What is the status of her house? And what is my status? It’s not possible for us.

“That’s enough already. You’re saying it again. We’ve told you how many times? Don’t feel so inferior. You are no different from other people. Just say whether or not you like Hong Xue!”

Dong Ri’s face grew red and evasively said, “It could happen.”

“Hehe, that’s what you call liking her. I see Hong Xue also really likes you. What could be happier than a harmonious couple? Go after her already. Teacher Wen will surely act as your host. This time, you left without saying anything. Hong Xue will feel sad not knowing. When we go back you’ll have to go beg for forgiveness!”

Embarrassed, Dong Ri said, “Let’s talk of this when we return!”

On the way, Dong Ri said nothing more. It seems that he was thinking about little sister Hong Xue. I did not bother him further.

Returning to the hotel, Big Brother Zhan Hu saw my holding the map and said with a smile, “You bought it at last! Put it down, let’s go eat first. We’re about to starve. Let’s continue discussing the map after we return.”

We looked for a quiet table to sit at the inn’s restaurant. We ordered an impressive meal and began to comfort our stomachs. In these many days, we did not have a single delicious meal. The meal was eaten in a frenzy and costed no less than forty gold coins. The food truly made our hearts ached!

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