Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 22

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Volume 4: Chapter 22 – Two Tender Encounters

I woke up early in the morning and started moving my body to warm up before circulating the Ascending Dragon’s Battle Spirit that Zhan Hu had taught me. My battle spirit had improved a lot without me noticing. After putting in lots of effort, I managed to hover above the ground. The battle spirit rapidly rushed out from under my feet. I was really surprised that I could levitate, even though I could only maintain it for five minutes. It was just too awesome!      

My mood was slightly better. When I entered the classroom, it was that old mage’s lesson. I sat in my seat without even glancing at Mu Zi.

The old mage said, “I’ll start class now. The results for yesterday’s test are out. Overall, everyone did well and passed, but some students passed using dishonest methods. I hope you know that laziness won’t lead to any good fortune. Alright! Today I will be teaching…”  

‘It’s obvious he’s talking about me but I’ll just ignore him now that the test is over.’

Mu Zi nudged my side and whispered, “Are you still angry?”

I replied flatly, “I‘m not angry. Why should I be? You were right that I’m nothing to you so how could I be mad at you?”

Mu Zi replied, “You’re so petty!”

I replied angrily, “I‘m petty? You spent eighty of my diamonds coins just yesterday.”

Mu Zi’s face reddened and said sheepishly, “Then you’re not petty, so can we eat at that place for lunch again?” ‘Eat there again? I’ll be bankrupt in less than a month at this rate.’

I replied angrily, “I don’t feel like eating so I’m not going.”

Mu Zi pouted and said, “I knew you wouldn’t go there again. You’re just like the other guys who tried to court me.” After she said that, she lowered her head dejectedly.

I relented and said, “Fine, then we’ll go eat at noon.”

Mu Zi’s eyes brightened after hearing that, but then she became depressed again. “I think we shouldn’t go since you’ll have to spend so much. I don’t know why I have this bad habit of loving to eat so much.”

I was moved by her pitiful look, and said, “This can’t be a bad habit if you’re not stealing or robbing. It’s just eating food so stop being so dejected. We’ll go there at noon.”

Mu Zi started to tear up. “Zhang Gong, you’re so good. Thank you so much! What shall we have for lunch?” After she asked that, her eyes brightened.

I laughed bitterly in my heart as I couldn’t be stingy. “It’ll be up to you. We’ll eat whatever you want.”

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Yay!” ‘Even though I am about to spend some huge sum of diamond coins, my mood is surprisingly better.’

I whispered to her. “If you agree to be my girlfriend, I’ll bring you out to eat everyday!”

Mu Zi looked at me and said, “Are you really going to bring me out to eat everyday?”

I replied, “Yes!”

Mu Zi said, “Alright! I’ll temporarily be your girlfriend, but you have to keep your word!”

I pounded my chest. “Of course! As a gentlemen, how could I go back on my word?” ‘It seems that bringing her out for food was more effective than giving her love letters.’ Just as I thought that, Mu Zi said, “I have a condition, though, before I agree to be your girlfriend. You still have to write love letters to me every day.”

‘Ah! it seems she is just as vain as other girls.’ “No problem! I’ll start to write one for you now.” I took a piece of paper out and hurriedly wrote on it. My heart was filled with feelings for her and I finished writing her love letter extremely quickly. As for the contents, they were as corny as they could be.

Mu Zi contentedly read the love letter. She repeatedly showed a bashful expression on her blushing small face.

After reading the letter, she stretched a hand out to me. I was stunned and replied, “What do you want?”

Mu Zi replied, “Please give me the love letters you already wrote for me. I know you kept them.”

I consented, saying, “They’re in the dormitory. I’ll give them to you at noon.”

After morning classes, we went to Ascending Jade Tide again. It was so painful! Even though Mu Zi was more reserved in her orders, it was still fifty diamond coins after the discount. ‘If this continues on, one day I will definitely be coming here to wash the dishes!’

After Mu Zi agreed to be my girlfriend, her attitude toward me changed. She occasionally showed shy expressions, and didn’t rebuke me as she had before. I was elated.

When we returned for the afternoon lessons, Mu Zi was, for the first time, not focusing in class; because she was reading the letters that I had written for her before. ‘It looks like my relationship has finally gotten off to a good start and she is starting to accept me.’  

When it was close to the end of class, Mu Zi asked, “Let’s eat at the canteen tonight?”

I replied, “Great! I haven’t eaten with you at the canteen before.”

When class ended, we went to the canteen. There weren’t many students as the ones not in the dormitory usually headed home to eat. We found a quiet spot and ordered some dishes and ate them in great pleasure.

As I ate, I asked Mu Zi, “Mu Zi, how can you not get fat after eating so much everyday?”

Mu Zi glanced at me and said, “How have I not gained weight? I’m much fatter than before.”

I replied, “Really? I can’t see it. I think it would be better if you were slightly fatter.”

At this moment, a gentle voice said. “So you’re eating here, Zhang Gong.” I turned around and saw Hai Shui.

I curiously asked, “Aren’t you supposed to eat your dinner at home? Why are you at the canteen?”

Hai Shui walked to my side, but didn’t reply to my question. She frowned at Mu Zi. “Zhang Gong, why are you with Mu Zi? Mu Zi, how are you?”

Mu Zi smiled politely and replied, “So it’s Hai Shui! Let’s eat together!” ‘I wonder why she isn’t curious about how Hai Shui knows me.’

Hai Shui placed her hands on my shoulders and smiled towards Mu Zi. “Are you and Zhang Gong familiar enough with each other to be eating together?”

Mu Zi replied shyly, “How can I be familiar with him? We’re just classmates.”

I frowned and said angrily, “Mu Zi, how can you still be like that? Didn’t you agreed to be my girlfriend this morning?”

Mu Zi smiled. “Why are you angry again? I’m only your temporary girlfriend! I still need to test you.”


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