Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 19

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Volume 4: Chapter 19 – For the Sake of the People

Teacher Di stroked his beard and nodded his head with an approving expression. After hearing what I said, he started to laugh for a long time.

I was shocked and hurriedly asked, “Teacher, how are you feeling? Are you feeling ill?”

Teacher Di slowly calmed down and said, “Good! Good! Good! You deserve to be my student. Zhang Gong, your analysis is extremely detailed. I’ll do what you requested. I’ll go and meet Prince Ke Zha and a few old friends tomorrow. These old friends are none other than the Advanced Magic Academy’s principal, spatial Magister, Chuan Song Zhen, and the Royal Magic Academy’s vice principal, fire Magister, Si Di Lie!”

I stood and bowed deeply to Teacher Di. “Teacher, I thank you on the behalf of every commoners who lives in Aixia. With the other teachers and you joining, the two opposing sides have four Magisters each. This’ll serve as a bargaining chip during negotiations.”

Teacher Di smiled. “Silly child! It isn’t four against four Magisters, but instead five against four Magisters. Don’t forget that you yourself are a Magister. However, you must keep this secret and not tell anyone about it. You understand? That’s right! I heard that you seriously injured the grandson of the Ri family. How did that happen?”

I sheepishly smiled and replied, “Yeah.” I told Teacher Di the story. Teacher Di frowned. “You’re really foolish! Even if he has a special spell, you shouldn’t need to win so strenuously! You are a Magister. There should be a difference in the quality of the strength!”

I stunned. “What was I supposed to do then?”

Teacher Di explained. “It’s actually really simple. Have you forgotten your self-created magic fusion technique? You can use it to increase the strength of your magic spell! Also, you didn’t use the fusion spell, but instead used a large area spell in a one on one battle? Do you still remember the fireball Ma Ke used on you? It was a good method, but you didn’t use it! You’re really foolish! You won’t be able to defeat any of the ten Magisters in your current state. That battle with Feng Liang shall be a learning  experience for you. Next time, please think a little bit more before you act. You’re not just my hope, but also the entire human race’s hope! Do you understand?” It was clear to me that he wanted me to become a Grand Magister from what he said!

‘That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?’ I lowered my head and said, “Thank you for your guidance. I’ll definitely work harder training in that area!”

Teacher Di replied, “You don’t have to head back today, just stay for the night.”

I smiled. “That’s great! I also want to accompany you.”

A silent night passed and the morning of the next day came. I set off to the Advanced Magic Academy. Before classes started, I went to find Ma Ke and told him the good news. Ma Ke became so jubilant, he completely skipped classes to head home and tell his father the news, which also allowed his father to prepare to receive Teacher Di.

After solving this matter, I was ecstatic. My face was filled with overflowing happiness!   

Mu Zi curiously looked at me. “What happened to make you this happy?”

I leaned towards her and stopped only when I was really close to her face. “Because you don’t seem to despise me as much already. I’m definitely happy about that and even dreamt about you.”

Mu Zi pushed me away. “You’re so hateful. Keep your distance! Didn’t I tell you that it’s impossible for us to be together? Just give up on me already!”

I moved closer to her again. “Why is it impossible? This matter depends only on the individual. As long as you like me, it’ll be enough. So? Have you been captivated by my handsomeness, talent and great strength?”

Mu Zi’s face reddened. “Who is captivated  by you? Keep your distance! We are in a classroom. It’s bad to be seen like this by others!”

I laughed. “In that case, if it isn’t in a classroom, I can be intimate with you?”

Mu Zi’s face further reddened. “You’re despicable! Using my own words against me! I didn’t mean it that way. You should sit down already- class is starting. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten that the teacher is going to test us today?” This was the first time Mu Zi showed me her childish side.

‘Ah! I really did forget about it. What do I do?’ I grabbed her arm and shook it. “You must save me! I don’t want to be scolded by that stubborn old man again!” I felt the tenderness of her skin and got excited, even though it was through her shirt.

Mu Zi shook off my hand and turned away from me. “Hmph! You reap what you sow! It’s your fault for not listening in class. I won’t help you!”

“Mu Zi, you are a good person! Please help me! If it wasn’t for you, that old man would have never pick on me.”

Mu Zi just glanced at me with her beautiful eyes, which said: How dare you say that? She took a piece of paper from her bag and gave it to me. “The rest will be up to you. The main points are in here!”

I elatedly took it and looked at the densely packed, unkempt words. ‘I have a way to cheat!’ I gestured to Mu Zi, wanting to hug her, but she immediately dodged away. “What are you doing? If you continue to be this unreasonable, I’ll ignore you forever!”

I felt wronged. “I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. I won’t do it again so please stop being angry.”

Mu Zi sighed. “I really don’t know what to do about you! Teacher is coming! Quickly take your seat!”

The old man took a stack of paper and entered the classroom. He surveyed the class once before saying, “There is a test on your magic knowledge today. I hope that everyone is prepared for the test!” After speaking, he intentionally looked at me.

The test was handed out, and all of the questions were on advanced spells. Actually, it wasn’t too difficult for me. However, it had been two years since I had last properly listened to class. I only vaguely remembered those advanced spells. I would’ve been much better off with a test on the usage of spells. Luckily, I still had the small paper note that Mu Zi gave to me.

I sticked the slip of paper onto the chair of the student in front of me. Mu Zi immediately whispered, “You’re being too obvious!”

I replied, “We mustn’t whisper during the test! Your two ears and your nose shouldn’t be concerned with any external affairs, just focus on the exam with your heart and soul!” Mu Zi was stunned by my literary talent. ‘Seeing her stunned expression, I was secretly happy. This was something I read in the Three Hundred Poems from the prince’s mansion and was the only phrase I remembered. I managed to make use of it today! Haha!’

I copied down as much as I could. After a while, I was unsatisfied and just placed the cheat sheet directly next to the test paper and copied it.

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