Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 46

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Volume 3: Chapter 46 – God’s reward

Zhan Hu looked at his new armor and tried moving in it. Anyone could see that he was very excited. He fell to his knees and respectfully kowtowed towards the God King three times, with his head touching the ground each time, before saying, “Your Majesty, I will definitely not let you down. The eradication of the Demon King will become my only goal.’’

The God King praised him and said, “Good, you must do well in your cultivation so that you will be worthy of using this War God’s armor.”

Zhan Hu walked back to the team and said, “Wearing this armor, I feel like my whole body is filled with power. It is weightless and the feeling when wearing it is just amazing.’’

Everyone looked at him enviously and wondered what they would get.

The God King spoke again, “Next, Xiu Si.’’

When he heard the God King’s command, Xiu Si immediately walked in front of the God statue. The God King said, “Xiu Si, I shall grant you the Sky God’s horn. By using it, you can recover your life’s vitality, so long as you are not yet dead.”

The same golden light flashed, and a small, delicate horn suddenly appeared in Xiu Si’s hand.

“As for how to use it, you will have to rely on your own abilities to figure it out.’’

Xiu Si bowed towards the God King and respectfully said, “Thank you for your gift, Your Majesty.” After saying that, he walked back to where the team was standing. He looked at the horn that had a spiraling line of shining golden light on it and fiddled with it admiringly.

“Next, Xing Ao.” After hearing his name, Xing Ao moved as quickly as possible to stand in front of the statue. With his eyes filled with expectation, he looked at the God statue.

“Xing Ao, I shall grant you the Titan God’s hammer. Although you have been using a heavy sword, once you start using the hammer, your power should increase greatly.’’ A golden light flashed, and a 1.5 meter long handle and 50 cm in diameter hammer suddenly appeared in Xing Ao’s hand. Judging from his relaxed posture, it seemed that the hammer was not too heavy.

“Thank you for your gift, Your Majesty.” Xing Ao was extremely satisfied with his new weapon and ran back to the team in high spirits.

“Gao De.” The God King spoke again and Gao De elatedly ran to stand in front of the God statue.

“I shall grant you the Lightning God’s shield. You can use it to block any kind of physical attack.” The golden light flashed, and a small, exquisite shield with a diameter of ten centimeters suddenly appeared on Gao De left arm.

“Thank you for your gift, Your Majesty.” Gao De looked at his tiny shield and was a little unsatisfied.

Dong Ri and I were the only ones left, yet to receive any gift. I could not refrain myself from muttering to myself, why have I not been called out yet? The next one should be me.

“Dong Ri.”

Dong Ri came forward and said, “Yes.”

“I shall grant you the Wind God’s bow. I hope you will will bring splendor to the Wind God’s archery.” A golden light flashed, and a small, delicate golden short bow appeared in Dong Ri’s hand.

“Thank you for your gift, Your Majesty.”

“Good. I hope that all of you can fully understand your weapon. You must use your hearts to communicate with them, in order to pull out their true powers. Every Godly weapon has its own special spiritual method. As for how to use it, you will have to rely on your own abilities. Therefore, you must train harder and improve your strength. You must not become arrogant or impatient. Only then will you not let me down.”

Except for me, everybody bowed at the same time and said, “We shall follow and respect Your Majesty’s tutelage.”

I looked left and right. Everyone had a Godly weapon, only I did not have one. Did I offend the God King just now? I also desperately wanted a Godly weapon.

I asked carefully, “God King, why did I not receive a weapon?”

The God King laughed and said, “And I thought you were not anxious at all, haha.” Could it be that even God could tease people?

I awkwardly scratched my head and said, “I am definitely anxious as the Holy Sword is my purpose for coming here.”

“Good, come forward.” Is it finally my turn? That’s great! I hurriedly ran in front of the God statue, and waited to receive the treasure that I long yearned for.

“I shall grant you the Radiant Holy Sword. I hope that you will use it to lead everyone in annihilating the demons.” That’s just too amazing! With the name of Radiant, it must be of extraordinary power. This was different from everyone else. There was no golden light that shone on me, instead a golden ball slowly flew toward me. I reached my hand out to receive it, but when once it came in front of me, it instantly entered my chest and vanished.

What is going on? I touched my chest. Where is the Radiant Holy Sword? Where is it?

“Stop looking for it, the Radiant Holy Sword is already in your body. However, with your current abilities, you are still incapable of using its power.”

“If that is the case, then why can everyone else use their weapons?”

The God King’s voice rung in my ears, as though I was the only one that could hear it, saying, “They can only use a very small portion of their Godly weapons’ powers. Their Godly weapons are second rank Godly weapons, so they are easier to control. On the other hand, the Radiant Holy Sword used to be my companion sword. I had previously given the sword to the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lei, until the great war of the Gods against the demons. For the final victory, he sacrificed himself. At that moment, I took back the sword. Currently, the difference between your power and the Holy Sword’s power is significant. Therefore, you will need to allow the Holy Sword to temporarily sleep in your body. Once you obtain sufficient power to use it, it will naturally awaken.”

I understand what is going on now. “When will I be able to wield enough power to use it?”

“That will be your next goal. At the west border of the human and Devil lands, there is a place called Sky Splitting Great Valley. You must head there. That year before the Holy God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lei, died, some of the power was shifted there. A magic spell was used to seal the power. You just need to go there and obtain the Holy God’s inheritance in order for the Holy Sword to be at its full power. However, you need not be anxious. You still need to work hard on your training. From my estimation, in the coming five years, the Demon King will not have sufficient energy.  During this time frame, you have to improve yourself. As your power increases, your chance of receiving the inheritance increases as well.”

So it turned out to be like that. I had already gotten the Godly weapon, but I had no way of taking it out for everyone to have a look.

The God King said, “Children, you all have received Godly weapons. I shall now teach you a magic spell. This spell is an important spell that can be used to hold back the demon king. Once your powers are close to the War God’s powers, you can then start to practice the spell, but Zhang Gong’s requirement to practice the spell with the others will be much higher. He must become a Grand Magister before he can practice the spell together with the team.”

I interrupted and said, “What must I accomplish to become a Grand Magister? From what my teacher said before, the inner body has to form six Gold Dans. Is that all? “

The God King said, “You got only a portion correct. That is when you reach six apertures, which are the Gold Dans you just spoke of, you are certainly entering the grand magister’s realm. However, initially you will only be slightly stronger than a sword saint warrior. You must train until you reach nine apertures. Only then will you become a true grand magister. The nine apertures are not literally the nine Gold Dans you mentioned before. Nine is only a figurative number. It is really when your body does not have any space not possessing a Gold Dan. When your whole body becomes the largest possible Gold Dan, you will finally reach the true realm of a Great Magister. At that point, you will have sufficient Godly powers to fight against the demons.”

The God King once again used a voice only I could hear, and said, “You just need to receive the Holy God’s inheritance. Probably at that time, you will be able to break through to the grand magister’s realm. Therefore, you must head there.”

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