Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 44

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Volume 3: Chapter 44 – Tale of the Gods

It hurt so much. It felt like my entire body was crushed. Although my body was feeling great pain, the warmth was very comfortable. A wave of warm energy comforted me and restored my damaged body. What was this?

I slowly opened my eyes and was stunned by the sight before me. I was inside an extraordinarily large shrine with many statues of gods. The floor spanned at least 10,000 square meters and the roof was over a hundred meters tall. Many large precious stones were embedded in the ceiling and walls. The main hall shone as if it were daytime. What a grand building!

We were all completely covered in light. It seems that they still hadn’t woken up and that the warm energy came from the covering of light.

I tried to move, but was met with an unbearable pain. My body spasmed with pain. I tried to scream out in pain, but my voice just did not come out. When I panicked, I fainted again.

I don’t know how much time passed before I woke up. Dong Ri’s voice sounded in my ear. “Zhang Gong has awakened!”

I opened my eyes and realized that everyone was surrounding me. I moved my body, which already did not hurt anymore. It looks like that light had treated my wound.

“How is everyone?” I weakly asked.

“No problem, everyone is fine.” Dong Ri answered.

I smiled and said, “That’s great! It seems like we are in a God’s shrine. This should be our destination. Have you found the Holy Sword?”

Xing Ao said, “We just woke up not long ago and roughly surveyed the area, but we have not found it.

Dong Ri helped me up. I inhaled deeply before checking my body’s condition. My magic power had fully recovered. How did that happen? Did that light change my body?

I hurriedly asked the team, “Do you feel like something is different?”

Gao De said, “Yes, really different. It looks like my body has changed a lot. My six senses have increased greatly. However, my skills are still the same as before, but I feel that if I continue to train, my speed of improvement will increase greatly.”

Zhang Hu nodded his head and said, “That’s right! I feel the same. It is as though I have shed my mortal body and exchanged my bones.”

Just as I was about to say something, a benevolent voice suddenly resounded throughout the whole shrine. “I welcome you all, kind children.” It was a familiar voice.

We looked around at our surroundings, but we still could not figure out where the voice was coming from. The voice seemed to be coming from all directions at the same time.

The benevolent voice echoed again, “Stop searching. You will never find me. Otherwise, did you forgot who let you all in?”

Ah~ I remembered. I softly said, “Are you the grandpa barrier?”

“Haha, you remembered. However, I am not the grandpa barrier. Actually, to you, I should be called the God King.”

His words dumbfounded us. Dong Ri stuttered and said, “G-G-God King?”

“Correct.  Could it be that you thought you would be able to breakthrough my barrier without my permission?”

We actually met a god. If that is the case, would he blame us for searching for him to obtain his Holy Sword? That should not be the case as the previous light was definitely released by him. If he had intended to harm us, he wouldn’t have saved us. However, I can’t be too complacent. I should be more vigilant. Thinking this, I said, “God King, we are here to find the Holy Sword. If you do not wish for us to obtain the Holy Sword, we will leave immediately. I just beg for you to let everyone else go. I shall shoulder the blame.”

Everyone heard what I said and began to comment angrily. Zhan Hu said, “No! If someone must be blamed, you should blame me instead. I am the eldest here. They are here under my encouragement.” Everyone else also pulled the blame back onto themselves. At this moment, the God King did not say anything. It was as if he was admiring our argument.

I shouted, “Stop fighting! You are here because of me. You are my best brothers and friends. I will definitely not allow you to be harmed for my sake.”

That benevolent voice echoed again, “Children, stop fighting. You are all good children and are not in the wrong. You were heavily tested before you arrived here. As you entered the God’s forest, you were all tested on your bravery, power, wisdom and temperament. If you had not passed, you would not have been able to come here.”

“That is to say, then, that you agree to bestow the Holy Sword upon us?”

“You don’t need to be so anxious Zhang Gong. Let me tell you all a story first.”

We all lifted our heads and quietly listened to the God King’s story.

“A long time ago, on this world, there was an extremely powerful race. They possessed wisdom, as great as that of the humans. It is not known how they were born because it happened too long ago. After generations of evolution, their race was really strong. As they were immortal, they lost their ability to reproduce. The total number of the clan remained at about three hundred. They were kind hearted, pure. They were also a species that loved all that is beautiful. They were known as the God Clan by later generations.”

After hearing this, I couldn’t help but let out an “Ahhh.”

The God King continued to say, “In the whole world’s surface, there were only 300 of them. It was really extremely lonely. After researching, they created all kinds of new species to coexist with them. In that way, they thought that they could brighten and beautify the world. They continued to create the highly intelligent human race, freedom loving demon race, kind hearted Nature Elves, simple and sincere dwarves, power loving giant race, and the powerful dragon race. All of the races had their own good points. A swarm of races all over the continents unceasingly appeared, forming a flourishing scene. The God Clan became an object of reverence for all of the other clans, thus having an eminent position among them.”

The God King stopped speaking for a while, before saying, “Just when the whole world was filled with beauty, peace and harmony, out of nowhere, an evil clan emerged. They are known as the Demon Clan. They had a lot of powers that were not from the God’s Clan. Moreover, their numbers were large. Their mind set was full of thoughts for invasion, to terrorize, kill and steal. When they appeared in the world, they killed many races. Under the God Clan’s leadership, all of the clans formed an alliance to fight against the Demon Clan’s invasion.”

At this moment, the God king looked to really be in pain. It was as though he had returned to that moment pervaded by smoke.

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