Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 34

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Volume 3: Chapter 34 – Nature Elves

After we returned to room, I unfolded the newly bought map of the Kena province. Whoa, this Kena Province isn’t small at all. There are eight cities along with many forests and valleys of all sizes.

Xing Ao exclaimed, “There are so many forests and valleys! How will we ever find it?”

Xiu Si was still calm. He thought about it and said, “Seeing the map as it is, we should split each valley into pieces and search them one by one. We should start this as soon as possible.” As he said this, he pointed at the south most forest of Kena.

Two days later, our party of six arrived at the edge of the Kena province’s Long Jing Forest. Finally, we started our true adventure. Because we were going through forests and valleys, we rode to the closest town by horse and prepared a sufficient amount of food, water, and a few other essential goods for the wilderness. After we advanced to the Long Jing Forest, we found the food to be too lacking. When we were hungry, we went hunting.

We did not come across any dangers on our journey. We only encountered the occasional small animal, keeping us company. After the Nth time I took out the map, I said to Zhan Hu, “Big Brother, look. We are currently here. If we continue forward, we’ll enter the depths of the Long Jing Forest.”

Zhan Hu nodded. Suddenly he felt something amiss and turned his head, calling out to everyone, “Everyone, careful! There may be dangers ahead of us.” As he said this, he took out his knight’s sword.

I had also felt a formidable force lingering nearby; I did not know whether it was friend or foe. “Oh Great Light Elements, I request of you to transform into a divine radiance, expel all evil.” This is large area light exorcism spell. A dazzling radiance emitted from my body, enveloping an entire hundred meter radius.

A cold and gloomy voice came from the depths of the forest, “Ignorant humans, who allowed you to come here and sully my sacred, pure lands. If you do not immediately withdraw, you shall forever remain here. This is your final warning.”

Next to me, it was as if Dong Ri was suddenly hit by evil and became distracted. Then he walked to the very front of the group and deeply bowed his body to the depths of the forest. “Excuse me, are those in front of us, elves?”

As we saw Dong Ri act as such, we did not stop him and only calmly looked at how he would progress.

That gloomy and cold voice returned, “Don’t believe you are extraordinary because you know of our identity. If you do not withdraw, I will launch an assault.”

Dong Ri hastily said, “Wait a moment, I am also an elf.” After hearing Dong Ri’s words, they did not answer. After a moment, a faint silhouette floated out. Its speed was incomparably fast. It gradually floated toward us. It was a very old elf.  Not only that but it also seems that he should be an ancient race of forest elves because he had wings. Currently, many elves and half elves no longer had wings.

He came close to us and looked at Dong Ri up and down, saying with disdain, “Your kind can be considered elves? You are merely a human assimilated half-elf. For what purpose have you brought this many humans to this elf forest?”

Standing on the side, I found those words unacceptable and interrupted, “What’s wrong with a half elf? Everyone has life. What is there that is noble or lowly? Old man, did you purchase this forest? Why do you not let us enter? Unless you have a secret.”

Hearing my words, the old elf was enraged. With a wave of his hand, he sent a faint green energy towards me. I was taken aback. Could this be an elf’s natural power? This kind of extraordinary power lies between martial skill and magic. Only pure elves could use it.

I immediately waved my hand, bringing a white energy to face his attack. The formidable power had unexpectedly shocked my body, causing me to sway. This was truly ferocious. I reckon this old elf has at the very least, a Magister’s strength. To think we would come across such a difficult elf.

Seeing me resist his attack, he was very surprised and said, “You aren’t so arrogant after all. It turns out you have a bit of skill.” In his mind he thought to himself, if the people of this party are all this powerful, then this will be truly hard to handle.

Xiu Si, who had not said a word all this time, walked over and said to the old elf, “Respected Senior, Greetings. We are the Brilliant Mercenary Company. We came here with no evil intentions. We were only entrusted with a task to find a certain item. May I ask what this place is?”

Xiu Si words gave this stubborn elder a way out of embarrassment.  With slight embarrassment, he said, “This boy is quite courteous. This place is the outskirts of our elf forest. What are you looking for?”

Xiu Si looked at me and I nodded back to him. Xiu Si continued, “It is as such. We are looking for the holy sword. Could you give us directions to a clearer path?”

After hearing our words, the old elf laughed heartily. After a while, he stopped and said, “You want to find the holy sword by yourselves? After all these years, with the innumerable thousands that searched for it, not one had succeeded.”

Hearing that the old elf had unexpectedly know of the holy sword, I hastily asked, “Then do you know where the holy sword is?”

The old elf proudly raised his head and said, “Naturally, I know this. If you want me to tell you, that is possible. But first you must help me with a certain matter. After you’ve finished this, I will tell you.

“Alright, tell us. We’ll give it a try.” With the appearance of such an opportunity, we absolutely could not let this go.

Xiu Si unexpectedly said, “Wait a moment. Do you have proof that you truly know the whereabouts of the holy sword? If we complete your task, what’s to be done if you don’t fulfill your promise?”

The old elf’s jaw dropped and said, “You believe everyone is untrustworthy as you humans? We elves are always true to our word. I swear on my identity as an Elder of the Nature Elves that so long as the humans before me repel the Dark Elves’ assault, I will tell them the location of the holy sword. If I break my oath, may the Heaven’s punishment destroy me.” Following his word, his body let out an awe-inspiring grandeur.

Seeing that he hadn’t lied, I said, “Good. We agree. But what is this matter about Dark Elves?”

The old elf looked at me and said, “Dark elves have always been our Nature Elves’ mortal enemy. Originally, our strengths were matched. However, recently, without knowing why, this balance was broken. The Dark Elves power had suddenly increased greatly. Almost all of the Dark Elves’ powers had greatly increased from before. They beat us back, forcing us to retreat step by step. If this continues, we could face the danger of extermination. I am one of the Nature Elves’ elders. I had originally came out hoping to find an old friend of mine and ask for help. I hadn’t expected to come across you.”

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