Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 47

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Volume 3: Chapter 47 – The Forbidden

“Alright, I will definitely head there.” In order to be able to use the Holy Sword’s power and become a Grand Magister, there is no possibility that I will not head there.

“I shall first teach you a spell chant. After that, you will have to figure it out on your own.” After speaking, six golden lights shone from the God’s image, especially aimed at our upper dantian. We all felt as though something was added to our minds.

The God King said, “I have already engraved the spell’s chants in your minds so you will remember them forever.”

After a moment of haziness, a line of small words distinctly appeared.

We subconsciously started to read those small words.

Zhan Hu said, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.”

Xiu Si said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.”

Xin Ao said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path

Gao De said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.”

Dong Ri said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently.”

I said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.”

“That’s enough, stop chanting. If you continue to chant the spell, you will not be able to stop it. Only by improving yourselves will you start to understand how powerful the spell is. In the God’s Clan, this spell is regarded as a top grade spell. It will be much more powerful than your human’s forbidden spells. Therefore, I shall name it as the top spells of spells– All God’s Awakening Symphony.”

We listened to what the God King told us and stopped chanting the spell. Although the spell was incomplete, we could still imagine how powerful the spell would have been if we had finished the chants.

The God King said, “That will be all. Children, I have already explained and given you everything I wanted to give to you. For the rest of the mission, you will have to rely on your own abilities. I believe that you will definitely be able to annihilate all of the demons, bringing harmony and peace back to the world for all eternity.”  

At this moment, I was moved as I listened to the God’s rousing speech. We all deeply bowed towards the God’s image.

The God King said, “It’s alright, you do not need to do that. Your Godly weapons can be hidden in your bodies. They rely on your control of your spiritual power. When you meet the Demon King and his subordinates, I hope that you will not expose your powers too early. Even if you are just training to use the Godly weapons, you have to find an isolated area to train. I shall now send you out of the God’s forest. For the next five years, you have to work hard at your training. I plead for you to do just that. After today, this Godly forest will cease to exist and become an ordinary forest. After you leave, I will head back to the God’s shrine and join up with the rest of the God Clan’s members to strengthen the Demon King’s seal. Children, we shall meet again.”  

We kneeled down and I said to the God’s image, “In our heart, you will forever be our God. We will miss you.”

The God’s King laughed and said, “Wait until you annihilate the Demon King, we will still meet again. By my title as the Gods’ King, send the humans and elf before me back to where they came.” A large golden halo shone from the God’s image and covered us. With a flash of the light, we had returned to the front of the Gods’ forest.

If there were not any signs of the shining Godly weapons in our hands and bodies; it was as though nothing had happened. We looked at each other, feeling as if we had returned to reality again.

Zhan Hu sighed and said, “I did not believe that after this dangerous experience, we had all actually inherited Godly weapons. Now, we have found our next goal. We must work hard!”

Xiu Si twiddled with the Sky King’s bugle horn and said, “That’s right! We must not let the Demon King succeed.”

“Let’s go, we shall visit the Nature Elf village before we head back.” I knew that everyone would soon have to split up, as we all have our own personal issues to settle.

“You all try to keep your Godly Weapons inside your bodies. We cannot always bring them around with us. Otherwise, we would be known as Gods that had descended, haha.”

Xin Ao brandished his Titan God’s hammer and said, “How? My Godly weapon is so big. Can I really keep it in my body?”

I chuckled after hearing what he said. “These Godly weapons can exist as pure energy so they will not take up any space in your bodies. You just need to think of them returning into your bodies.”

After saying so, the Wind God’s bow in Dong Ri’s hands instantly vanished. He elatedly said, “I succeeded! “In order to familiarize himself with the action, he tried to bring it out and send it back in a couple of times. Everyone did as I told them to. After a few moments, they completely mastered the action of summoning their Godly weapons.  

The Nature Elves village was just as beautiful as the first time we had arrived. Since it was daytime, the Nature Elves were busy working. By returning here, I felt as though I had come home. Just as we reached the entrance of the village, we were discovered.  A young elf flew over and said, “Zhang Gong, you all have returned!”

“That’s right! How is the village? Is it alright? Did the dark elves attack again?” I amiably asked him.

“No, they did not dare to come again. Even if they do, they will experience the might of light magic.”

“That’s right. You should spend more time practicing light magic when you are free. Once light magic combines with your innate abilities, you will never need to fear them again.”

At this moment, the Nature Elf King brought over four elders and said, “We welcome your safe return. Come, let’s enter the village.”

Only then did I suddenly remember that I was still at the village entrance. We started to follow the Nature Elf King. We passed through the familiar route and reached the conference lounge. Except for the four elder elves, the Nature Elf King made all of the elves leave. The fact that we had gotten Godly weapons was a secret so only the Nature Elf King and the four elders could know.

Nature Elf King asked, “How was it? Did you gain any profits from coming here?”

I told him all about our dangerous experiences, but left out the part where we all got Godly weapons. I just explained the part where the God changed our bodies.

After listening to us, the Nature Elf King and the four elders displayed an expression of reverence. The Nature Elf King said, “I hadn’t expected that you would be approved by the God King. Be at ease, when you have to fight the Demon King, we, the Nature Elves, will also take part. For the world’s peace and harmony, this is what we should do.”

Zhan Hu smiled, “That’s great! With your help, our fighting power will increase. That’s right, do you still have any more of your fruits wine? Can you bring some out?”

The four elders showed fearful expressions, and the third elder said, “I am afraid that at the moment we don’t have any. You drank all of the wine when you were here previously.” Actually, they still had five more bottles of wine, but when I was leaving the village previously, I had asked for them. This time, they really did not have any more wine.

After hearing the third elder’s words, everyone except for me, showed disappointed expressions.

To stop putting them on the spot, I said, “We would like to rest here for the day and head back tomorrow. The God King said that we had approximately five years before the war. We also had no knowledge of his plans. During this time frame, we have to work harder in our training as preparations to annihilate the Demon King.”

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