Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 32

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Volume 4: Chapter 32 – Battle Cry of the Dragon and Phoenix

The Fire Phoenix  charged in front of Xiao Jin, but Xiao Jin didn’t fight back and just dodged its attacks.

I was also in a tough battle as Si Feng Ri had covered the entire area with multiple fire spells. I was pitifully holding on.

Even though Xiao Jin’s body was enormous, he was really agile. His agility was greater than the much larger Fire Phoenix, so he would only counter multi-directional flame attacks.

I got anxious. ‘Why isn’t Xiao Jin fighting back?’ With great difficulty I mentally asked Xiao Jin, who was in the air. He replied that he was unable to attack the Fire Phoenix  as he felt that he was related to the Fire Phoenix. Damn! I used all my might to cast Bright Star’s Shine consecutively to stop Si Feng Ri from advancing.  

Si Feng Ri was also in a bad condition as summoning the phoenix had overexerted his magic powers. When he saw that the Fire Phoenix  was unable to defeat Xiao Jin after such a long time had passed and I was still tenaciously fighting back, he stopped his attacks. He heavily inhaled to recover his breath.

I also used that opportunity to gather my magic power.

Xiao Jin’s condition was worsening as the Fire Phoenix was too strong. A few of his golden scales were broken and a green smoke leaked out of his burns.

Si Feng Ri sinisterly smiled. “Good boy, you can withstand for so long! Heng! Oh Great Master, please give me your impeccable power to your servant!”

As he chanted, I realised with astonishment that the originally bright red rays from Si Feng Ri’s body had turned grey. His yellow hair also turned a weird grey colour.


The High Priest stood up and shouted, “Such a sinister power! Si Feng Ri is already controlled by evil forces!”

Si Feng Ri smiled viciously. “Those who try to stop me shall be killed!” A grey vortex surged from his body and charged at me.

When I saw it coming towards me, I began chanting, “Oh, great light elements! Please change your endless heavenly power to form a divine halo to block the evil powers before me, Divine Halo!”

A gold light tightly enwrapped me and blocked the grey light ray. I could hear cold screams as though numerous vengeful ghosts were coming after my life. The Divine Halo was slowly being suppressed by the evil power, and soon, it wouldn’t be able to block the attack.

Si Feng Ri coldly said, “It’s useless! There’s no defensive spells that can stop this advance. Brat! You’re gonna die!” What he said was true as it would mean the end of my life once the Divine Halo spell was broken. As I stood at the border of life and death, I thought about Teacher Di, Mu Zi, and my loving parents, . When facing death, I understood that I had really fallen in love with Mu Zi.

The Divine Halo left only an inch around my body. Teacher Di, Teacher Zhen and Teacher Long anxiously looked at me. They wanted to charge forward to help me and end the competition, but the opposing Magisters held them back.

When Xiao Jin felt that I was in mortal danger, he raged. He no longer cared about the familial feelings with the Fire Phoenix  and wildly attacked it. Seeing that the Phoenix was going to be defeated, I was suddenly enlightened and thought about its struggles and that binding black energy. ‘Is it being sealed against its will?’

I bit my tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood at the Divine Halo to widen it and hoarsely shouted, “Xiao Jin! Break the magic seal!”

Xiao Jin unhesitantly shot a golden light at the Fire Phoenix. The Fire Phoenix’s fire magic couldn’t do anything to that light ray which landed directly on the Fire Phoenix’s  head. The Fire Phoenix screeched in pain in mid air. Its entire body then shook and doubled in size while it screeched out happily.

My Divine Halo also broke at that moment, but I strangely didn’t feel as if I was dying. I opened my previously closed eyes and looked at Si Feng Ri.

His expression was terribly ghastly and blood flowed from all of his seven apertures. He hoarsely said, “Good! Good! Good! You actually managed to break the Fire Phoenix’s  seal. I won’t forgive you!” It seemed when the seal on the Fire Phoenix broke, it rebounded onto Si Feng Ri, who was controlling the seal. It ended his chance of killing me and seriously injured him.

Si Feng Ri glanced at everyone before he coldly laughed. “When my master regains his power, it will be the end of you stupid fools!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment. Duke Te Yi had already stopped holding back my team’s forces. A black six edged star magic spell suddenly formed beneath Si Feng Ri’s feet. “Just you wait! I’ll be back!……”

Teacher Zhen shouted, “Stop him! He’s getting away!” It was too late as Si Feng Ri and that black magic array vanished from the arena.

Prince Ke Zha shouted at Duke Te Yi. “Te Yi! What on earth happened? Why did the Ri family’s leader become like this?”

Duke Te Yi’s previously arrogant attitude had disappeared. He muttered, “How did this happen? Why is this happening?” Dun Yu Xi supported him. “Your Highness, we also don’t know why this would happen. For this match, we concede defeat.”

From what he said, we should have been cheering for the victory, but now, no one could bring themselves to be in a cheerful mood.

The Fire Phoenix benevolently rang out, “Human race! Do you know that the leader of the evil forces are planning to invade the whole world? You must stay united and team up to fight against him!” Xiao Jin seemed to cry out in agreement.

The Fire Phoenix  actually spoke. Teacher Di walked into the arena and used light recovery magic to treat me as I was completely drained of energy.

The High Priest asked, “Great magical beast, what are you implying?”

The Fire Phoenix that was in mid air shrank back to its previous size and said, “I was sealed by an ancient evil power. I couldn’t do anything other than listen to their commands. I was lucky to have the seal broken by the Dragon King and win back my freedom. I hope that you will help free the previously defeated servant of evil too. Please also remember that the dark forces will arise in the West. Finally, thank you, Dragon King. I’ll definitely return this favour to you someday!” After saying that, the Fire Phoenix vanished and the air cooled down drastically.

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