Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 7

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Volume 3: Chapter 7 – Eating and Eating I asked the service lady: “The reward for these three S rank missions are so big, who could afford this?”

This time not only did she laugh at me, but all the people around me looked at me as if I was an idiot. What are they looking at? It’s just that I don’t know since it’s my first time out in the world. I’ll just ignore them then.

“Since the beginning of the Mercenary guilds, this mission has had the highest rank. It’s already been like this for over 1000 years. If someone actually managed to complete this mission, they can just go to the capital and claim this reward. The power of the divine artifact will be even greater if it recognizes its master. (Teacher Di has already told me that even if I happen to find a divine artifact, I won’t necessarily be able to obtain it. I must obtain the divine artifacts approval first before I can attain it. This much I already know.)

“Oh. So it’s actually like this. Have you found the mission I wanted yet?” With so many people staring at me, I really want to leave at once.

“Here’s a mission that suits you quite well. It’s a B rank mission. The mission is to escort a merchant to the capital of the Xiuda kingdom, Xiuda City. The reward for this mission is 300 diamond coins. However, this type of mission is usually accepted by a whole mercenary company. Will you be fine by yourself?”

“Ah. How many people are there in a mercenary company?” It would be better to find some other people to accept this mission with. Safety is the most important thing after all.

“It’s not exact, but the minimum is around ten people.”

I surveyed my surroundings then abruptly shouted: “Any mercenary groups that want to take this mission, I want to join.” This truly is clever of me. If I don’t want to do this mission by myself, then I can just find a mercenary company to join. How wonderful, I probably won’t meet any bandits and even if I do, they’ll take care of it. I’ll certainly be safe this way. I truly am too clever.

While I was being infatuated with my cleverness, I heard a loud voice. “Then you can join us since we’re also thinking about taking this mission.”

Ah, what a loud voice! It frightened me just now. I turned my head to look at the owner of the voice. Waa! He’s so huge! His height is over 2 meters and a foot! He had a wild beard on his face and he was carrying a huge axe on his back. With a single look I could tell that he had the strength of one who trains in martial skills.

“Hello, you guys are a mercenary company?” I courteously asked.

“Ah, yes that’s right. We’re the famous Holy Sword Mercenary Company.” The huge person said in a straightforward manner.

“How many people are in your group?”

“We have about 20 people in our company but they’re all martial practitioners. We’re from the Xiuda kingdom so we wanted to take this mission as we could use it to go home conveniently. We’re lacking a mage. So how about it? Do you want to join us?”

20 people. That’s not a small number, but I don’t know how their strength is. Looking at his appearance, I estimated that he if he had Earth Battle Spirit, it would be quite good.

“Then what warrior rank are you right now?”

“Me? I’m on the verge of reaching the level where I can get the authentication of a knight. Most of the people in the company are intermediate rank warriors.” (An intermediate warrior is equivalent to an intermediate mage.)

“Oh. So that is to say you’re an advanced warrior. That’s fine then. I wish to join your ranks until we finish this mission. However, I have a few conditions I hope you can agree to.” Although their strength isn’t that powerful, I really like this big guy.

The big guy blanked out for a moment. “What conditions?”

I muttered to myself before saying: “There are three conditions. Number one: I want you guys to prepare a carriage for me during the journey since I’m a mage so I don’t have much physical strength. Number two: I won’t be considered to be part of your mercenary company but simply as an ally. I don’t want you guys to command me. Naturally, I will dispose of any dangers. Number three: I want a tenth of the reward money.”

The first two conditions were a bit harsh, but the last condition was actually advantageous to them. The big guy thought about it for a bit before agreeing to them, he only needs a passable carriage and it’ll be done. What would I do with all this money? It would just be pocket change to me. What’s more, they have to split it among twenty people. If I asked for more they wouldn’t make much profit. I’m still outstandingly kind and honest after all.

After accepting the mission and deciding on when we would assemble, we left the Mercenary Guild. First off, I want to go find a good restaurant to comfort my stomach. Apart from that time I ate my fill at that uncle’s house, I’ve been eating rations for the rest of the journey. My stomach nearly revolted after that.

After exiting the Mercenaries Guild and walking quite a bit, I saw a restaurant with a big sign called the Signature Tavern.” What an interesting name. I’ll eat here then.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, a server came over to welcome me. “Hello Mister. May I ask how many people are with you?”

“It’s just me. Please give me a more peaceful area.”

“Okay then. The second floor is a bit more peaceful. I’ll bring you over then.” I followed the server to the second floor then sat down at a table beside the window. As expected, it’s really peaceful here. Maybe it’s because it isn’t dinner time yet, but there was only a sparse number of people.

“What kind of special dishes do you guys have here?” I was already a bit impatient, since my stomach wouldn’t wait for them. It continued to protest.

“Our specialty here is stir-fried duck hearts, dong po pork…” He continuously listed off ten different dishes. They all sounded quite good. I’m already beginning to drool.

“It’s fine now. You don’t need to continue. The dishes you said just now, bring me all of them. I also want ten steamed buns and a bowl of porridge. Hurry up.”

“Can you eat this much?”  The skeptical server has met the Rice Bucket.

“Just hurry up and do it. What are you asking so many questions for? It’s not like I’m not paying for it.”

After driving away the server, I was already beginning to anticipate my delicacies. They were really fast. In not too long, my table was filled with an incomparable feast. (There wasn’t any wine. I haven’t started drinking yet. I’ll speak about it when I have the change in the future.) My mouth suddenly opened wide. I took the chopsticks and began my struggle.

My speed isn’t that slow. It only took me about one hour to finish it. Actually, I didn’t really take my time eating a lot of the dishes. No matter the taste, it just slipped straight into my stomach. Not bad. Truly not bad.

“Server, the bill please.”

The server walked over. “In total that was 3 gold coins and 4 silver coins.

“Oh.” I took out the amethyst card from my chest pocket and gave it to him. “Will the card be fine?”

When the server saw me take out an amethyst card, his face had a look of reverence on it. “Please wait a moment. I’ll go look for my boss.”

In order to use the card, he needs to find the boss. So troublesome. Forget about it. I’ll just wait then. In any case, I sat there motionlessly. (Authors note: Who told you to be such a good for nothing Zhang Gong. Recklessly eating so much. There are people who are saving money who can’t eat. Yet you have so much waste. Corruption and waste are the biggest sins. Author: Speechless.)

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