Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 9

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Volume 3: Chapter 9 – Bandit Leader’s Charge

“Then how about we make a bet?”

“What sort of bet?” He obviously didn’t put me in his eyes.

I pretended to think for a bit, “Let’s just bet you won’t be able to beat me.” My words immediately made all the bandits burst out in wild laughter, apart from the silent bandit standing beside the bandit chief.

The chief bandit didn’t even stop to think and immediately replied: “Ok. I’ll bet with you. But we won’t just be betting on all of your merchandise, we’ll also be betting the lives of everyone in your party. You still want to bet?” It seems he wasn’t foolish, to make use of my group.

Now I’m put into a difficult position, I have to take into consideration the lives of several hundred people. “Please let us discuss this for a moment.”

I returned to our party, “You all heard my conversation with the chief bandit, what do you guys think?”

Long Meng excitedly said: “I hand my life over to you, Great Mage, I’m sure you can win against him. How about it brothers?” All the mercenaries under Long Meng shouted in uniform: “We’ll bet.”  A proper group of brave men.

I turned to the caravan leader, Mr. Meng, “What about you guys, are you willing to put your lives in my hands?”

Mr. Meng was very hesitant, “Can you let me discuss it more with that chief bandit?” Everyone has the right make their own choices. Although Long Meng’s mercenaries were glaring at him, I didn’t express anything, “Alright, you can try to negotiate again.”

I accompanied Mr. Meng to the bandits, Mr. Meng very politely said, “If us merchants don’t participate in this bet, can you let us just give you the merchandise and not die?”

The chief bandit impatiently said, “Fine, you are so troublesome. Quickly decide what you’re going to do. Originally, we could easily capture you guys. We just agreed to your request to let you guys accept defeat. I’m not going to be so polite anymore if you don’t decide soon.”

Mr. Meng pondered for a bit. First he helpless said to me: “I have to insure everyone’s safety. I hope you can understand.” Then he turned to the chief bandit: “We are willing to hand over all the merchandise.”

I silently sighed. Originally, there was an opportunity to withdraw without loss. But now I’d rather not fight, as there’s no longer any reason to. However spoken words are like spilled water, they can no longer be taken back.

Seeing the chief bandit’s pleased look, I, who is rarely angered, was somewhat upset. First I calmly said to Mr. Meng, “Since you do not trust me, then from now on I along with Long Meng’s mercenary company will hereby end our employment under you.” Mr. Meng shook his head and went back sighing. It seems that he was going to prepare his goods for delivery.

“I represent myself and these twenty brothers of mine in an exchange of pointers with you. If I win, you let us go. If I lose, our lives are yours.” I said resolutely with gritted teeth. With my strength, I believed that there was no way I could lose against a Heaven Knight.

“Good. Boy, you have courage. Come!”

All of the bandits went out, leaving a large, empty expanse. It seems that the people of Xiuda greatly care about the fair nature of an exchange of pointers. Long Meng’s company were also in the surrounding encirclement, giving me confidence. Those merchants were looking from the distance, waiting for our match to end to hand over their goods.

I gave the brothers in Long Meng’s mercenary company a confidence smile, and loudly said, “Brothers, believe in me, I will definitely bring everyone out of this troubling situation.

At the center of the site, the bandit leader and I stood face to face. I calmly threw off my outer robe and waved my right hand, “Come, dimensional storage.”

“Boy, you are a mage.  Then you certainly won’t use a horse. I will not use one either. Let us immediately start this match.” It seems this bandit is truly worthy of being considered a heaven knight; he truly has a knightly demeanor.

From the dimensional pocket, I took out my Light God’s Robe and wore it. After all, I am bearing the lives of tens of people. I must be cautious. Wearing the Light God’s Robe, I immediately gained much spirit power. I cast several defensive enchantments on myself. “Come, let me experience this heaven knight’s strength.”

The bandit wildly laughed, drew his sword, and flew straight towards me. So fast, I only saw a dim shadow for a flash of a moment, and he had arrived in front of me, in one blur, chopping at my shoulder.

He is truly fast, so fast that I don’t even have enough time to teleport. I waved my right hand and brilliant rays of light came forth to obstruct him.

The bandit stopped for a moment. “Are you a mage or a warrior? How come you have Heaven Battle Spirit?”

“I’m not using battle spirit. This is just another method of using magic.” This is my real strength. Right now I could even cast some rudimentary spells without chanting. I only need to will it then the light elements will congregate into the result I want. This took me three years to comprehend. Although there’s still a gap between me and Teacher Di, my power is unexpectedly similar to using battle spirit. At the moment, the bandit wasn’t attacking me at all since I was simply too great. Even though I managed to block his attack earlier, my whole right side is numb now. After all, fighting each other like soldiers with short weaponry certainly isn’t a mage’s strong points. I won’t give him this sort of opportunity again.

Using teleportation, I moved out of his range. It seems like I’ll have to use some stronger spells since his battle spirit is actually so powerful. His probing attack just now nearly injured me, if he had used all his strength I would have been unable to resist. I continuously used teleportation to change my position. He’s actually really quick as he was only a bit slower than me while I was using teleportation magic. I’m afraid he’ll cut me down if I stop. This situation can’t continue on.

I dodged to the side and starting chanting an incantation.  My hands started to emit a faint white light. The radiance grew stronger. This is a different spell than the one I had just used. This is my improved Light Severing Sword. With a wave of my hand, I can control my magic, using it to directly attack. It is a rank 6 spell, and its single target attack power is exceptionally strong. It is greatly suited to this situation. If Brilliant Empire isn’t necessary able to hit him because of his speed, and area attacks too large are spread too thin to be able to harm him, then currently, I can only use Light Severing Sword and stake it all.

I suddenly stopped and turned around with a white light. He immediately used a battle spirit movement technique and slashed at me with his knight swords that were emitting the same white light. I willed my magic to block it. “That’s right! Don’t run away. It’s isn’t satisfying if you run away.”

“Fine then. I’ll give something satisfying.” Fast as lightning, I shot one Light Severing Sword after another at him. In return, he brandished his knight’s sword to block them. Although I was unable to injure him, he was also unable to attack me. Now we’ll see who lasts longer, my magic power or his battle spirit.

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