Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 45

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Volume 3: Chapter 45 – God’s Mission

“What was the outcome?’’  I asked anxiously.

The benevolent voice resounded once again, “Children, do not be anxious and listen to my words carefully. The Demon Clan was very strong, with number greater than the God Clan’s. However, the combined allied races exceeded the Demon Clan. It was only after the brave sacrifices of many warriors from the various allied races with the God Clan that the flames of the Demon Clan’s rampage were suppressed. Under the leadership of the God Clan, all of the clans launched a final attack against the Demon Clan and finally annihilated them. The Leader of the God Clan and the King of the Demon Clan also fought against each other, resulting in both suffering serious injuries. However, the God Clan’s Leader still managed to seal the Demon King. After the battle, only a few members of the God Clan survived. All of the allied clans involved in the battle suffered great repercussions, especially the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan was extremely formidable when first created, so their reproduction rate was quickly restricted by the God Clan. After the battle, the Dragon Clan had decreased in number and today, only about 200 dragons remain. The God Clan slowly faded from history; while the human race, Magic race and Beast race endlessly flourished and slowly became the new masters of the whole world. The story comes to an end here.”

“What happened to the God Clan afterwards?” Dong Ri questioned.

“After listening to this story, you should know that I am the God King and one of the last few members of the God Clan. We finally sealed the Demon King with the assistance of the God Clan Alliance after the yearlong war but suffered serious injuries. To this day, even after hundreds of thousands of years have passed, we have still not fully recovered. Currently, you may be wondering how the story I just told you is related to obtaining the Holy Sword. I told you this story so you can understand the reason why I am now requesting your help.”

Xing Ao unusually said, “Do you also need our help?’

Zhan Hu, who was standing at the side, pulled Xing Ao closer and interrupted him by whispering, “Don’t make irresponsible remarks!”

The God King laughed and said, “’It does not matter, what he says is true. I do indeed need your help. Actually, you are also helping yourselves as this matter relates to the whole world’s life or death.”

Ah~ thinking that this was a really serious situation, I asked, “In the end, what happened? Did the Demon King break through your seal? Even your God Clan barely managed to win, what can we humans do to help?”

“You are half right. This does involve the Demon King, but he has not broken free from my seal yet. He has slowly regained his strength from hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation after I sealed him. He has begun to continuously attack the barriers of the residences of Gods. Once, one of the God Clan’s member was careless and allowed a bit of the demonic energy to escape. That demonic energy contained a portion of the Demon King’s power and awareness so it started to cause harm to the world. We cannot both keep the Demon King from escaping and also go out to fight his clone that is seeking to destroy the world. Thus, I am asking you to find and eliminate his clone.”

”Can we really do it? How strong is he?” Xiu Si asked.

“Although that is only a small portion of his power, it is indeed still very strong. It is not something that you can fight against with your current capability. You must continue to improve your skills, before you will be capable of eliminating him. If you can eliminate the Demon King’s clone, we can gather all of our powers to eliminate the remaining demon power in the seal to make him perish forever.”

“Why were you all unable to annihilate him initially?” I asked curiously.

The God King sighed and said, “The war left us too weakened and if we had eliminated him at that moment, the Demon Clan would have perished. However, at that time, I believed that all of the clans possessed the right to survive and that as time flowed, the Demon King might be redeemed. During that moment of soft heartedness, I decided to only seal him. However, I didn’t expect that even after thousands of years, his innately evil character had not weakened at all. Currently, it turns out that it is an extremely grueling task to try and eliminate him. If you can eliminate his clone that has escaped into this world, it will decrease his total power and allow us to annihilate him once and for all.”

As we listened to this point, we finally understood what the God King meant. Thinking in my heart, does this not mean we are going to throw our lives away? Who knows how strong the Demon King really is?”

In order to escape the situation, I asked, “Can we really find him? Is he out in the world causing harm again?”

The God King saw through my heart and said, “Child, continuing to avoid the situation is not a solution, the only solution is to face him. The Demon King has already spent many years in the world preparing. It is not just him; he has a lot of subordinates. They are all moving in secret. Just like the human and demon races, the reason why the beast race fights is because of the Demon King’s instigation from the shadows. Heeding the call of the Demon King, they are trying to break the peace and harmony in the world. Once the Demon King starts to rule the world, the other races will be destroyed, including our God Clan.”

So it was this terrible, I had not even opened my mouth before Zhan Hu started to speak. “Please be reassured, we will definitely annihilate the Demon King.” Since he had already said that, all I could do was agree to help.

”If we plan on eliminating him, when should we start?” I asked.

The God King said, “You do not need to be impatient in this matter, and you also do not need to find him. When the world goes to war, he will appear. In this period of time before the war you need to work hard at training and improving yourself, and to assemble many people that share the same feelings and ambitions as you do. You must improve your abilities! As you are the whole world’s hope, you must work hard!”

Except me, everyone else was already burning with anger and one after another, they declared their heroic aspirations. Even though I was a little scared, for our survival I definitely could not cower.

“Will you be giving us the Holy Sword to increase our strength?’’ It was necessary to negotiate some terms with the God King so as to increase our survival rate and safety while carrying out the task.

“Little child, don’t worry, I will definitely give you some items to improve your strength. When you first arrived, I used my God Powers to help you shed your mortal bodies and exchange your bones. During your next training sessions, your strength will improve twice as much with only half the effort needed. Now, I will give each of you a few more good items. Listen to me, go and stand in front of the center of the God’s image.”

“Zhan Hu, I shall grant you the protection armor of a war god, I hope for you to become a genuine war god.” Zhan Hu walked in front of the lofty image of God and a golden light shone on his body. After the golden light flashed, a dark blue body armor and helmet appeared on Zhan Hu’s body. A three pronged helmet appeared on his head. In the center of the helmet’s crest, there was an oval, blue colored gemstone. There were four layers to the shoulder protection. The top layer was in line with his shoulders. At every succeeding layer, it was shorter than the previous layer. The last two layers slightly pointed downwards. The chest armor was also large. At the center of his chest, there was an oval, blue colored gem similar to the one on his helmet, but much larger. For the abdomen part of the chest armor, it had a similar shape as Zhan Hu’s muscles. His legs and the arms had also been surrounded by scale-like pieces of armor, and even his hands had been completely covered. Lastly, there was a black cape that appeared on his back. With Zhan Hu standing two meters tall, he showed a formidable and majestic look. He really looked as if a war god had just been revitalized.

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