Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

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Volume 3: Chapter 5 – Successful Escape

So powerful! Darkness magic is actually so powerful! They’re of the demon race, so they have a hatred for humanity carved in their bones and engraved in their hearts. How could they possibly spare me? In the first place, I have never encountered them before so I didn’t know how to deal with darkness magic. This won’t do, I need to run away. Safety is the most important after all. I can think of a method to deal with them in the future. I took advantage of the fact that the darkness magic was still covering up my Brilliant Empire to quickly use a short range teleportation to leave the site. I picked a direction and did my best to flee.

In fact, I didn’t need to be so anxious about escaping. They didn’t chase me at all. Even though that bamboo pole counteracted my Brilliant Empire, it still consumed a lot of power. Darkness magic and light magic are mutually restrictive after all. In the first place, he didn’t have any advantages at all.

After counteracting the Brilliant Empire’s energy, the bamboo pole took a deep breath. “That light magic was very powerful but he also knows spatial magic. It seems that it will be impossible to chase him. He’s so young yet he has so much strength. Ah. Princess, it seems that you still can’t compare with him.”

“Teacher, how are you? Don’t tell me…. Even you can’t deal with him? Is he actually that powerful?” The beautiful lady quickly went over to assist the bamboo pole. She had said that since she was unconvinced.

“Ah, Princess. If what that youngster said just now is true, then our demon race is in danger.” Sure enough, they are of the demon race. “Their light magic is something we haven’t faced for a long time. Its power is extraordinarily strong. It was clear that he hadn’t used all of his strength yet. Although he can’t be considered my match at the moment, in a few years he will surely surpass me. He also know that the demon race has invaded humanity so he will certainly take appropriate measures. It seems that we will have to temporarily stop our invasion of humanity. We will have to make clear the strength of humanity first before we can continue with our plans.”

“Okay. I will listen to you. Then are we still going to the kingdom of Aixia?”

“We’re still going.  However, all of you should go ahead and find a place to set up first. I must return to our country and report the situation to His Majesty first. I’ll ask His Majesty whether or not we will alter our plans.”

“Good. Then we will immediately set off.” The beautiful lady turned towards the eight maids and said. “How are your conditions? Quickly change into good clothes. We’re setting of now. Once we’ve arrived at the city walls, we’ll look for a place to rest and heal.”

Back to me. After running for who knows how long, I was gasping for breath. Ah. I’m so tired. I turned my head around as I ran and saw that there wasn’t anyone chasing after me. There shouldn’t be any problems if I stop running then. I found a shady tree and sat down before wiping away the sweat on my forehead. What did those demon race people come here to do? What kind of bad luck do I have to let me run into them? My luck is really bad today. Right after setting off on my journey I have already met such a powerful enemy. It’s a good thing I can run away quickly. I still felt a lingering fear when recalling the black cover the bamboo pole used on me.

However, the leader of those girls was simply too beautiful. Does the demon race have many beautiful women? I originally thought those two elusive sisters were already very beautiful women, but this demon race women is even more beautiful! I can’t help but shake my head. Although my heart has never raced for any women before, this time I’m a bit tempted. But she’s a bit too fierce. When she saw me, she didn’t just want to beat me, she also wanted to kill me. If I married her in the future, then wouldn’t my life be awfully miserable? A few passionate words and she’ll give me her blade. It’s already over. It seems that all beautiful women are fierce. In the future, it’ll be fine if I just find an ordinary looking girl to be my wife. It’s enough to just look at beautiful women.

I truly don’t know what our protagonist is thinking. Right now he is continuously thinking about the issue concerning them and himself. He was unexpectedly thinking about how the demon race passed through the Si Te Lun stronghold and arrived at the Tian Wu continent.  What is their purpose?

With my body exhausted and my spirit drained, I unconsciously fell asleep in the shade.

I slept very well, and I woke up freezing. I opened my eyes and saw that it was already night. My body was wet with dew and sweat; I felt unbearably sticky. I wanted to immediately find a place to wash.

Where is this? There seems to be light a small distance away. It looked like a village. Without any delay, I immediately ran toward it.

I walked close and carefully looked. As expected, it is a village, a very small village. Probably about only twenty households. I walked toward to the largest house and knocked on the door, “Is anyone there?”

An old voice passed through the door, “Who is it?”

“Hello, sir. I am a traveler. On a whim, I came here first. Could you let me stay here for the night? I will leave tomorrow, thank you.”

After a moment, the door opened. It was a wrinkly old grandpa. After he spent a moment examining me head from toe, he said, “Come in.”

“Thank you.” I answered at once and then followed the old man into the house. The house had about three different rooms. The living room was very simple; it only had a bench, a small table, a small stool, and a few domestic necessities.

The old man poured a glass of water for me. I immediately answered, “Thank You.”

“You don’t have to be so polite. Where did you come from, young man?” The old man asked with a smile.

“I came from the city of SenKe. I wanted to take a tour around the Xiuda Kingdom.” I didn’t conceal anything with these words. This isn’t a secret that I have to hide.

“Ah SenKe, that’s the second largest city. I visited there when I was young. Oh that’s right, you still haven’t ate. Look at me, old and senile. I’ll go get you something to eat.”

I was indeed very hungry, I cannot be polite about this, “In that case, I will trouble you.”  Actually, in my mind I still wanted to say, ‘You should bring more, I eat a lot.’

I found a basin, and I scooped up a bit of water from the yard’s water jar and washed my face. As expected, it was very refreshing. After I finish eating, I’ll give myself a good wash.

“Time to eat, young man.” The old man called from within the room.

“I’m coming.” When I entered the room again, the small table already held many dishes on top of it, including a bamboo basket filled with steaming sweet potato and corn. There was also a bowl of fragrant sweet potato congee. This is great. Smelling the fragrant aromas of the meals, I felt like I was eat.

“Let’s sit down and eat. Rural folk like me don’t have anything good to treat guests with.”

“This is already very good. At home, I always eat like this.” I could no longer help it. I threw myself at the table’s various foods and with all my might, tried to stuff it all in my stomach. The old man watched me eat with a knowing smile.

With the battle concluded, I had cleared off all the food. I patted my bulging belly, satisfyingly said, “I’m very full, I haven’t eaten this much ever since I left home. Thank you truly.”

The old man rose and cleaned the battlefield. I also quickly set to the task. Letting me wolf down so much food, how could I possibly push the cleanup onto someone else. The old man didn’t bother being polite and told me where the kitchen was.

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