Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 34

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Volume 4: Chapter 34 – Joining the Banquet

I said, “My eyes light up? You’ve probably not seen how eyes light up due to food. Can I invite another person along?”

Ma Ke curiously asked, “There is someone that is more excited about eating than you? Who are you asking to come along? A person with a bigger appetite than yours? Is he going to wipe out all the food from my house? Haha!”

I nudged him and said, “That won’t happen! Ah! It’s Mu Zi. I’m currently courting her!”

Ma Ke suddenly had an enlightenment and said, “Are you referring to the same Mu Zi that you planned on getting your revenge on?”

I nodded and thought back to the feelings I had for Mu Zi when I was in a crisis. I had a strange feeling in my heart.

Ma Ke replied, “Go and invite her then! I’m really curious about how much she can eat! Haha! She is a woman, but can eat more than you. Incredible!”

I looked at the sky and realized it was noon already. I told Ma Ke, “You head back to the mansion first. I’ll go find her and bring her there.”

Ma Ke nodded. “Boss, how is your condition? Are you alright?”

I replied, “I’m fine so stop worrying! I’ll head off already.” I did a short distance teleport and teleported five hundred meters away.

I succeeded in solving the riddle of the Kingdom of Aixia’s fate and felt exceptionally light hearted. I arrived at the academy quickly, where it looked like the last class for the morning. I walked to the class entrance and shouted, “Permission to enter!”  

Teacher Si replied from inside the classroom, “Come in!”

I pushed open the door and said, “Teacher, I’m back!”

Teacher Si Lan said, “Ah! Zhang Gong, don’t you still have a day of leave? Why are you back today?”

‘I definitely can’t say that I came back to invite Mu Zi for lunch.’ I replied, “I already settled the matter so I’m back already.”

“Alright! Take your seat!”

After I took my seat, Mu Zi stared at me with widened eyes.

I whispered, “I came back to invite you for lunch.”

Mu Zi’s large eyes instantly brightened and said, “Really? Are we going to Ascending Jade Tide?”

I made a wry face and said, “Do you only know that one place? We aren’t going there, but the quality shouldn’t be too far off from the Ascending Jade Tide Restaurant. It’s a banquet and I’ve intentionally come to get you.”  

Mu Zi frowned and said, “I’m not going as there will definitely be lots of people going there and I hate noisy places.”

I pleaded and said, “Mu Zi, let’s go together! There’ll be a lot of delicious food to eat and you don’t need to socialize. You can just eat the food. Isn’t that great? Are you really going to reject this offer?”

Mu Zi looked at me curiously and said, “Really? If the food isn’t good, I won’t forgive you!”

I said elatedly, “It won’t be a problem because if you find the food unsatisfying, I’ll just bring you to the Ascending Jade Tide. Are you satisfied this way?”

Mu Zi nodded and said, “Alright. But I’ve made it clear that I’ll just be going to eat and I won’t be socializing.”

‘She really is just like a little piglet that only knows how to eat. Ever since I entered the classroom, my heart has only felt an indescribable warmth after seeing Mu Zi. Even though I was only apart from Mu Zi for two days, my impression of her is still very strong. In my eyes, there’s nothing that can replace her, even though she isn’t beautiful.’

After class, we went directly to the prince’s mansion. When we arrived at the prince’s mansion quickly, Mu Zi looked at the vast building. She gasped, “It can’t be that this is the place you plan to bring me?”

I smiled and replied, “That’s right! It’s here.” I pulled her tender and delicate hand and walked towards the entrance. The guards standing at the entrance smiled at me cordially and said, “Young Master Zhang Gong, you’ve finally arrived. You should quickly head inside as everyone is waiting for you!”

“Alright! Thank you and where are they?”

“His Royal Highness and the few Principals are at the ballroom, which is located beside the study.”  

“Oh! I know where it is already. Mu Zi, let’s quickly go before they wipe out all of the food.”

I headed towards the study as I pulled the curious Mu Zi along. I knew where the study was, so naturally, I would be able to find the ballroom.

Wah! When I opened the door, it was so lively. The room was sufficient to contain about 500 people and was filled with people who were obviously brimming with joy. The prince was so fast. He was able to gather his subordinates in such a short period of time. It was easy to see how cheerful he was.


“Boss, you’ve finally arrived. I was waiting for you.” Ma Ke called out.

Mu Zi exclaimed in astonishment, “Ma Ke, you’re also here?”

I replied with a smile, “Of course he’s here. This is his house after all.”

Mu Zi replied, “Ma Ke is the prince’s son? I didn’t know that!”

I said, “This is a secret so don’t expose it after going back to the academy.”

Mu Zi pouted and whispered into my ears, “Why are you participating in this banquet? It seems to be for high ranking officers.”

I whispered back, “You don’t need to worry about that. I just helped the prince a little so he’s treating me.”

The prince called out voiced out, “Has Zhang Gong finally come?”

I hurriedly replied, “Yes, Your Highness. I’ve just arrived.”

The prince came over and looked curiously at Mu Zi before talking to me. “Zhang Gong, why are you still calling me Your Highness? You should just call me uncle Ke Zha!”

I pointed at Mu Zi and said, “Alright! Uncle Ke Zha, this is my classmate whom I have invited over.”

The prince smiled and said, “If she is your friend, she’s also my junior. Quickly come inside, we’re waiting for you before starting the banquet.”

I said in surprise, “Waiting for me? How can I let you elders wait for me? You could’ve just started without me.”

The prince said, “You’re the main contributor in my victory! If it weren’t for you, how could today’s competition go so smoothly? Let’s go in.”

I pulled Mu Zi, who was now even more curious, into the ballroom and sat at the main table. I introduced Mu Zi to the teachers, “This person is our academy Principal Teacher Zhen, this is the Intermediate Magic Academy’s Principal Teacher Di, who is also my mentor. This is….”

Mu Zi proceeded to bow toward each of the teachers as I introduced her to them. I noticed only then that she knew the proper court etiquette. Teacher Di looked at me thoughtfully, but didn’t say anything.

Teacher Zhen replied, “Zhang Gong! You’re incredible. You just entered the academy, but you’ve already managed to get Mu Zi. I know Mu Zi as she is my academy’s top third expert. You’re really capable!”

Mu Zi’s face reddened and she replied, “Principal, you must just be joking. How am I an expert before you teachers?” Mu Zi’s gentle expression stunned me a little. ‘Is she the same shrewish ice-cold Mu Zi that I know?’


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