Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 2

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Volume 4: Chapter 2 – The Warmth of Home

After mother heard that I still had to gain experience, she got anxious. “You still need to gain more experience? I nearly died from worrying all this time, I was so scared that you would run into danger. Do you have to go again?”

I embraced her and said, “Mom, even if I have to go, it’s still a matter for two or three years into the future. We still don’t know what will happen, and we can’t plan for what will change.” Mother started to calm down. “Alright, you father and son continue to chat. I’ll go and make some delicious food.”

“Mom, please make more. I invited Ao De to come to our house for dinner.”

“Ok, I know.”

After mother went into the kitchen, I said to my father, “Father, once I enter and train at the Advanced Magic Academy, I’m afraid that I will have to head out again to gain more experience for a long period of time.” I started to tell him about the task that the God King had given us that I had left out earlier.  

Father sighed a lot, before saying, “Child, for the peace and harmony of the world, go. You don’t need to worry about me or your mother. If you can get the God’s inheritance, I will be proud of you.”  

I started to choke with sobs. “Fa-Father. Thank you.”

I took a sack out of my pouch and gave it to Father. “This is what Teacher Di gave me for my expenditures during training. I have not used much of it so I could leave some for you.”

Father smiled and took it. “That’s wonderful, my son is being so filial to us. Ha ha.” When he opened the sack, he was shocked by the shine of the treasures inside. The sack was filled with sparkling diamond coins.

“Wow! So much! You should just keep it for yourself.”

“I still have five hundred diamond coins so Mom and you don’t need to be too thrifty.”

At this moment, Ao De’s voice came from outside the door. “Zhang Gong, I am here! Hurry and open the door!”

“Coming!” I hurriedly ran out to invite Ao De and Luo Yu in.

Ao De said, “Hello, uncle.”

“Good! Quickly take a seat! This should be Luo Yu, right?” Father asked, smiling.

Luo Yu’s face reddened as she said, “Hello, uncle.”

Father laughed and said, “Hello, little Luo Yu is becoming more and more pretty.”

I asked curiously, “Father, you’ve met Luo Yu before?”

Father said, “Of course I have! And I frequently see her. Every day she is always paired with Ao De. Almost everyone in the village has seen her. Ha ha.”

At this moment, Mother carried a dish in and said, “Yes! Look how skilled Ao De is, finding such a pretty girlfriend. When will you be bringing one home for Mom to see?”

“I also want to, but I have not found a match. I am not as capable as Ao De. Who would want to be with me anyway?”

Mother said, “I’m not asking for you to get an extremely beautiful girl. As long as she treats you well and is pretty, I will be satisfied.”

I smiled and said, “I do think the same way as you mom, but I also want to find an average girl. I find that beautiful girls are hard to deal with and have bad tempers.”

Ao De said, “Who says that! You just have to look at Luo Yu. She is extremely well tempered and is also very easy to deal with.” Luo Yu’s face reddened, but did not say anything.

I mock scolded, “Seeing how lucky you are, quickly go and bring the dishes out together with me!”

With everyone’s help, the table was soon filled with sumptuous dishes. Everyone ate their meals joyously and harmoniously. I brought out a crystal bottle that contained the fragrant fruit wine, which everyone looked at with curiosity.

I mysteriously said, “This is the Nature Elves’ fragrant fruit wine. It is very rare. I helped them a lot so they gifted it to me. Everyone have a taste!” I poured a small cup of wine for everyone. The scent of the fragrant wine filled the whole house.

Everyone looked at their cups curiously. Father, who drank frequently, said, “This is a really good wine! It’s so fragrant!”

“It tastes even better! Everyone quickly have a try!” As expected, the fragrant wine subdued everyone. In only a short moment, the bottle of wine was finished and they wanted more! Of course, I told them that I only had one bottle.

Mother brought up the previous topic and said, “Zhang Gong, this time when you return to the academy, you must bring a girlfriend back home no matter what. If not, I will not forgive you. You are already about twenty years old! Usually everyone starts to get married at eighteen or nineteen, but you still have not found one yet!”

With a look I appealed to my father for help, who in turn said, “In this case, I cannot help you this time as I also wish for you to get married soon. At that time, you can give me a grandchild. Ha ha.” After listening to what Father said, my entire face reddened.

I replied, “Ok! At that time, I will find an ugly daughter in law and come home!”

Mother smiled. “That does not matter, as long as she does not look worse than me!”

Father whispered, “Please don’t find someone like your mother. You have to find someone with less attitude. If not, you will suffer for your whole life.”

Mother’s hearing was still very good and she had heard everything he had said. Immediately, she angrily said, “My temper’s very bad? When have you suffered? After today, I won’t cook you food or wash your clothes anymore. I serve you every day, yet you say I’m no good!”

Father immediately begged for mercy. “No! No! My wife is the best, prettiest, gentlest, wisest and kindest of them all! You are definitely a role model to any future mother that wants to be a good wife and a loving mother!” Father’s comical expression made all of us laugh.

Mother smiled and said, “You pathetic old man!”   

Father asked me, “When are you returning to the academy?” Mother wordlessly looked at me.

I smiled and said, “This time I will be staying a few days to keep you company. In about a month’s time, I will start to head back. Does that sound fine? Mother, are you satisfied?”

Mother smiled and nodded, then said, “That is good enough! Out of the three hundred days in a year, you were never at home. Your father and I could only stare at each other every day. You don’t even know how lonely I was.”

This time, it was Father that shot back. “You were lonely when you were with me?”

Mother smiled. “Ha ha, who told you to say that I had a bad temper earlier?”

I hurriedly said, “That’s right! Father, Mom, do you want to learn some advanced magic? I can teach it to you! This is so that when I leave, you can practice the magic in your free time and will no longer feel lonely.”

Mother excitedly said, “That’s wonderful! It is a great idea, but the magic you learn is light magic. Your father and I are water and wind magicians. Can we still learn it?”  

I said, “That does not matter as your bodies’ magic abilities are not very high, so even if you totally give up on learning, it will not be a big problem. You just need to relearn light magic. Light magic’s healing techniques are better than water magic’s anyway. Moreover, light magic’s offensive power are also very powerful!”

Father said, “That’s fine then! In any case, staying idle is still boring. Starting from tomorrow, your mother and I will learn light magic from you!”

Ao De said, “Add us in as well! We also want to learn!”

I said, “Alright! I’ll start teaching you all tomorrow. The lesson will begin in the morning!” I am a light magic Magister. In the entire world, aside from Teacher Di, I should be the best at understanding light magic. Even so, teaching them will still prove to be a very difficult task.

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