Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 3

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Volume 4: Chapter 3 – Return to the Academy

Early morning the next day, Ao De came running over. I smiled, saying, “You are quite impatient! Where is Luo Yu?”

Ao De panted and said, “I rushed here to tell you not to start the lesson yet. Luo Yu stays at Senke. I will meet up with her first and return afterwards. Can you start the training after we arrive?”   

“Alright, hurry up! I’ll be waiting for you.”

As I saw the figure of Ao De’s back leaving, I could not help but shake my head. Having a girlfriend really looked tiring. I decided I shouldn’t find a pretty girl in the future, as they are troublesome.

“Zhang Gong, breakfast! Who was that?” Mother called out to me.

“Coming! It was Ao De. He said that he will first meet up with Luo Yu, before coming here to learn magic.” While I said that, I hurriedly ran back into the house. Breakfast was sumptuous. It included milk, eggs deep fried steamed bun, and lots of other stuff.

“First come, first serve!” I grabbed a fried steam bun and stuffed it into my mouth. Wah! It was scalding hot!

“Eat slowly, nobody is going to steal from you.”

After we finished eating breakfast, they arrived. I said, “Have you eaten your breakfast? Do you want to eat something first?”

Luo Yu said, “We have already eaten. Ao De always said that you’re good at magic. Please quickly start the class to enlighten me.”

“You’re even more impatient than Ao De. Alright!”

Father, Mother, Ao De, Luo Yu and I went to the courtyard. I said, “Ok, we will now learn some light magic. Firstly, if we want to start using light magic, we must learn how to gather the light elements. The light elements are peace loving elements. They symbolize radiance and righteousness. When gathering the light elements, you must not command their thoughts. The light elements are our friends…”

Just like that, I started their light magic cultivation. Actually, Ao De originally didn’t want to learn with me because the previous incident had left an extremely deep impression on him. However, due to Luo Yu’s insistence, he had no choice but to summon his courage to learn magic. After a few days of practice, since there were no incidence of the numbing sensations that he had felt previously, he started to calm down.   

I used a month to successfully help them to gather light elements and taught them some basic light magic. I wrote down the incantations for intermediate light magic and left it for them.

It was time to go again; I had to leave once more.

“Father, Mom, please take care of yourselves! During the holiday in half a year’s time, I will return. You will also need to train hard in light magic. I will check on your light magic when I return. Father, I’m giving you this bottle of fragrant wine. You will have to drink it slowly as once you finish drinking it, there will be none left.” Originally, they were very reluctant to let me leave, but once Father saw the fragrant wine, his eyes immediately brightened. Mother also asked, “Son, do you still have some more wine? Give your mother one bottle as well.” I brought back a total of five bottles. I drank one, and gave one bottle to Father, so I was left with three bottles remaining. I dealt with the pain and took another bottle out. “This is really the last bottle, you must drink it carefully.”

Mother took it in high spirits and gave a warning expression to Father. “We will drink separately. You are not allowed to steal from me!” Looks like Mother had also fallen in love with the taste of the fragrant wine. Maybe it had something to do with the cultivation effects that the wine gave.

I looked at them, unsure of whether if I wanted to cry or laugh. I shouted, “I really should start to head out!”

Father waved his hands. “Go!” I smiled bitterly, before turning around and walking on the road back to school.

As he watched my fading back, Father smiled. “Silly child.” Mother hooked an arm through Father’s arm. “Seeing him go like this is also not bad. If not, I will get upset again.” The thought of not seeing her son for half a year made her eyes start to go red again.

Father sneakily said, “How about this? You give the fragrant wine to me, and I will bring you to see your son. How about that?”

Mother hurriedly hid the fragrant wine in her bosom. “No! I don’t want to disturb my child. I want him to practice properly.”

Leaving home, I wandered within nature. It had been nearly two years. I wondered how Teacher Di was. I walked into the forest and found an isolated area, before taking the magic array out of the book. I remembered that when I left Teacher Di initially, he told me that I just had to use this array to return to the school. I decided to try it out!

I carefully drew out the magic array. I drew every single line seriously. If I didn’t, one mistake could change my destination unimaginably.

After using two days to draw, I finally completed the magic array. I set a concealing pattern within the magic array so only I could use it. If I were to reverse the magic array, I would return here. I left the same magic array at the Nature Elves’ place. I even placed a mental connection on it. Using a special method, they could tell me their situation, if they needed to. The main purpose was so I could get there in time if they were ambushed by the dark elves.

After I checked every detail of the magic array again and found that everything was in order, I stood in the center of the array and chanted, “Using my magic power as the medium, shift space and time!” Instantly, my body was sucked into the magic array. The magic array emitted a strong light and disappeared from the land.

I used my magic power to control the stability of the spell. With my current magic power, controlling the magic array was very easy.

A white light glowed, and I appeared in the backyard of the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. Wasn’t this just outside Teacher Di’s sleeping area? So he had placed the other end of the magic array here. This was really convenient and helped to cut down a lot of trouble.

Just as I started to head towards Teacher Di’s bedroom, the door creaked open. Teacher Di’s familiar body figure appeared. I hurriedly stepped forward a few steps and kneeled in front of him. “Teacher, I have returned!”

Teacher Di pulled me up. “I predicted that you should be coming back already. Just now when the magic power fluctuated, I hurriedly come out to have a look. It really is you! Come, enter the house.”

I recounted all of the events of my trip in one go. It took a total of three hours. After Teacher Di heard the part where the God King explained that to become a true Grand Magister one must reach a state where there is no place in the whole body without Gold Dan, he shook in excitement.  

“Looks like this experience had been very beneficial to you. Not only did you complete the task, but your magic power also reached the Magister level. It seems that I don’t have anything left to teach you. What are your future plans?”

I replied, “This is what I am planning. I plan to go to the the Advanced Magic Academy to train for a few years. Even though I won’t learn much from that place, I really want to train there. The ambiance at that place is better. This way, I can also prepare myself to defeat the Demon King in the future!”

Teacher Di said, “Okay, then we’ll do that! I’ll make some arrangements for you. After you rest up for two days, you should start to head over there.”

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