Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 30

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Volume 4: Chapter 30 – An Outlook Far From Good

As he roared out, the azure flame retreated a little before transforming into a huge azure flame dragon. It had increased in temperature and countered the Brilliant Empire spell by clawing at it and managed to push the Brilliant Empire spell backwards.

Teacher Di saw the change in situation but didn’t panic. He just smiled a little and continued the Brilliant Empire spell while rapidly gathering light elements from all directions to his right hand. A white light ball formed in Teacher’s Di hand. ‘I know that was an light element power ball, but can it really counter that azure dragon? It seems that the Brilliant Empire also can’t hold on much longer.’

Teacher Di’s face flushed red. It was a sign of gathering large amount of light elements. Teacher Zhen said, “Lao Lun is going to use one of his ultimate spells, even I’m not sure if I could withstand that spell. Zhang Gong! You have to watch closely!”

The white light ball in Teacher Di’s hand suddenly radiated light, as expected. It slowly formed into an egg sized golden light ball. Ah! Teacher Di designed it to be similar to the Gold Dan’s shape. This was probably why he kept on telling me to gather my magic powers as much as possible. The golden light ball floated out from Teacher Di’s hand and went towards the azure dragon, which already broke through the Brilliant Empire spell.

The huge azure dragon shot out an azure flame, whose temperature could melt gold and rocks. Under Teacher Di’s control, the golden light floated upward to evade the azure flame and collided with the azure dragon. At that point, it was impossible to stop the collision.

When the golden light ball collided with the azure dragon, a large impact resounded throughout the whole arena. A huge crater formed from the impact with sand and dust covering the whole area. The protective barrier of the arena shook a little.

After a long time had passed, the sand cloud settled down. I was elated to see Teacher Di standing at his position, even though his complexion was a little pale. Wa Tian Shi, on the other hand, collapsed to the ground. His entire magic robe was stained with his blood. Teacher Di walked over to him and chanted, “Oh heavenly light! Please use your limitlessly merciful heart to become a savior god light—– Recovery Light!” It was an advanced light recovery spell. As long as Wa Tian Shi had a breath, that spell would be able to secure his life.

Wa Tian Shi slowly awakened from his unconscious state and coughed a little. He bitterly smiled. “It’s as expected of a third ranked Magister. I concede defeat.”

Teacher Di supported him and sincerely said, “If you had used your magical beast, the outcome might have been different.”

Wa Tian Shi shook his head. “I doubt that. Even if I used the magical beast, I wouldn’t be able to withstand that attack. You don’t have to console me. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose.” He pushed Teacher Di’s hand aside and went back to his team.

After losing this match, Duke Te Yi’s expression darkened. It was obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with Wa Tian Shi’s performance.

The High Priest announced at that moment, “Lao Lun Di from the prince faction wins the second match!”

Our side cheered wildly again. When Teacher Di returned to the team, I jubilantly clung onto his arm and said, “Teacher, you were awesome out there! You have increased our chances of winning drastically.”

Teacher Di didn’t show any sign of happiness, but instead he frowned. “Don’t be so happy just yet! The situation is still against us.”

Teacher Zhen walked over and nodded. “What Lao Lun said is right! Although we won two matches, we are still in a disadvantageous position. The opponent is still left with the Ri and Yue families’s leaders and Dun Yu Yi experts. Our side has only Xin De, Si Die and Zhang Gong. Their abilities are all slightly weaker than the opposing side, so we must do our best in order to win the last match.”  

The two teachers and I nodded our heads simultaneously.

The battle arena had already been repaired by a few earth magicians at that moment, in preparation to commence the third match.

The outcome of the third draw was Teacher Si Di Lie against the Yue family’s leader, Huan Ying Yue. The outcome of the battle was just correctly predicted by Teacher Di and Teacher Zhen. Since Si Di Lie was slightly weaker than his opponent, even if he had already used all of his might to fight against his opponent, he still lost the tough battle against Huan Ying Yue’s Yue family’s special technique, Shadow Moon’s Trace, in just an hour time.

Ma Ke supported Teacher Lie, who had overused his magic powers, back to the camp site. Teacher Lie sat on the floor and said, “Sorry, I have lost.”

The prince hastily replied, “Losing and winning is a commonplace in the military operation so please don’t criticise yourself. If I were in your place, I doubt that I would be able to hold on for even a moment.”

The prince and Duke Te Yi had drawn the drawing lots for the fourth match. It was me against the Ri family’s leader, Si Feng Ri.

After the result of the draw was out, I enshrouded in gloominess. I was looked down on by everyone. Even if I’m a Magister, there was still a definite gap in ability from Si Feng Ri, who had been a Magister for quite some time already. Even if it was Teacher Di against him, he wouldn’t have a definite chance of winning. If I lost this match, Teacher Long would be matched up against Dun Yu Xi and would definitely lose that match.

Teacher Zhen patted my shoulder. “Zhang Gong, you just have to do your best! Even if you lose, no one will blame you.”

The only person that held complete confidence in me was my mentor, Lao Lun Di. Teacher Di walked over and straightened the light robe that he gave to me previously. He whispered, “Zhang Gong, you must believe in yourself! You still stand a chance. It’s already impossible to hide Xiao Jin’s identity already. With Xiao Jin’s assistance, you’ll be a strong force to be reckoned with.”

I nodded and seriously replied, “Teacher Di, don’t worry! I definitely won’t let you down.”

As I walked to the battle arena, my heart was surging in anxiousness. I would be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t scared. My opponent was a fire Magister, who was ranked four in the Magisters, after all. I gripped tightly onto my magic staff and walked to the centre of the arena and prepared to face the worst opponent I have ever faced in my life at the moment.

When the opposing side saw that the prince had really sent me out to compete, they booed disdainfully. Duke Te Yi arrogantly raised his head; he didn’t even look at me, since he thought that I would definitely lose against the Ri family’s leader.

Si Feng Ri came onto the battle arena. He looked relaxed compared to my nervousness. He wore a bright red magician robe. Paired with his red robe, red hair and red magic staff, he looked just like just like a scorching hot fire.

Si Feng Ri questioned, “Are you Zhang Gong Wei, who had seriously injured my grandson?”

I nodded. “Yes, I am.”

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