Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 33

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Volume 4: Chapter 33 – The Future is a Foregone Conclusion

I had already regained some of my strength. I knew who  the leader of the dark forces that the Fire Phoenix was referring to; it was the Demon King. I withdrew Xiao Jin with difficulty as I was still very feeble, but I didn’t want him to be in the limelight. I was actually over cautious as everyone was mumbling, “Coming from the west?”

Prince Ke Zha said, “Doesn’t the Beast race and Magic race reside in the West? Could it be that the Magic race is planning to invade the Human race?”

The High Priest said, “This competition has officially come to an end. His Royal Highness has won the rights to govern the Kingdom. There are no objections, correct?”

The Yue and Xin families’ heads, including Duke Te Yi, shook their heads. Duke Te Yi knew that they had lost this power battle. Moreover, they lost so terribly that it was impossible they didn’t have the slightest bit of strength to change their fortunes. His complexion just paled and he collapsed in Dun Yu Xi’s arms.

The High Priest saw that no one was objecting and continued to say, “Your Highness, I hope that you’ll remember that legendary beast’s words. You have to strengthen the Kingdom and increase its military power in preparation to fight against the dark forces in the future.”

Prince Ke Zha bowed deeply towards the High Priest and said, “To the High Priest and every magician present, please don’t worry. I’ll definitely strengthen the Kingdom and increase its military power. I’ll lead every citizen from the Kingdom of Aixia to help stop the invasion and increase the strength of the Kingdom’s power.”

The High Priest smiled and nodded. “Good! I hope that you’ll always remember what you have said here.”

My body’s strength and vitality slowly recovered under the help of Teacher Di. I stood up, wanting to leave with the others, but the High Priest stopped me.

“Zhang Gong, you stay here for a while.”

Ah! I looked with astonishment at the High Priest before turning to look at Teacher Di. Teacher Di nodded his head and left with everyone else.

I curiously looked at the High Priest as he walked over. The High Priest only reached to my shoulders with his small stature of 170 centimeters. He looked kindly at me. “Child, your magical beast should be a dragon. Could you tell me how you got it?”

I was unable to bring myself to lie to this kind old man as I stared at him, though it was most likely unnecessary.. I told him in great detail on how I got the magical beast egg and how Xiao Jin was born. I even included the fact that I gave half of my lifespan to Xiao Jin, which enabled him to reach adulthood in such a short time.

The High Priest nodded continuously as he listened to what I said. “You’re a really kind hearted child. It’s no wonder why the dragon treats you as a friend. However, that solution was detrimental to both you and the dragon. Of course, I am aware of this sharing of life spell. Lao Lun was muddled. How could he have so easily allowed you to use that spell?”

I scratched my head and said, “Teacher Di had no other choices at that moment. If I didn’t use that life sharing spell, Xiao Jin would had died already.”

The High Priest sighed and said, “Since you used the life sharing spell, the long lifespan that your dragon should have had has disappeared as he is now using your life force. A normal human should live until they’re around 120 years of age generally, but now, you can only live to 60 years old, and the same thing applies to your dragon.”

I made an apathetic expression. “It doesn’t matter. If it is only sixty years, then so be it! I don’t have any regrets!” A warm emotion flowed out from my heart. I knew that it was Xiao Jin who had shown his gratitude towards me upon hearing my words.

The High Priest nodded and said, “Child! I saw in a prophecy that it’ll be your generation’s era soon. You must remember that at all times, you must retain your kind hearted nature. It’ll be your most important weapon in attaining victory. I hope there will still be many life forms that continue to exist after the calamity occurs.”

The High Priest’s expression that showed him bemoaning the state of the universe and pitying the fate of mankind moved me greatly. I held his hand and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll definitely…..” As I said that, a strong power surged out from the High Priest’s hand and moved into my body. It seemed to have fused with the unfamiliar power. (I think that it was the Holy Sword’s power). My body emitted a strong radiance of light that was similar to the High Priest’s eyes.

My whole body felt like it was in a furnace. It was scorching hot, but I couldn’t use any powers to resist it.

The High Priest mumbled, “Th-This is an inheritance power.” He gradually withdrew his power. The radiant light that shone from my body turned into a gold light and entered my body. A soothing feeling came forth. My body felt like it was filled to the brim. The large amounts of magic power that I depleted during  the competition seemed to have fully recovered.

I asked in astonishment, “High Priest, what did you do to me?”

I didn’t expect him to be even more astonished than I was. No… it should be excited instead. He tightly grabbed onto my arm and exclaimed, “Zhang Gong, have you met a God before?”

I nodded and told him of the whole experience, excluding the parts about meeting the God Of Creation as it would be too shocking. I had only said that a golden light shone on me while I was in the cave.

Just like that, the High Priest was emotionally excited for a long time. He previously had passed me some God power. It was his God power that he had practiced for many years, which was capable of changing the mortal body. He wanted to help me a little to allow me to get half the work done and twice the effect from the future training, but he didn’t know that my body had been changed by the God already so his power only had a restoration effect.

The High Priest said, “Zhang Gong, you have received the approval of God.” I felt extremely dizzy at that moment as the High Priest held onto me and prayed a thousand times. However, it was hard to blame him as he had sacrificed his whole life believing in God.

I left the High Priest exhausted. I felt that the Ri family’s leader battle weren’t nearly as tiring.

After leaving the training ground, I was tugged at by Ma Ke.

“Boss, what did the High Priest have to tell you that it took so much time?”

I grabbed onto Ma Ke’s shoulder and made a fainting expression. “I almost got annoyed to death by that old man. As we talked, he kept repeating the same statement. Don’t ask me what statement it is as the High Priest didn’t allow me to tell anyone else. It’s also nothing important. That’s right! Why are you waiting here for me?”

Ma Ke smiled and said, “Of course, it’s to go and celebrate! I have never seen my father this happy before. He looked like a child. The teachers have already accompanied him back to the prince’s mansion. Let’s quickly head back as well!”

‘That’s right! He has earned the rights to govern the country! As he had battled for the powers, how could he not be floating on cloud nine?’

I replied, “Alright! Let’s go! Will there be lots of food?”

Ma Ke chuckled and said, “Of course! There will definitely be enough food to eat until you’re satisfied. Boss, you’re still the same. Once it’s about food, your eyes light up!”

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