Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 42

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Volume 3: Chapter 42- Looking for the Holy Sword

Everyone changed to a different extent. Dong Ri’s progress was especially fast. Many had assumed that his strength was the weakest. Everyone could give him pointers. I felt that during the fight for life or death with the stone giants, Dong Ri fully realized what   he was lacking. He humbly asked everyone for their guidance. After only ten days of tireless diligence, he had felt as if he had shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones. His strength had already caught up to Gao De and Xing Ao.

Everyone packed up to continue the treasure hunt.

After three days passed without an incident, the Forest of Gods seemed to be endless.

I froze in my tracks as I felt a slight fluctuation in magic. “Everyone wait, there’s a magic fluctuation nearby.”

Taking out our weapons, I stood in the center with a wry smile, “It won’t be the same as last time right?” Although everyone kept silent, I knew that fear still persisted in our hearts from the last encounter with the stone giants.

I didn’t get an answer. With my eyes closed, I focused my Gold Dan and used it to search for the source of the magic fluctuation.

Everyone kept a tight formation as they followed me northwest.

The closer we got, the greater the intensity of the magic. It somehow gave off a feeling of peacefulness.

Walking along, we encounter a tall mountain.

With confidence I said, “It’s definitely this mountain. Let’s take a look.”

Ancient trees towered around us. We cautiously approached the base of the mountain. Surprisingly, the base contained nothing but grass. Even the trees did not exist within 50 meters of the mountain.

Looking at it, it was just a normal mountain. There wasn’t even a hermit’s cave in it, yet I still felt that the fluctuation of magic came from here.

I instructed everyone to encircle me as I sat down cross-legged. I focused my spirit, using it to seek out the source of the magical energy. It seems that the wave after wave of magical energy was being released from the heart of the mountain.

I stood up, with a frown I said, “The magical energy is definitely coming from the mountain, but there isn’t a single cave here.”

With a pat on my shoulder, Zhan Hu said “Let’s circle around the mountain, see if we find anything new.” Since no other options were available, I nodded.

We spent two days checking every possible area that might lead to an entrance, but we couldn’t even find a single crack.

In the end we arrived back to the meadows at the front of the mountain. Everyone’s spirits were worn out. I was anxious, but there didn’t seem to be a solution.

I paced back and forth on the grass. Suddenly I felt that the middle of the meadow was different from the edge. I briskly walked towards the edge of the meadow to confirm my gut feeling. The edge of the meadow was very soft, almost as if it was the same as the floor of a forest. However, the meadow had an area in the center about ten square meters that was very hard. Could it be…? I couldn’t help but feel a burst of enlightenment from within my heart.

“Everyone, I think I’ve found it.”

Hearing what I said, everyone rushed over. Xing Ao impatiently said, “What did you find Zhang Gong?”

“There’s nothing at first glance, but this area is especially hard. Something is definitely underneath.”

Everyone exchanged glances at what I had said before they took out their weapons and began clearing the knee-deep grass.

Soon the grass within a 10 meter radius was cleared. A magic hexagram with strange patterns was now visible. It seems that the grass grew from the cracks of the patterns.

Since I was the only one who knew magic, everyone looked my way with expectant eyes. Smiling, I said, “If I’m not wrong, this is teleportation magic, but even I don’t know where it teleports to.”

Xiu Si said, “Then let’s give it a try, maybe it will warp us to the Holy Sword.”

With an awkward smile I said, “I don’t know how to use it. I learned light magic, but I haven’t really learned much teleportation magic.”

Gao De asked in shock, “Then what do want us to do? Are we supposed to leave this mountain of treasure empty handed?”

Smiling, I said, “Don’t worry, even though I never used it, I still have a way of finding out how.” With this said, I took out the book Teacher Di gave me from my dimensional pocket.

“Don’t worry everyone. You should first take a rest. I’ll go investigate.”

Everyone looked at each other with a bitter smile. In a pessimistic tone, Big Brother Zhan Hu said, “It won’t be possible to learn it in such short moment.”

Scratching my head, I said, “There’s not much we can do, might as well try something. With brother’s creativeness, we will definitely succeed. Haha…”

Everybody went quiet. If it wasn’t for this sliver of hope, I was afraid a fight was going to break out. With a forced laugh I started to look for information regarding the magic hexagram using the book.

Although I said that we might as well try something, this was the first time I seriously tried using the book. Even though I was quite lazy as a child, I was still able to understand it.

At the start, my goal was to decipher the magic from the book, but as I kept reading, I wasn’t able to stop, it expanded my horizon of what I could do with magic. I was completely immersed in a sea of magic.

This book was densely packed with everything from the principles of magic spells to the applications in real combat. It was simply a priceless treasure. Not only was the language exceptionally concise, it had only needed a few sentences to introduce the principles of magic. All of the book was written in this way. Magic arrays, as the name implies, uses the battle arrays to set up various kinds of elements as its base. With a complex magic array, it was possible to have the elements resonate with nature and cast spells that were impossible to cast without them. Magic arrays normally include: barrier, teleportation, amplification, support, and unique magic. The higher the rank was of a magic array, the more that was demanded of the user as well as the complexity of the magic array.

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