Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 29

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Volume 4: Chapter 29 – Pursuing a Retreating Enemy

Ignoring the heated battle between the two beasts, Teacher Di’s lips curved up a little as he asked Hai Tian, “Hai Tian, do you still want to continue battling?”

Hai Tian Xin let out a long sigh. “What is the point in continuing? Would I be able beat you if we continued the fight? Many years have passed, but you’re still stronger than me. Honourable High Priest, I concede.” This Xin family’s leader had such grace! When he saw that he didn’t have any hope of winning, he simply took the initiative to forfeit the match.

They withdrew their frantically battling magical beasts at that moment. Not much time had passed since the start of the competition.

“The winner is Chuan Song Zhen from the prince’s faction!” The High Priest announced. Prince Ke Zha showed a jubilant expression and personally went to welcome Teacher Zhen back. Our faction cheered wildly.  

“Teacher Zhen, thanks for your efforts!” The prince said with a smile.

Teacher Zhen smiled, “This match meant nothing, it was a given that I would be able to win it. I’ll just watch the remaining battles. Everyone, please don’t be too complacent because of this result! If my predictions are correct, the remaining matches will be extremely tough.”

I peeked at the opposing team. Their loss didn’t seem to have demoralized them at all, they looked calm and collected, as though victory was still in their grasp.

“Prince Ke Zha and Duke Te Yi, please come forward to draw the lots for the next match.” The High Priest said.

‘I wonder who will be sent out this time.’ Everyone anxiously awaited the outcome of the drawing.

After a short pause, the High Priest announced, “The contestants for the second match will be Wa Tian Shi and Lao Lun Di.”

Wa Tian Shi was actually the name of the masked black-clothed man. Once his name was announced, the few teachers instantly froze for a moment. “Teacher Zhen, what is the matter? Why are you so shocked? Is it because that Wa Tian Shi is very powerful?” I asked curiously.

Teacher Zhen nodded. “He’s definitely powerful. He is a Fire Magister and ranks eighth amongst the Magisters. However, he’s from Dalu. Why would he be here?”

“High Priest, I protest against this match! Wa Tian Shi isn’t from Aixia, so how could he participate in this competition?” Prince Ke Zha shouted.   

The High Priest closed his eyes and replied, “Duke Te Yi, what is your explanation for this?”

Duke Te Yi unhurriedly explained, “High Priest, the reason is very simple. Magister Wa Tian Shi’s name has been part of the records of the Kingdom of Axia for a very long time, and he is the current Vice-president of the Royal Mage Union as well.”

“What!? Why didn’t I know about such an important appointment!?” Prince Ke Zha exclaimed.

Duke Te Yi withdrew an appointment letter with the Kingdom’s seal and replied, “This is a letter of appointment, written by the Emperor. High Priest, please review it and judge its credibility!”

After looking at the letter of appointment, the High Priest said, “Since Magister Wa Tian Shi has been formally entered in the records of the Kingdom, I condone his participation and will not accept any further objections.”

The prince resentfully went back to our team and sighed. “What to do? Wa Tian Shi has messed up our plans.”

Teacher Zhen explained, “Please don’t get anxious, Your Highness. If the draw had lead to a battle between Dun Yu Xi and Lao Lun instead, it would have been a much tougher match, so this isn’t completely in the opponent’s favour. We just have to depend on Lao Lun to win his match and struggle with all of our might to win the last one.”

The prince nodded. “In that case, I’ll have to trouble you, Teacher Di.”

Teacher Di smiled and replied, “Relax! Wa Tian Shi isn’t a threat to me.” After he said that, he briskly walked toward the arena.

Wa Tian Shi had removed his black mantle and revealed a light magician’s robe. He seemed to be about seventy years of age. He walked towards the arena with a bright red magic staff in hand.

Wa Tian Shi said, “Are you Lao Lun Di? This should be the first time we face off. I hope you won’t disappoint me, I really want to see the difference between the eighth and third positions in the rankings of Magisters.”

Teacher Di calmly replied, “Let’s have a good match then.”

Even though Wa Tian Shi’s speech made him seem very relaxed, he was actually extremely nervous. As soon as the match started, he waved the magic staff in his right hand and yelled, “Fire Bear! Come forth!” His magical beast, a huge red bear that was over three meters tall, appeared in front of him.

Teacher Di was momentarily shocked, but then he waved his hand to shoot a light blade at the bear. The fire bear roared loudly and just used its huge palm to counter Teacher Di’s attack. It wasn’t a ninth grade magical beast for nothing!

Teacher Zhen said in shock, “This is bad! Lao Lun will be in trouble this time since he doesn’t have a magical beast!” The fire bear’s strength lies in its ability to defend its owner. Its defensive power seems to be nearing the level of a Magister. As Lao Lun doesn’t have a magical beast, this battle will be an extremely difficult battle.“ ‘That’s right! I just realised that I have never seen Teacher Di’s magical beast before. I asked him about that once, but he just smiled and replied that relying on a magical beast too much will have a detrimental influence on one in improving their magic.’

Wa Tian Shi said, “Why don’t you summon your magical beast so that we can fight this battle with all of our might?”

Teacher Di just shrugged. “I don’t have a magical beast. Let’s just continue fighting!”

Wa Tian Shi stood still for a moment, dazed, before saying, “You don’t have a magical beast? Then how could I battle with my magical beast? Fire Bear, return!” Duke Te Yi started to shout complaints from a distance when Wa Tian Shi recalled his fire bear, “Teacher Wa Tian, how could you give up your advantage against him?”

Wa Tian Shi frowned and said, “This is a Magister’s battle. What meaning would an unfair battle hold? Magisters should have their dignity!” Duke Te Yi had been rebuked. The surrounding three main families’ leader looked at Duke Te Yi with displeased expressions, it was obvious that they didn’t agree with what the duke had said either.

Wa Tian Shi actions had won him the goodwill of Teacher Di and the others. Teacher Di smiled and said, “Good! I will fight this match fair and square to show you my respect. Great Light elements! Please lend me your great powers! Let the unlimited light shine on the whole land. Illuminate – Brilliant Empire!” A white ray of light shone out from Teacher Di’s body. I often used this spell, so I was very familiar with it. Wa Tian Shi, meanwhile, had given up on testing the waters and started to chant a strong spell, “Violent Flames! Please turn into an azure flame and use your conviction to incinerate the enemy standing before you—- Azure Flames!” A red flame surged out from Wa Tian Shi’s red magic staff, but it gradually turned from red to white, and then from white to azure. It looked very strange. When he waved his staff, a green flame shot out, toward Teacher Di.

When the Brilliant Empire spell came in contact with the hot azure flames, the impact created a resounding Pu~ sound. The two Magisters seemed to be standing on equal ground at the beginning, but as time passed, the green flame was gradually being pushed backwards. Wa Tian Shi was panting and sweating heavily, but continued to chant before waving his staff once again and roaring, “Azure Flames, transform into a dragon!”

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