Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 39

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Volume 3: Chapter 39 – The Forest of Gods

Dusk, outside of the Forest of Gods.

“Peng!” With that sound, a halo of light burst forth and filled the sky.

Seven days ago, the Third Elder smoothly guided us to God’s Barrier. During this week, we lost count of the many methods we had used to attempt to break through this barrier. We used magical attacks, battle spirit attacks, combined attacks and penetrating attacks (all on the same place) and still we failed.

“I don’t have any more strength. It seems like we don’t have any hopes of doing it today either.” After firing off two rank 8 spells, I sat down beside Zhan Hu in exhaustion.

Xiu Si wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “Could it be that this is truly a barrier created by the Gods? Even with all of our attacks, we were unable to harm it in the slightest. It truly is too frightening.”

Xing Ao furiously replied, “I refuse to believe that! I’ll go try again.” As he said this, he concentrated his battle spirit into his knight’s sword and released a powerful slash. “Peng!” Needless to say, the barrier rebounded again.

This barrier was transparent and whenever it faced an attack, it would release seven brilliant colors of light. We didn’t know how much strength it had. I estimated that a forbidden spell wouldn’t be able to penetrate it.

I muttered, “Don’t tell me we truly have to give up? What face would I have left if I have to tell Teacher Di that I left this mountain of treasure empty handed?”

Dong Ri walked to my side and consoled me, “Don’t think too hard about it. A sincere heart is most effective. Let’s just rest for today and continue tomorrow.”

Dong Ri’s words moved me and I eagerly asked him, “What did you just say?”

Dong Ri stared at me blankly and said, “I said that we should rest first and continue tomorrow! What’s the matter?”

“That’s not it. The part before it.”

“Before that I told you not to think about it too hard. A sincere heart is most effective.”

“Yes, yes ,yes! That’s the part. A sincere heart is most effective. A sincere heart is most effective… Could it be that the method we are using is wrong?”

After hearing my words, Xiu Si’s eyes also began to shine. “That’s right! Could it be that we aren’t supposed to attack it but rather appease it?

I thought about it and said, “Forget about it. We’ll just leave it be for today. Everyone’s already exhausted so we’ll have a good rest first, and then we’ll carefully study it tomorrow.”

We laid down on a bed of spread tree leaves and looked at the sky’s stars. How do we break through this indestructible barrier? Strength won’t work. Softness of a sincere heart, what method of sincerity would work? These thoughts continued to flash through my mind, causing me to toss in bed, unable to sleep.  Forget about it. I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I’ll meditate. I’ll replenish my magic power as soon as possible and think about it tomorrow.

I gradually concentrated my mind on my Gold Dan. I felt fully relaxed and sensed the surrounding light elements. Much of the bright full moon’s light gathered towards me. I thought to myself, ‘Beloved friends, come. I need you.’

Following the arrival of the light elements, the Gold Dan gradually enriched itself. An unknown amount of time had passed and my Gold Dan had already replenished its energy. This feeling of fullness is truly comfortable. I opened my eyes. The day had just dawned. Everyone was still dreaming. I walked by myself to the edge of the barrier and lightly stroked the indestructible barrier with my hand.  I sighed to myself ten million times. After a year of effort, we finally reached here but to stop now was unbearable.

As I watched the lush forest on the other side of the barrier, my mind gradually became more and more tranquil. Ah, what a beautiful scene. At that moment, the barrier’s energies suddenly fluctuated where I placed my hand. Could it be that….?

I probed the barrier while thinking of beauty and peace. Prudently, I began inserting some of my spiritual power. In response to my spiritual power, the barrier’s energy began trembling again before it unexpectedly began to gradually accept my spiritual power.

A warm benevolent voice resounded from the bottom of my heart, giving me a fright. “Who dares to disturb my eternal rest?” Could it be that that barrier is actually alive? I telepathically replied to the barrier, “Hello, I accidently disturbed your peace. I came here in search of the Holy Sword.”

“Holy Sword? Child, it has been a long time since anyone has come here. I advise you to stop your search for it here.”


“Because I have sensed the goodness in your heart. I don’t want to see you throw your life away.”

“This is the mission that my teacher has entrusted to me. Regardless of how difficult it is, I must go complete it. I beseech of you, please allow me to enter.”

It took half a day for him to give me a reply. “Grandpa Barrier, is it alright?”

“Fine then. It’s very dangerous inside. There are three difficulties that you must pass. Each one is harder than the one before, so you must be careful. You and your friends can enter then. All of you must look after each other and in the case that you are unable to pass the ordeal, you must by all means not stay any longer and withdraw quickly. Don’t sacrifice your own life in vain.”

“Alright. Thank you Grandpa Barrier.” It seems that addressing him this way made him really happy.

I didn’t know how lucky I actually was. First of all, this barrier was setup by the God of Creation and unknown number of years ago. Any evil or violent powers were all stopped by it. After I my accidental display of benevolence, I had unexpectedly awoken this un-named “Grandpa Barrier”. Secondly, in my discussion with Grandpa Barrier, my resolute conviction allowed me to obtain his admiration. This was crucial to me winning over Grandpa Barrier. If I hadn’t been able to obtain his permission, it would have been impossible for me to enter this barrier.

I returned to everyone’s side and shouted, “Get up everybody! Quickly get up everybody!”

Pushing this and shaking that, everybody finally wobbled awake.

Xing Ao said with sleepy eyes, “What is it Zhang Gong? Let me sleep some more. It isn’t even bright out yet.”

“That’s right. What are doing so early?”

Discontent voices resounded throughout the camp.

I smiled and suddenly said with a loud voice, “I found a way to enter the barrier.”

Xiu Si was the first to recover after I startled everybody. “Really? We can really enter the barrier?”

“Yes. We’re able to enter the barrier. Now hurry up and get up you lazy slobs. We’re going now.”

Dong Ri let out a happy squeal and leaped up. “Zhang Gong, how did you do it?”

I explained how I connected with the barrier and the events following that.

“Zhang Gong, we don’t know how long this barrier has been here. I suppose that it was created by the gods. It seems that your luck is outrageously good. Let’s go. Otherwise that elder will change his mind.”

“Hehe. No need to pull. Let’s go.”

Everyone once again arrived in front of the barrier. After placing their hands on it, everyone began transmitting respectful, peaceful and warm feelings. Suddenly, the barrier began disappearing from where their hands where.

We all looked at each other in dismay while simultaneously cheering. We all deeply bowed towards the place where the barrier was before, then afterwards we headed inwards with lightning speed.

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